The Perfect Set Up

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Covering Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Cam Set Up for Your Sessions from Technology to Conversation Starters

The Perfect Set Up

If you're a cam model, then one of your number one priorities should be to have good lighting and general set up to ensure you don't lose customers in those first few moments of them viewing you.

Now you can get really fancy with all of this, however, I'm going to try and give you alternative options and price ranges for everything so let's start with lighting as this is important.


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You'll probably need a good few different light sources when working, I must have six or seven different lights I set up now which covers all angles, ensures no shadows or dark spots and makes me look my best.

Some cam girls use two professional photography light boxes for their lighting and put them behind either side of their laptop. Another way of having professional lighting is by buying a large ring light. This is a favourite for sure, I've seen lots of models using these.

For cheaper options, a basic desk lamp or two if you like will do but just make sure it is behind your screen and the light is bouncing in your direction, if the light is too intense you can fix this by putting some light material or even coloured tissue paper to dim this in a flattering fashion.

Window/Daylight can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to lighting yourself up. Set yourself up so you're facing the window and the webcam is facing towards you, this can be brilliant lighting but if it's too sunny it may just be overexposed and you'll end up just being so bright and white you can't really see you anymore. This can sometimes be diffused by putting some white sheer material up and well, of course, increase privacy. If you have daylight coming towards you at a side angle it can make the cam image incredibly unflattering as one side of you is overexposed and one side of you is underexposed, I suggest closing your curtains or blinds to avoid this.

You can also buy a clip-on ring light for your phone if you take lots of photos and videos, as well as use it to double up as a cam light and clip it on to your laptop. I've also recently found a Logitech webcam stand and selfie ring light stand combo which is powered via USB which has been brilliant for me so far especially as it was such a good price.


When it comes to webcams, you can, of course, use your laptop webcam but I strongly recommend you upgrade to an external USB webcam when you can, customers will be very happy to see you in such crystal clear definition. The cam girls' favourite is the Logitech C920 but they've just released some new ones such as the 4K BRIO if you're willing to spend some extra cash.


Now let me first say that I haven't been able to find a cheap option for this, this is your main tool to work on and it must run fast and efficiently, if you don't cam full time then I wouldn't worry about it as much.

PCs are great as they push a lot more power however most cam girls like to be able to carry their laptop from room to room or even country to country so I'm going to focus on laptops.

Here are some key specifications to look for if you want to buy a laptop for cam work:

  • i5/i7/i9 processor
  • 256 GB SSD + (or more)
  • 16GB RAM (or more)
  • GeForce GTX 1070 (or more)
  • Windows 10

To put it simply, you want a very fast laptop (processor), with lots of memory both for programme's and pictures and video folders and its also recommended to have good graphics!

If you use Adultwork and JustCamIt software please ensure you do not buy a Chromebook as these laptops don't seem to work with the software. Macbooks also have some difficulty however JustCamItLite is usually easily accessible for Mac users.


You want to make sure that you're cam room looks inviting and atmospheric. So it is important to have a nice backdrop, make sure your bedroom or wherever you're camming from is clean, tidy and organised but do make sure you throw some personality in there and make it feel welcoming for them; add some candles, fairy lights, books, ornaments, fluffy rugs, big pillows etc.

You can have a signboard with your name on it which will not only look inviting but help keep you safe (read more about this in Being Safe Online). You could even have a whiteboard/chalkboard/spin the wheel where you can write things on such as session themes, tipping games or whatever the customer might want you to write for a tip etc. This will make sessions a lot more fun, creative, and exciting for customers.

Conversation Starters

When you first start camming, it can be hard to know how to start conversations, a lot of the time a customer will lead the way but its important to be active when communicating both verbally and physically.

Here are a few ideas on what to say to start off your sessions:

  • "Hey, how are you this morning/afternoon/evening/tonight?"
  • "What brings you here today?"
  • "How do you enjoy spending your time on the site?"
  • "What are your kinks? Turn on's?"
  • "Where are you from?"
  • "What do you do for fun?"
  • "What's your fantasy?"

Body Language

When customers first come into the chat it's important you're welcoming and responsive. Give them a little wave hello and a big smile, I often adjust my clothes, lingerie, bra straps etc. to subtly show off a little bit. Remember that you want to keep your customer in session for a while so don't give too much, too quickly or they'll usually finish off and end the session in a few minutes. Tease and be flirty and seductive, it's about finding the perfect balance and raising the tensions at a steady pace. I recommend to keep active and change positions regularly to keep them interested and waiting for what happens next.


This really is completely down to you! Make sure that you are not naked and at least wearing a bra and panties if you're in free chat, otherwise anything goes really. Show your style and your character through your lingerie and outfits, models dress code ranges from fully dressed and dolled up to a simple crop top and a pair of joggers or leggings.

I recommend having lots of different items to take off to make the strip tease extra tantalising, extra long and extra fun. For example, you could wear stockings and suspenders, with a bra and panties and then some hotpants and a little top and even a little satin dressing gown and suddenly you've got seven different things to take off (and that's not including each stocking).

Please remember you don't have to go full out and dress up loads for your sessions, don't forget the classic favourite of a pair of panties, some knee high socks, and a crop top.

Set up your stage and enjoy yourself, make it your own so that your customers feel like they can get to know you. Once you've got good lighting and good quality video and a personality to parade throughout your set up and yourself, customers are much more likely to stay for longer sessions and keep returning for more.

Please remember that the webcam stand will only work if you use a one of the Logitech Webcams.

I've seen a lot of these webcams up for sale on Facebook recently for slightly cheaper so bare that in mind if you're thinking about buying one of these!

There are generations between the C920 and the 4K BRIO which should roughly be in between those two price ranges £45-£200

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