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Things She's Thinking When You're Going Down on Her

by Ankita Upadhyay 4 years ago in sexual wellness
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Knowing what goes on in her mind as you're eating her out might turn you on even more.

Receiving mind-blowing cunnilingus is almost every woman's dream. Whether it be a relationship or just a hookup, getting oral is an ultimate act of pleasure. What many don't know, however, is that the act of sex, —oral, coitus, anal, etc. — is more emotional and mental than it may appear to be. That doesn't mean we get attached the instant you eat us out, but getting in the right mindset and thinking certain thoughts definitely helps us get that much closer to reaching orgasm. Of course, not all women think this, but many of us can relate. Note: This is mostly from the perspective of a straight woman getting head from a man, but many of these can be applied to other genders as well. Read on to find out what goes on in our minds during oral!

1) Do I smell OK?

Not the sexiest thought, but this is a real concern. Many of us tend to be self-conscious of how we smell down there. This is why you'll probably find some sort of feminine wash, wipes, or spray that is designed to keep our down-there smelling fresh and ready to be eaten out!

2) Lick the clitoris, lick the clitoris, lick the clitoris...

This is probably one of the most common desires we have when receiving cunnilingus. The clit has around 8,000 nerve endings and is one the most sensory-rich, sensitive parts of the vulva. Many women can't cum unless the clit is played with.

3) What is his tonguing technique like?

Is he licking out the alphabet? Is he licking out my name or just randomly going about with his tongue? Think about it. If he spells out certain words or tongues a design, he'll cover more space, thus changing up where his tongue goes on your pussy lips. Licking up and down at a fast pace is always hot, but other nerve endings on your pussy deserve some tongue as well.

4) Tongue me in my actual hole...

Of course, licking the clit and around is fun and games but tonguing is a whole new sensation that mimics a wetter penis inside your hole. What's even more fun about this is the teasing. On average, tongues are smaller than cocks and just feeling a part of something going inside your hole will have you yearning for the real thing... now that's some good foreplay.

5) Fuck, eye contact is hot.

Making eye contact when private parts are being eaten out is the hottest trick in the book. This is the ultimate form of intimacy and gets both parties hot and ready to take on more.

6) Will he fuck me now that my g-spot is sensitive from all that licking?

Getting fucked after cumming from oral is the ultimate form of ecstasy since your g-spot is sensitive and you'll feel his cock at a far more intense level.

7) Maybe I should touch my boobs...

I feel hot and bothered, maybe I should give him something to look at too. Of course, having your pussy in front of his face should be enough to get him off too, but touching your boobs is usually a sign of being super turned on, which will let him know that he's doing a good job of pleasuring you.

8) Grabbing His Hair

Women should get the chance to assert dominance too. Grabbing his hair will allow you to guide him to where you want him to focus on more. This will also please him as it will give him a good sense of what he should do to improve/further please you.

9) Please hit me with the fingering/clit licking combo, I'll be sure to cum.

This is one of the most sensual and hottest things a guy can do to a woman when going down on her. A good number of women can't climax from sole penetration — there has to be some sort of clitoral stimulation. Doing this gives the best of both worlds and will have her gasping, heavily breathing, and moaning beyond belief.

10) I wanna move my pussy against his face.

This happens when you're so pleasured and turned on, you move yourself to the rhythm of his tongue/mouth. This will let him know the pace at which he should move and that he's doing an A+ job of attending to your needs. This is known as gyrating and is often overlooked when it comes to the art of cunnilingus but is an import indicator of the speed and pace at which you two should move to finally reach climax.

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