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The Power of Sexual Desire

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By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
The Power of Sexual Desire
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Quick Facts

-Our sexual desire is usually so strong that we aren’t fully conscious of it! And anything that’s subconsciously part of ourselves controls us from the backseat.

-We can realize the full extent of our sexual desire by sitting and thinking/saying the words, “I am aware of my sexual desire.” Once you are fully conscious of it, you control it instead of the other way around!

-Eating food that makes our intestines inflamed (especially crappy starch) is not a good idea if we want to experience the full extent of our sexual desire.


Warning: This is one of my explicit posts! If you're unwilling to read about sexual stuff I greatly recommend you take the red pill and continue ;)

Sexual desire is a feeling that many (if not all) of us feel on a regular basis. Most of us know it's powerful but I'm not certain if we know exactly how powerful sexual desire can be. It's so powerful, and it's such a controlling force in so many people's lives that I'll write about it and lay my findings on the table for you!

Why Is This Important?

Why should we care about how powerful sexual desire is? Isn't it simply something amazing that should be capitalized on/left to be what it is?

I think it's important to talk about this because many of us are controlled by our sexual desire and because their pursuit for sexual gratification ultimately destroys/takes over their life. Sexual desire is something healthy and pleasurable for many of us, but for some, it's manifesting as a detrimental energy instead of a positive/regenerative energy, and these are the people I want to write to :)

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was one of the most famous and effective psychoanalysts in the history of mankind, and I simply want to point out that he equated suppressed sexuality as a sole cause of any psychological problem that anyone could possess. This theory was found to be mostly incorrect by his student Carl Jung, however, this is exactly how powerful sexual desire is - that is, one of the most skilled and insightful psychoanalysts in history thought it to be the root of all psychological disease.

It's very possible that our psychological problems could be caused by sexual suppression, at least in part. It's often the case that psychological problems, and especially the solutions to these problems, don't have much of anything to do with sexuality. I've personally experienced this so I understand that it's accurate :)

Usually, It's Subconscious

When sexual power is controlling our lives in a detrimental way there is usually one common theme between each and every problem: the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings causing the issue are subconscious!

So for example, let's say you're a hard worker, and/or you're willing to work for long periods of time throughout the day. You're single, but a sexual person comes into your life and seduces you. You stop working so hard, you spend more and more time with them, you spend a ton of money to take them out and be with them…

But it turns out that they're unable to support themselves and that they want you to support them! You accept, and the two of you try to work it out but you'll eventually have to break up because you have to work as hard (if not harder) than you used to and they're taking the money and not really giving anything back. Something like that often doesn't work in the long term.

This is one of the many possible scenarios that can occur because of subconscious sexual beliefs and energy. If the worker in our story knew that all they wanted was a good sexual partner all along they would have saved some time, money, and pain in the long run by consciously balancing what they wanted to do and what they needed to do.

What We Can Do

While sexual desire is extremely powerful we can still control our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings!

What we shouldn't do is suppress our sexual desire. We are subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) encouraged to do so by religion, the corporately-minded, and many other people/events in our life, but instead, we should become conscious about everything that has to do with our sexual desire! This means asking ourselves the question, "what are my sexual desires and why?" and following through by answering ourselves as honestly as we possibly can. Being conscious of ourselves is a good idea anyway so I commend you for doing this :)

After we answer the questions and become fully conscious of our sexuality we then have 2 options: we can leave it be as it is or we can change our preferences/create new beliefs and turn-ons! This is especially helpful to know if we have detrimental sexual beliefs and/or turn-ons because once we become conscious of them we can choose to change them!

Final Thoughts

Something I've noticed is that crappy starch (chips, fries, etc) makes my gut inflamed and therefore kills (or inhibits) any sexual desire I felt before I ate it. I'm not sure if this is the same for you but I recommend staying off of stuff like that, especially if you're about to do the subconscious work I outlined above. Foods with healthy starch include real potatoes and real rice!

Also, once you feel what I like to call "regenerative sexuality" and "regenerative passion," you can act within that energy and enjoy it with little to no problems whatsoever. To me, regenerative sexuality and passion feels like serotonin, DMT, testosterone, and oxytocin combined :)


Thank you for reading my article! This stuff is important to me so I appreciate your attention, and I'll see you in the next post!

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Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

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