The Sacred Essence of Sex

by Ruthie Niddry 2 years ago in humanity

Have we lost the capability of understanding sacred sex within the 21st century?

The Sacred Essence of Sex

'They' state the brain is the most erogenous zone of the body.

I have never been a 'normal' individual when it comes to the art of sex. I was intrigued by the essence of sex, the magic, the 'courtship' and foreplay before the initial penetration. Yet I was young, too young to understand, to realise yet it was within my mind, within my soul; I knew the normality of sex, the function and its mechanical form did not interest me. It was not an action of physical attraction, need or play but I felt, from so early on, it was a pathway to something else, something higher, to God, to Goddess, to a universal energy above us, and we were as a mere human being below.

Do I sound mad? Perhaps. The function and sacred essence of sex however is lost, gone from this world we now live in and whilst the act of sex is something that is taken part in from a younger and younger age, it is purely perfunctory, purely physical with so many, so where has it become lost? Are our minds diminishing from all that is sacred? Have we lost our way with love? Are we physically incapable of making love? Have we lost touch with ourselves so much that we simply perform within the act of sex? Have we fallen out of love with life, the energy of life, the beauty of life?

I wonder, especially at night, when I am sometimes alone, listening to music and reading reels of words scrawled upon twitter, blogs and pages of books if we can, as a whole, as a world within humanity understand the energy that sex can provide for us, how we can reach into unknown territory through sex, open new pathways, seek new planes of life, and reach new heights of meditative process through the act of sacred sex. I would hope that we can, and I do see glimpses of this in some people. We can perform the function of sex with so many, whether we should or not is down to human morality and individual morality, yet how we feel energetically through the act of sex is something so utterly unique, perhaps only to be experienced by one, or at the most, two people we may come across within our lifetime.

It is noticed that this connection and energy of sex cannot be sought. We cannot simply google sacred sex and hope to find the one partner that can offer this to us, for it is a meeting of minds, a meeting of bodies and fundamentally a meeting of souls. Some may see this as a meeting of twin flames when such an energetic explosion occurs physically and mentally, yet what it truly is, we may not know until our dying day, and perhaps beyond that.

I know I have experienced such sex, such intimacy and once tasted it is impossible to eradicate, to eliminate from ones mind. It is forging a painting of indescribable writings and pictures within ones mind, between two minds when such an event occurs, it is, for some, perhaps the ultimate religion as the sun gives us heat, rain gives us water, music gives us joy, earth gives us food, sex can give us the exceptional oxygen of life, of meditation that we are unable to find in so many seeking's of truth.

The writings of Anais Nin, so delicately portrays the passion of sex, the exceptional quality of love when two minds become instinctively linked, yet it is rare to find such diaries, such writings, such beauty of sex and ultimately the act of sex being so sacred. Perhaps we have become to lost within the necessity of everyday life. Work, society, events, status—have we lost time to make for one another? Have we lost the concept of beauty within sex or how to treat one another, seeking a route, a map on the flesh of one another? We have glimpsed it within art, literature and poetry, so how is it we cannot use these forms, these words, these images within the sex we have today? I have written about this for many years, yet I am only within my late 30s. Now I wish to home in on the true culture of sacred sex and its history and paths. I suspect many of you reading this will perceive me as an eco-warrior wearing tie dye, feeling through yoga, meditation and laughter practice each day, yet I am not. It may be a joy to live in this aspect of life however I am a working mother of one daughter, a wife, a lost lover, running a home, looking after my family, going to normal shops and, my sofa, music and words have become my intoxication. I still drink gin and tonic, I drive a car and I complain when I'm not satisfied within the commercial world. I am however, not like other women around me, I know I feel differently regarding relationships, regarding the beauty of love and the essence of sex. I am perhaps, a little odd, as much of humanity would deem me to be, so am I simply hiding behind normality?

Are we allowed to be married and seek lovers? Are we able to learn the sacred magic of sex or simply can it only be found within two entities meant to find a pathway together and alone? Are we allowed to find the sacred path of sex without being connected to demonology, occult's and to be deemed 'againstChristianity?' I think we find a particular pathway to the root source, our homeland through only one other individual sexually, however perhaps we may find different pathways with others, perhaps each sexual act is a risk to learn more of whom we are and where we are meant to find our way home to? Where we have come from?

What is your way to a sacred route, have you experienced as I have through sex?

So our mind truly is, in my vision the most erogenous zone of the body—so are we able to relearn this within the 21st century? I for one, sincerely hope so.

The Sacred Essence of Sex—Have we lost it within the 21st Century?

Ruthie Niddry
Ruthie Niddry
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Ruthie Niddry

In the 20th century we have lost the art of sacred sex and sacred sexuality.

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