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The Skin

by Kenya Carpenter 5 years ago in taboo
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Part 1

There's something about skin. The way it feels when two bodies are together, relaxed and comfortable, it's bliss. I love the way he caresses me. I feel a connection. He and I, together for a moment, and he stares into my eyes like he's inspecting. He could remember my eyes perfectly and pinpoint their detail in writing. He touches me softly reminding me that even rough large hands can handle a dainty frail glass-like figure such as mine with a grasp so empowering. His hand ever so slightly grazes over my face, he likes to assert his presence before pushing his lips onto mine. We begin folding into one another, exchanging parts of ourselves for parts of the other.

And then he begins. Both hands have traveled their way to my bum, me, my skin, I’m becoming sensitive now. He's begun tugging on my leggings. He tugs them a little and now my bum is exposed. So he feels it, and that feeling has him crazy. He's now had enough of me straddling his lap. Within a brief moment he has already turned himself to his favorite position, a dominant one, as I am now lying on my back awaiting his next move. He has grown even more excited and it's showing by the fact that he can no longer contain himself within the confined area of his pants, and I can't help but free this monster from his misery. It takes me but a second to deliver him from this trap and there it is, still loading, not at one hundred percent, but still untamed and unrelaxed. While I was busy admiring the freed beast, his hands without notice already discovered a treasure trove, and like all savages he cannot help but feel around for the most valuable piece. He has now positioned himself next to me, as this is the easiest way to accommodate. I flinch with satisfaction and let out a low sound. He has just discovered a button of mighty power. He presses it again, this time I am overcome with sensitivity, my breathing has become a little louder, sounds relating to relief and pleading, I was pleading for more, I needed more, I needed satisfaction and I needed it now. I am now filled with cream and his hands are reaping his reward. My legs began to sway, helping him bring me delight. Then he does it, he dug his finger in, moving it around and around which initially sends sensation to the rest of my skin. That alone makes me leap for joy and my legs, trying to be in control, squeeze together concentrating the sensation in one area, but that doesn't help, because now he has stretched me wider with a second finger then sending my eyes to the back of my head.

I am now pulsating and so is my breathing. I let him know he is right by whispering yes. I have lost most feeling in my legs by now and they are flailing about, shaking and falling onto one another. I manage to let out several oh my gods. I am growing numb yet my skin is tensing. I am trembling, I can feel my legs quiver. I am no longer stable anymore so I reach to grab onto something but it turns out to be a pillow which does not help so I grab again, hoping for something a little more solid, it's a bed sheet again not firm enough so I resort to grabbing onto him. My skin tingles and I’m getting more out of control, I dig my nails deep into his back to relieve some of my pleasure in order to feel a little bit of control but it doesn't help because physically I am weak and all it did was tire my arms out. I am peaking now, whimpering my way through it, practically crying. I let out the final moan of ecstasy. At this time all sensation is rushing out of my skin but staying in my bones. He retreats his hand finally giving me rest. He pushes me to the side then proceeds to give me a few nice slaps on the ass and claiming my skin under his hands for an added bit of momentum.

He is ready to move on. He regains his stature overlooking me from above, I have not yet begun to go into recovery before he begins to pry my legs open, they are still pressed together, still trying to release the last bit of sensation, but it's no use he is fifty times stronger, twice larger than I and more determined than my legs are. He separates them and with his beast he follows my cream to its cove and presses against it, but because I am still tense it denies him entry. He is still insistent. He presses and presses until my body betrays me and lets him in prematurely, the sensation which was almost gone returns quickly. He is not all the way in so he begins moving his hips back and forth hoping my cream will help him in the process and it does. He moves slowly but speeds up to a steady beat, I can feel him inside of me and I moan out pleasure squeaks as he grabs onto my waist to help him dig further than before, I hear him let out a deep, gruff moan something a beast would do.

He slips out but recovers by sliding it back in, I can feel all of him entering. I tell him go faster and he does so by lowering himself onto me to get a deeper stroke. It makes me moan in joy. He's going faster than I thought possible. Suddenly he's stuck in me seconds at a time, fully erect and keeping the base snug inside. He mentions how tight I am. He takes himself out, grabs for the condom, and rips it open with determination. I help him slide it onto his erection. He moves me back to my place, grabs for my legs and hoists them up around his waist. He goes back in and I whimper at the feeling it gives me. I remind him to curl his fingers around my neck to give me added pleasure. He pulses faster now than ever before. I can tell he is peaking, my peak meets up with his. His climax is coming any second now. His stroking has become more intense. Here it is, I can hear his moan become a moan of relief. He is stiff, his skin is tight, as he moans I know he is oozing out his load. He stays in for a couple seconds longer, then finally withdrawing himself then pulls off the cum filled bare skin.

To be continued…


About the author

Kenya Carpenter

To be sexual is to be filled with art.

I also write about other things.

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