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The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright. Chapter 1.

by Roscoe Forthright 12 months ago in fiction
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a 21st Century Sex Cult

The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright

[from the Journals of Garabed Gregorian,

edited by Roscoe Forthright]

Chapter One. Section 1.

Roscoe Forthright loves to spurt semen onto the breasts of beautiful young women. And so do I.

I am Garabed Gregorian. I have known Roscoe Forthright for forty years. Twenty years before his spiritual revelations, and long before he created his Lodges, and initiated the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright. I became a Sacred Follower in 2011, and have enjoyed spurting semen into the mouths, and onto the breasts of seventeen female Followers.

Roscoe gathered his first three Followers, Gina Swan, Amber Riverwood and Sister Rosalee in Seattle in 2010. They held meetings once a week in Roscoe's cabin in the woods, west of Port Angeles, Washington. The first Lodge building was purchased in 2014, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The second Lodge, purchased in 2016, in Portland, Oregon, a large houseboat on the Willamette River. And, the third Lodge was purchased in Seattle in 2017. Between 2017 and 2021 there was rapid growth due to a multimillion dollar donation from Anon.Donor. Anon.Donor is the Dutch computer scientist and software programmer who invented and built our proprietary, highly encrypted, zoom-like platform, Oneness2. Public interest in Oneness2 brought over 500 new Followers into the new Lodges during the past three years. We currently operate 57 Lodges in the U.S. and 15 international Lodges.

Our public website was created in late Fall, 2020 for the purpose of public awareness and as a free video entertainment library. 99% of the short and long videos on our website were produced in our Lodges by Roscoe Forthright and myself. (I often act as a cameraman, and have never appeared in the published videos.) In 2020, just before the creation of the website Roscoe Forthright began to refer to his Followers as, The Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright, and the name is now used on our logo, and in all our Church literature. Prior to 2020, Roscoe simply referred to us all as, “My curious, quirky audience. Those few people who seem to enjoy what I have to say.” That is, he never considered us a 'congregation' or a group of religious followers.

To date, our website has received 267,849 views, with a larger number of totals views of our video collection. As a result, interest in our sex cult is higher than ever. This has created a communication problem, as none of us were prepared to respond to thousands of email questions. We have no Public Relations Department. And we never use mass, generic emails to respond to inquiries. We believe each individual person deserves and individual response, to satisfy their specific requests. With the large volume, personal responses have become impossible. This Journal itself, is an effort to address the many questions about our Lodges, and our religious beliefs, and our specific sex rituals. I will devote and entire chapter of this book to the sex rituals, and an entire chapter to the uses, and the public, global masturbatory pleasures of our Oneness2 zoom platform.

At present, this is the best we can do, to satisfy the honest, sincere curiosity of the public. As we move forward we will improve our ability to communicate with large numbers of people, and bring more Followers into our Lodges. We hope all interested viewers will watch all our videos, and get an overview, a general understanding of the religion we practice.

Chapter One. Section 2.

Not all sex cult leaders provide their followers with accurate and useful information. Some sex cults are simply money-making enterprises, or sex slave camps for the leaders of the cult. These moronic cults have truly given all cults a bad name. Sex cults, in general, are viewed by most people as creepy and abusive, to be avoided like Asian drug gangs and the Mafia. Each reader will decide for themselves if our specific cult, in our specific locations, in our place and time, with our specific, beautiful, young, naked female Followers is worthy of your attention. The reader will decide if our sex cult offers valuable and useful ideas to our 21st Century civilization, specifically civilization as it exists in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. English-speaking readers are the audience who knows us best.

Some readers currently believe no sex cult can possibly provide anything worthwhile to our civilization. In their minds, sex cults, by their essential definition are nothing worth thinking about.

Such readers will be happier if they stop reading this story, right now. There is no reason for them to proceed. For such readers, spiritual sex rituals, will remain outside their small, indoctrinated, limited imaginations. This is not meant to be an insult. Truthfully, what appeals to any reader relies much on the expansive capacity of that person's imagination. Closed, small, indoctrinated imaginations are not likely to accept sex rituals as worthwhile. If a person has no capacity to look further than their own nose, nothing I do, or say, or write is likely to convince them otherwise.

Let's get to it. Having observed his own sexual desire for over fifty years, Roscoe Forthright thought about his own sexual desire, he held it up like an apple, to be examined from all angles. He bit hard into the apple, until his teeth reached the core. Until his teeth crunched the seeds. Doing all this, Roscoe reached several conclusions: 1.) Most people do not examine their sexuality further than the surface impression, and whatever current social, or pop culture norms are fashionable. 2.) Most people define and interpret their sexuality as a physical need or craving, like eating this particular food, or preferring that particular drink. 3.) Few people consider sexual desire and sexual satisfaction as forms of spiritual worship, or spiritual exploration. 4.) Many people value the pleasure and psychological satisfaction of sex, without looking any further than those immediate, and short-lived satisfactions. Or worse, some small minds limit the value of sex to the production of babies.

5.) Larger definitions of sexual behavior and sexual experiences, especially when the experience hints toward religious or spiritual experience... such larger definitions are mostly ignored, in favor of modern pop culture definitions, or creepy and small academic definitions, or narrow, mainstream Church definitions. Larger definitions are often not discussed at all, and considered an impossibility.

In other words, if the leaders of a civilization, the secular and religious teachers decide an idea is unimportant or impossible, the rest of us are expected to be bobble-heads, nodding up and down in agreement with whatever our prestigious elite have told us. Often we let the prestigious elite define reality for us, in many regards, not just in regard to our sex lives. When the leaders miss the point, or have it all wrong, because they have looked no further than their own noses, millions of people are misled to believe versions of reality, which are essentially and fundamentally inaccurate.

