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The soft sheets and the hard man

by D-Donohoe 16 days ago in erotic
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Making the most of the morning after

She enjoyed the feeling of the soft sheets against her skin. In that place between awake and asleep, she moved so she could feel the high thread count on her legs.

As the sun peeked through the curtains it helped bring her into a state of greater consciousness. She realized that she was naked and that the cool air of the room, the luxurious sheets, and the comfortable pillows had contributed to the very deep sleep she had enjoyed.

Then she became aware of something else, that he was still laying next to her. She could feel his chest rising and falling. She was laying on her side facing the window, knowing he was laying there behind her.

In an instant, her mind replayed the events of the previous evening, and that, she deduced had also contributed to her sound slumber. The release of endorphins had certainly relaxed her body and her mind.

Outside the sounds of cars hummed on the streets below even though she was 16 floors up. The sound of his breathing was soothing and comforting. Knowing that he was there was enticing and arousing.

Before she could roll over to face him, she felt him move, he rolled and placed his arm over her waist. In that voice of his, that always made her go weak he whispered, “Good morning sexy”. She replied, “Mmmm, good morning”.

As he pulled himself closer, she could feel him pressed against her. He was already hard, it felt so warm against her backside. She loved that he would always get so turned on by her, she loved that she could turn him on this much.

His hand moved up from over her waist to her breasts, he began to gently massage them. He was always gentle, never squeezing too hard and always the feeling of his hands on her skin turned her on. In no time she felt her nipples getting hard. Then he pulled himself closer, his warm muscly hairy chest was against her shoulder blades, as his lips began kissing her neck. That sent tingles back through her body, the same tingles she had felt the night before.

As he kissed and touched her, she couldn’t escape the sensation of him hard against her, and she longed to feel him back where she loved to feel him the most: inside of her. She reached a hand around behind her back and she very quickly found what she was looking for. She loved gently teasing him all hard, with her hand, she loved to get a sense for how wide and deep he would be when inside her.

She returned her hand to between her legs, there was no surprise when her fingers moved into a warm, wet slippery situation. She knew that he wouldn’t need much help to get back inside her. She pushed her back towards him, and he responded to the pressure accordingly. As she curled forward, he moved his hand back to her legs, she felt him rubbing the head of that warm bit of pleasure into the juices that were waiting. Applying some pressure to her clit along the way added to the excitement.

With a very gentle push, he was inside her and it felt so perfect. She loved the way she could track how he was entering her, and the feeling of him getting deeper inside her. She arched her back and pushed her backside towards him to allow him further inside. They started to rock back and forth their bodies in perfect synch.

His hand moved over her as his lips continued to kiss her neck and shoulders. He massaged her arse cheeks, which felt so good, even when he squeezed them a bit too hard shooting a muscle pain through her. He moved back over her skin, so sensually, exciting her whole body. The whole time he continued to move inside her, filling her with pleasure.

She knew that she wouldn’t be far from cumming, so she put her hand between her legs and started to apply more pressure to her clit. The fingers rubbed and excited her, with the viscous fluid from inside her adding more excitement to her body.

But now she had enjoyed the sensual and she wanted something a bit harder. He always seemed to read her mind and he knew what she wanted, he briefly withdrew from inside her and let her roll onto her front. She perched on her forearms and knees, her backside facing upwards. The combined wetness she was feeling, and the air-conditioning made her lower half feel quite cool, but she knew he was about to warm her up.

He grabbed hold of her hips, she placed one hand between her legs and guided him inside her, in no time at all he was where she desired him to be. He was so deep now, it felt amazing. His fingers gripped her arse cheeks, she knew he was preparing for take-off.

Very soon the slow and steady rhythm began to intensify, she could feel him building up speed inside her and she loved it. He was starting to work at the pace she loved the most, getting faster and somehow even harder inside her. With each stroke his hips smashed against her backside, she loved it. His hands grabbed her harder, she could feel him using her as an anchor.

She returned her fingers to her clit and began rubbing, it felt amazing. Her hard nipples in the breeze just close enough to rub against those alluring sheets that had wrapped around her earlier. With another cycle of him moving in and out, she would get wetter, it began to run forward over her clit and her fingers could slip over herself even more.

She was close and when she heard him say, “I’m going to cum” that drove her over the edge. He didn’t withdraw as far as he had in previous cycles, he was just deep and moving so hard inside her. She could feel her breathing now so fast, matching his movement and the sounds of his breath.

Then she felt it, a twitch that grew to a thousand twitches coursing through her body. At the same time squirt of warm liquid inside her. She heard him moan, she wanted to as well but was running out of air. He felt so good, that warm hard cock deep in her had given her another orgasm and she wasn’t in a hurry to let it go.

He pumped inside her some more. She felt him twitch, she felt the grip on her start to relax. She gripped him with all the strength of her pussy. She was glad for all the kegel exercises she had done, and she was glad that she could feel him respond to her squeezing with some twitching.

They were both exhausted and pleased. They fell back to the bed, and he stayed inside her. His arm returned around her waist, pulling her close to him, and they both fell back to sleep joined together. It was another superbly sound slumber.


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Amateur storyteller, LEGO fanatic, leader, ex-Detective and human. All sorts of stories: some funny, some sad, some a little risqué all of them told from the heart.

Thank you all for your support.

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