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Therapist's Therapy Part V

Next Level

By Ashley Alleyne Van-De-Cruize Published 3 years ago 3 min read

So, I did something absolutely insane. I am well aware that you will be passing judgment, however my regrets still equate to... zero. Now, with that being said, I went to Naz's office, but not to see Naz.

I needed to see Belle.

I needed pertinent information. And only she could give it to me...

"Belle, my love."

She blesses me with one of her many smirks, "Yes honey."

I pushed a wayward curl out of her face, "Can I have Naz's home address?"

Needless to say, several hours later, I'm here, standing before his three story brick home in the cobblestone driveway.

"This will be the last time you make me wait, Naz," I whisper to myself as I saunter up the driveway.

I knock on the door with so many intentions; a smirk is already solidly planted on my glossed lips, and of course, my palms are sweaty. I nearly roll my eyes at myself. Get it together, Nichelle.

I knock once more, growing inpatient. I hear footsteps...light footsteps. Immediately, this grand idea of showing up to his home with a trench coat covering up my lingerie seems juvenile. Did I forget to mention that I'm wearing a two-piece lacy number underneath this long black and white trench coat?

Well, I am.

The door flies open, and I am greeted with a tall, slender black woman. Her cheek bones sit so pristinely on her perfectly structured face. Her lips are plump; in fact, one can even go as far as to say...voluptuous.

"Can I help you?"

I have somehow lost the ability to form words. What the fuck is wrong with me? And who the fuck is this?

She squints at me, probably wondering the same things.

Then a new, more heavy set of footsteps emerge from a distance...we both gaze at his masculine approaching form.

"Ladies," he addresses us. The he looks at me. His eyes seem to become a rather dark shade of its original hue.

"Nichelle, a word?"

He grasps my elbow, gently, and guides me back down the driveway. I can feel the heat of her eyes on my back.

"Explain yourself."

Oh hell no, "Naz, don't get me start-"

"This is invasive and-"

"Invasive?!" I'm obviously loud, but he doesn't flinch, nor does he take a step back, or attempt to quiet me...He maintains his stance. Calmly. Why does this both infuriate me and turn me on?

"Naz, your fingers were inside of me a few days ago, and this is invasive? Is that how you want to start this conversation?"

His tense shoulders only slightly deflate, "why don't we start with why you're here," he concedes.

I shake my head, letting a chuckle escape, "That's how you wanna start the conversation?"

His stance releases more tension.

"Who is she?" I blurt. I expect for him to reabsorb the recently released tension, but he doesn't.

"She is the mother of my child."

The man that just seduced me and ripped an orgasm from underneath of me, with an unspoken promise of a father.

"Is she..." I clear my throat trying-and failing, I'm sure- to remain calm, "are you two together or...?"


I glance behind him, at her unwavering stance in his doorway. She's awfully bold staring at us with no sense of trepidation, "Does she know that?"

He runs his hand through his hair, just as I hear tires approaching beside us. The window rolls down from the backseat, and a wild haired-brown skinned gorgeous little girl yells, "Daadddyyyyyy."

Naz's laugh rips through the atmosphere, as his eyes fill with adoration; this scene before me is beautiful.

I can't be here. I begin my retreat, and he grabs my arm, gently, saying, "This isn't over."

I nod because what the fuck else am I gonna do?

I glance back up the driveway to where she stands, and I wave, with a smile and wink.


About the Creator

Ashley Alleyne Van-De-Cruize

So for starters, I’m a nurse so I see some pretty... interesting things daily, BUT those interesting events are inspiring. They’ve managed to change my thinking, and my perspective. I’m grateful for what it’s added to my writing career.

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