The Wheelbarrow

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Beware of neck injuries...

The Wheelbarrow

I have had many experiences with my own race and nowadays, I would have to give a hard pass to anyone in my race, especially in a serious relationship. OK, OK hear me out first. My father used to own a restaurant for many years and having dealt with them for many years of my life, our characteristics just don’t seem to work well together. As you can tell, I’ve been around the block more often than I can remember (I know that’s pretty bad, but it is what it is at this point) and I blame it all on my daddy issues (LMFAO)! No but seriously, because of that family owned restaurant, I would say I could have filled up a whole “jar of fucks” from the amount of people I got physical with from that place alone. I swear it felt like the girls in our family were being pimped out when we were working there. Dad had a weird way of protecting us...

The regular customers would come and flirt with us at least 3-4 days a week and newcomers would come back and become regulars, especially if the girls were working. Felt like some type of whorehouse some days. The staff were a bunch of old unhappily married men and still inappropriately flirted with us. It was disgusting most of the time as they were over 50 years older than us and still trying to get us in bed. In my opinion, 50 years older was not something I was willing to consider so it was a complete turnoff. Although I felt like I was on display everyday I worked there, me being me, I took full advantage of the hotties that would visit and from my own horny self, began to date a few outside of that establishment. It never lasted long, especially because we had completely different points of view. Needless to say, I met so many different men at a variety of ages and I only worked there between the ages of 14 and 17. This was at the peak of my sexual curiosity. I didn’t know shit about fucking or how much of a sexual appetite I actually had. I was just learning (and I have to say I learned a whole fucking lot). Which makes me blame it all on my lovely father...

Before I get to that juicy story, let me say I learned to LOVE older men at a younger age. Probably because my parents were at a 10 year difference and we were just brought up that way. Of course, life experiences plays a huge part in this determination as well. Listen, I have been with younger and older men at this point in my life and in my opinion, younger men are completely not at my level (Yes, I understand that they are not all the same, but I have had my fair share and I always choose older). Older men have a way about them, physically and mentally which is a huge turn on in eyes.

But how much older is socially acceptable nowadays? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Should it matter? Well, this story is being told and some might frown upon it and some might be judgmental. It is what it is!

When I was 17, I started fucking a 41 year old man. This man was amazing and the most memorable from those years of experiences. He had a great personality and was a very good looking 41 year old (although he was a shit show). Let me explain. He was borderline alcoholic, never married, never had kids, gambling issues, and loved women. At the age of 17, I thought he was normal. I didn’t understand why that was a problem to some people, but now that I’m older I finally understood the stigma people have towards older unmarried men or women.

OK, so the truth is he was a whore. Plain and simple. But whore or not, he was remarkable and will always have a space in my life for what this man taught me. He was an amazing fuck (although the sex wasn't ever longer than 10 minutes)! I might have been a bit infatuated because I was inexperienced and he was TOO experienced, but it was a great memorable encounter while it lasted. If you are bad at math, he was 24 years older than me. OK, stop judging and actually appreciate the experience and the story that was created. Now let me tell you what I learned from that man….

This one gets a medal for being named the “Arab Whore”. Arab whore gets his name for a few reasons. His lifestyle consisted of working hard, drinking even harder and fucking sooooo many different women (especially strippers). Shittttt, he brought all his women to the restaurant for many years before we hooked up. He was a single 41 year old and he was proud of it. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere but our hotel sex sessions were definitely worthwhile. Nowadays if you find a man that’s in his 40's or above who has no kids and never been married, there is always the thought of ‘what’s wrong with this man’. That wasn't the case when I was 17. He was the world to me and I wanted to do anything I could to keep this man around.

Arab Whore came into the restaurant 3-4 times a week and I can tell he was curious about me. It took him a few years of flirting until he hinted he wanted to take me out one night. Eventually, I grew some balls and actually asked him out one night. He was hesitant but we ended up hanging out one night. He acted like he didn’t know my age and was shocked when I said 17 (complete Bull Shit)! He knew a lot about me from my dad (ooooh, the irony and although my dad will never admit it, I knew he was a whore as well).

The first date was memorable only because he took me to a strip club (his favorite establishment I come to find out). Interesting for the first outing, especially because I was 17! Ummmmm hello? Well let’s just say I’m glad I had a fake ID at that point.... It was exhilarating to have been there that night with him. He clearly knew all the women and I had my share of tits, ass and pussy in my hands that night. My infatuation with women grew much stronger from that experience. All those women dancing around us and receiving my first lap dance that night was a complete turn on for me an him. Now that I look back at it, I think he also received a blow job from one of the girls that night as well. SMDH! I was young and naive at that point and was seriously impressed by his way of behaving and blowing over a grand on tips/drinks/lap dances, etc.. It excited me and of course I made him go straight to a hotel to let out my frustrations. We ended up at the shittiest motel and once we were in the room, I jumped all over him. He wouldn’t let me take control like I would have liked and I felt like I had to fight back for control. Remember, Arab Whore had many years of experience and he was just enjoying this moment with a new younger chick.

It was hot and heavy in that room that night. He ate my pussy like no other man (at that point in my life at least). I still remember how his tongue made me feel. It felt like electrifying hours of chomping. I remember getting on top of him and riding that dick and felt like I was on top of the world. Let's just say the actual sex part didn't last too long, but the foreplay was so worth it back then. Side note, I love riding (actually my second favorite position)! Riding a man when he’s laying down is great but when he’s sitting, good lord, the spots I hit in my vagina are extraordinary! You should try it sometime...

Ok, wasn’t the best first night of fucking but it didn’t end there. We went our separate ways that night, continued to flirt when he would come into the restaurant and end up in a hotel once a week. Each week got hotter and better (given what I have learned sexually of course). This sexapade lasted for almost 2 years of me sneaking in his car, restaurant bathrooms, hotels, bars…. I learned to suck proper dick from this man. I learned the term Wheelbarrow from this man too. This was his favorite position. Look it up! Made him cum in less than 10 minutes each time! The best part was that no one ever found out (especially daddy). I learned a lot from Arab Whore, a lot about what men want and don’t want. Yes, he was only one man, but being 17 and lacking experience, he gave me a lot of insight about the world we live in like ways to approach other men, lots of life lessons and the fucking queen of the Wheelbarrow.

Now that was all fun and dandy when I was 17, but now that I’m older and have two children that I am bringing up in this world, I’m actually terrified of what type of people my children will be dating. All I can say is that I would rather know if they are sneaking around with older people than not know. I would not have wanted to be in my parents shoes....

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