Thinking about all this, examining his own erect cock like a shiny new apple, Roscoe discovered, none, absolutely none of the books he read, nor the scholarly lectures he heard, nor the people he spoke with in private, provided an accurate, complete and useful view of his apple. And he knew for a fact, his apple, his erect cock, was no different than millions of other apples and erect cocks.

Therefore, some new definitions were required, some ideas other people had not considered.

Self-exploration thereby being generalized to define a universal situation, a universal set of facts, to define the use of human sexuality as a meditative method to attain Oneness. As in the Buddhist sense of Nirvana. Or the Christian sense of touching the Mind of God.

Chapter One. Section 3.

Looking at other areas of human knowledge, in addition to our understanding of sexuality, we find definitions of reality vary from one decade to the next. Versions of reality fluctuate and are influenced by social, political or economic agendas of the most powerful people of each era. This or that version of reality is pushed on millions of people, like a political propaganda, as in justifications for bombing Vietnam or bombing Iraq. Often the pushed propaganda has one goal: to make rich people richer, or keep powerful people in those positions of power (economic or political or social power.) In other words, popular view of reality are invented for purposes which have nothing to do with observable reality. The propaganda versions of reality have specific agendas which are only marginally related to accurate descriptions of reality. This is entirely true of our diverse views of human sexuality, and the lack of serious study and serious interest in the potential of human sexuality as a spiritual tool.

Roscoe Forthright's only goal is to describe reality accurately. His goal is honest and thorough understanding of our Universe, that is, to describe reality accurately. And a desire to share his spiritual discoveries with other people. Roscoe Forthright has developed an understanding of Oneness, perhaps another name for God, perhaps an expanded definition of God. Roscoe replaces the word God, with the word Oneness. He drops the personification, the “Old Man With a Beard,” and the imagined idea of One Entity, a single Omnipotent, Omniscient Entity, physically separate from us, deliberately separate from all humans, and separate from all the rest of Creation. “Oneness” suggests there is no One Entity separate from all humans. Oneness suggests we are all contained within One Spiritual Entity, we are living cells within the body of God. All observable things, both living and inanimate, are contained within a Single Conscious and Living Oneness. “Oneness” thereby becomes a larger and more inclusive word, and slightly more specific than the word “God.”

Truthfully, many people have limited imaginations, and have trouble imagining any interaction with God, or an interaction with a Cosmic Oneness. In our place and time, spiritual imagination is scattered, and often limits itself to the doctrines of this or that established religion. Even recent New Age movements of the 1970s and 1980s, and the religious ideas of various neo-pagan and occult schools of thought.... often personify Oneness, or limit the God-concept to images which are easy to visualize. In our view, in the view of the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright, Oneness is felt. It is not visualized, as an otherworldly landscape populated with angels or deities. In our view, Oneness does not require visualization, so much as it requires expansion of awareness, the awareness of things we feel. For this reason, we believe orgasms and music have the potential to stimulate spiritual experiences because they are immediately felt, rather than visualized, or stimulated by other non-sexual meditation techniques.

Having personally experienced Oneness, by use of sexual rituals and sexual understanding, Roscoe knows his experienced reality, is not imaginary. His experienced reality is as tangible as a bowling ball, but far more difficult to describe. Most everyone can imagine a bowling ball, and understand its weight and purpose by picking it up. This is not so easy with spiritual reality.

Knowing sexuality to be a reliable spiritual conduit, our innate human ability to touch Oneness, Roscoe is ready to tell other people all about it. He has developed rituals to help other people use their own bodies to touch Oneness, and use their own personal experienced to define reality in new ways, larger ways, ways fundamentally different from the teachings of most established religions.

I will close this section by mentioning the individuals, in addition to myself, who have been

the principal Followers, and helped Roscoe refine his rituals. The process of refining a sex ritual is like any other process of experimentation. We try something out. The girls suck cocks this way or that, or jack boys off with specific incantations, until the ritual is most effective, both for getting the boys and girls off, and creating a repeatable and consistent spiritual experience. The girls can be seen in many of our videos, having fun with Roscoe, having fun with each other, having multiple orgasms in multiple ways. Many of the videos are designed to be fun entertainment, and some also contain voice-over literary content, to explain Roscoe's ideas on sex rituals, and on many other subjects.

From the start, we can see Amber Riverwood and Gina Swan sucking Roscoe's happy little cock. Sister Rosalee also spends many cheerful minutes sucking Roscoe's cock. Beth Darmstadt prefers to jack him off. She loves to take Roscoe's cock in her hand and give it a good workout. Bea Seadottir prefers to watch Roscoe eat her pussy, and often watches Roscoe eat Amber's pussy. Bea loves to use her big, bright yellow vibrator, The Yellow Submarine, and have multiple orgasms with Amber. Roscoe prefers to lick the sweet-tasting vaginae of Amber, Rosalee and Bea, while Gina sucks his cock, and Beth squeezes his balls. This remains Roscoe's favorite position for spiritual orgasms, spurting his cream, while the five girls also have orgasms.

As an example of his spiritual thinking, I will quote his favorite spiritual lesson. Roscoe says:

“Most all heterosexual men will gain spiritual understanding, when they spurt semen into, onto or very close to beautiful naked women, as often as possible.”

End of Chapter One.

[Chapter Two will appear next week, with further chapters published here on a weekly basis.]


About the author

Roscoe Forthright

Erotic filmmaker and novelist. I use x-rated heterosexual short films as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Laugh all you want. This actually works for many people. Fucking is universal! And very popular!

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