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The Taoist 9-Step Secret Formula on How To Give Women Multiple Orgasms

Unleashing Ecstasy: Embark on a Sensual Journey with the Taoist 9-Step Secret Formula for Multiple Orgasms in Women

By Brian KaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Throughout history, sexual practices have evolved, adapting to the changing times. Among the curious scholars were the Tao Masters, who dedicated their time to the study of sex, deriving insights on ideal human actions applicable to all aspects of life, including sexual encounters.

The Taoists delved into the alignment of actions with higher ideals, particularly focusing on understanding the intricate dynamics of female orgasm during intercourse. They meticulously examined various sexual positions, deciphering the merits and drawbacks of each, to establish guidelines for optimal sexual techniques.

Their exploration encompassed a comprehensive understanding of male physiology, particularly the role of the penis. Recognizing the varying pressures and types of stimulation exerted on a woman's vagina and clitoris during penetration, the Taoists crafted refined techniques for achieving the best female orgasm during intercourse. These techniques involved specific thrusting practices known as the Nine Steps.

To execute this intercourse technique successfully, a man must possess patience and considerable stamina. The Nine Steps require a total of 90 well-executed thrusts, necessitating dedicated training for most men to master all nine stages. By striving to perform as many steps as possible, a man can maintain vitality and amplify his partner's excitement, thus nurturing a mutually pleasurable experience.

How Taoists Understood Sex

The Taoists possessed profound knowledge and insights into the realm of human sexuality, delving into its intricate dynamics and offering valuable wisdom that endures to this day. Recognizing sex as a natural and integral part of life, the Taoists explored its connection to overall well-being, harmony, and spiritual growth.

Central to their understanding was the concept of Yin and Yang, the fundamental opposing yet complementary forces in the universe. In the context of sex, the Taoists recognized the interplay between feminine and masculine energies, emphasizing the importance of balancing these energies to cultivate a harmonious and fulfilling sexual experience.

The Taoists also acknowledged the significance of sexual energy as a potent life force known as "Jing." They understood that through mindful cultivation and preservation of Jing, individuals could enhance vitality, longevity, and overall health. This involved various practices such as breathing exercises, meditation, and specific sexual techniques aimed at harnessing and circulating this powerful energy throughout the body.

Furthermore, the Taoists explored the intricacies of sexual pleasure, particularly the female orgasm. They recognized the unique nature of female sexuality and celebrated its multifaceted expressions. With a focus on mutual pleasure and deep connection, the Taoists developed techniques and positions to enhance and prolong the pleasure experienced by both partners, seeking to elevate sexual encounters beyond mere physical gratification.

Importantly, the Taoists emphasized the significance of presence, mindfulness, and intention in sexual interactions. They encouraged individuals to cultivate a state of deep awareness, fostering a profound connection with their own bodies and the energies exchanged during sexual intimacy.

Taoist 9-Step Secret Formula

1st Step

The man puts only the tip of his penis into her vagina and makes exactly nine tiny thrusts. The tenth thrust is very deep.

2st Step

This is the same as the first step with the exception that eight tiny thrusts are followed by two huge thrusts.

3st Step

Seven tiny thrusts are followed by three huge thrusts.

4st Step

Six tiny thrusts are followed by four huge thrusts.

5st Step

Five tiny thrusts are followed by five huge thrusts.

6st Step

Four tiny thrusts are followed by six huge thrusts.

7st Step

Three tiny thrusts are followed by seven huge thrusts.

8st Step

Two tiny thrusts are followed by eight huge thrusts.

9st Step

One tiny thrust is followed by nine huge thrusts.


With an acute understanding of the dynamics between the male and female bodies, the Taoists recognized the importance of balance and synchronization in reaching the pinnacle of ecstasy. By following the Nine Steps, the woman experiences multiple orgasms, while the man's focus remains on pleasuring his partner.

However, if the man has not achieved orgasm through this technique, it is essential for him to rest for a brief moment before commencing again. By persisting with patience and determination, he can reach a profound and deep climax, enhancing the intensity of the shared experience.

The wisdom of the Tao Masters serves as a testament to the richness and depth of human sexuality. By embracing their teachings and cultivating a deep understanding of one another's desires, couples can embark on a journey of heightened pleasure and profound fulfillment. Through the art of achieving multiple orgasms, they can forge a profound and intimate connection, fostering a harmonious and blissful union.

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