The Plane Ride

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Off to Our Weekend Away

The Plane Ride
Mile high club maybe?

I stand up and straighten my skirt, hoping my panties catch all of our juices as they run out of me. We walk hand in hand towards the gate. We decided last minute to upgrade so we could have a little more room and privacy on the plane. We sit in the first row of first class and draw the curtain, blocking the other passengers from view.

As soon as your seat belt is buckled you're on me, caressing my face, kissing my lips, unbuttoning my shirt. You slide your hand inside my shirt and massage my breasts, teasing my nipples, rolling them around with your fingers, pinching gently. Your tongue licks my bottom lip and pushes gently against it as if asking for permission. I part my lips letting you into my mouth, wanting to feel the softness of my tongue on yours. The sweet taste of vanilla in my mouth reminds you of my perfume and you take in a deep breath with the kiss, breathing me in.

Holding my face in your hands you explore my mouth greedily with your lips, gently with your teeth, and softly with your tongue. I hungrily kiss you back, not able to get enough. Your kisses stir butterflies around in my belly, moving down between my legs. I start to wiggle around in my chair a bit, adjusting to the desire as we kiss deeply, passionately, desperately, sucking on each others tongues, nibbling on each others lips. "God, I haven't been kissed like this forever," I think to myself as I run my fingers through your hair and soak your kisses in.

You move away from my lips to my neck. You suck and nibble and kiss on my neck and I let out a little moan, turning to putty in your arms. “Shhhh,” you whisper under your breath as you wrap your arms around me pulling me closer.

“I can't help it,” I giggle out... “I want you so bad,” I whisper. I take your face in my hands and kiss you, softly biting on your bottom lip. I nibble on your earlobes and down to your neck. I softly suck and bite and kiss your neck and you let out a moan. “Shhhh,” I whisper, laughing. It’s so easy to forget where I am when you’re kissing me... sounds like it is for you too.

Reaching down I unbuckle your belt, and unbutton your button. Turning in my seat, I lean forward so my face is right above your lap. I slowly unzip your pants, your fabulous cock pushes its way through your boxers, and I gently take him into my hands. Massaging him up and down with my hand, I gently stroke you, feeling the veins, the ripples, the edges of your head. Caressing the softness of the skin on the top, I wrap my hand around your base and start to slowly move up and down your shaft. I cradle and gently massage your balls.

“Stop... where am I going to cum?” you mutter under your breath, only half meaning it.

“I’ll give you somewhere to put it,” I say as I lean over, putting my mouth around the tip of your head. I tease you with my tongue and softly stroke your shaft with my hand. I suck, pumping up and down, licking back and forth.

I feel you start to tense up, unsure if this was a good idea while at the same time loving the excitement and passion that comes with public sex. You give in to your passion, put your hand on my head, and push me down so I take your cock all the way in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. Grabbing my hair, you pump me up and down a few times while thrusting up. Moaning loudly, you orgasm and cum in my mouth.

I suck on you a minute longer just to make sure I get all your juices. I tuck you back in and zip up your pants. I'm wiping the side of my mouth when you bury your face in my neck nuzzling me. You suck on my earlobes and put your hand on my knee, loving the softness of my skin. Caressing my leg for a minute, you slowly slide your hand up my skirt until you reach my already soaked panties.

You gently slip a finger inside my panties and say hello to my clit, rubbing small soft circles. I push against your finger to increase the pressure and throw my head back, moaning out, as you slide a finger into me. Feeling how incredibly wet my panties are, you tug at them until they begin to slide off. You slide them down my thighs, over my knees, down my calves, and off of my feet, tucking them into your carry on under the seat before reaching back up under my skirt.

You push my legs apart as you feel your way back up my thighs to my wetness. You play with my little tuft of hair and caress my lips. Sliding your finger inside me, you take my breast into your mouth, nibbling on my nipple, rolling it gently between your teeth. I gasp in excitement. You increase the pressure and speed of the circles around my clit and pulse your fingers in a “come here” motion inside me. Juices flowing out, I begin to soak the seat, you react with an “mmmmmm,” amazed at how wet you’re making me... it excites you. The more excited you get, the faster you play with me, the more I gasp trying to catch my breath before the wave of orgasms hits me. Failing miserably, I moan out loudly as a wave of orgasms rushes over me, and my body shudders as it peaks. I gasp repeatedly trying to catch my breath.

Suddenly, we hear someone standing right on the other side of the curtain and we straighten up. “Sir, Ma'am... you need to please make sure you are properly buckled up and ready for take off. The last passenger has just boarded and we need to open the curtain.”

"Wow, we haven't even left yet and we've already shared a few orgasms... Man, this is going to be a great weekend," I think to myself as I open the curtain and smile at you and say... “Maybe a private plane next time.”

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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