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The nightshift housekeeper

by D-Donohoe 2 months ago in erotic
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She'll clean up after she gets dirty with you

Photo credit: Ellie the housekeeper

Ellie took one last look around the hotel corridor, then knocked on the door to the Presidential Suite. She waited a few seconds, hearing no answer she used her housekeeping key to open the door. As she pushed her housekeeping cart inside, she inhaled the smell of sheer opulence. There was no way that she would ever be able to afford to stay in this suite overnight but was going to take the opportunity to spend some time in there now.

Being a housekeeper on the night shift had a lot of downsides, like the lack of sleep, but there were distinct advantages too. For instance, during the week you didn’t get as many calls for service, so you had more free time.

The other advantage was that it gave Ellie the chance to flirt with Tim from Security. Normally they would just flirt in the meal room or as she was passing by the security desk, but tonight was a bit different.

The hotel was even more quiet than usual, a combination of really bad weather and it is a quiet time of the year. That helped Ellie decide to come up to the Presidential Suite.

Ellie had come to work after being at the gym and was on her way to have a shower when Tim saw her. “My god! Those leggings look like they are a second skin. How do you get into them?”, Time mused as he walked past, and stopped to look at Ellie’s backside.

Ellie felt especially cheeky, so she responded, “You have to ask nicely”. She kept walking, feeling his eyes remain on her ass, so she gave it a little slap as she turned the corner into the female change room.

After her shower, Ellie went into the meal room to get some food. Tim was there, and she felt a little bit embarrassed. He saw her walk in and smiled at her. Ellie always liked his smile, she’d liked a lot of things about Tim, but never thought they would go beyond flirting. She sat at the table opposite him; he had a cup of coffee in front of him.

Tim took a sip of his coffee, then placed the cup back on the table. He leaned forward and whispered loud enough for Ellie to hear, “I understand the Presidential Suite is vacant this evening. Would you pretty please with cherries on top, like to meet me there for a coffee at about 1 am?” Ellie felt her face almost immediately begin blushing. She tried to cover it up with a nervous smile, but she knew Tim had already detected her response.

Before they could talk much more, other people came in, and then a call came over the security radio for Tim to go help with a noisy patron in the piano bar. Ellie wasn’t sure if Tim was being serious or not, but she told herself there was only one way to know for certain.

Ellie’s shift started at 11 pm, so she got the list of outstanding tasks and knocked them over as quickly as she could. It was 12:45 when Ellie got to the Presidential Suite, she figured that she might need to have another quick shower before Tim arrived to make sure she didn’t smell of bleach or other cleaning products.

Ellie undressed in the Presidential Suite’s bathroom, she surveyed the room and realized it was about the size of a normal hotel room. She hung a robe next to the shower, wanting to change into that, instead of her less-than-attractive housekeeping uniform. It was as if the Hotel had designed a uniform to ensure no guests had any maid fantasies.

As the warm water cascaded over her body, Ellie rubbed the expensive body wash into her skin. She couldn’t believe the opulence of the room and the giant shower made her envious of the rich. She found herself fantasizing about what might happen when Tim got there when she heard the sound of the outside door opening and closing. Ellie went to turn off the shower when she heard a male voice “Hotel Security. Is someone in here?” Before she could respond, Tim’s head appeared in the doorway to the bathroom, and he was flashing his cheeky smile again.

You scared the crap out of me”, Ellie scolded him, reaching for a towel. She looked over at Tim whose eyes were transfixed on her naked wet body. As Ellie started to dry herself off, she found herself feeling a little self-conscious standing naked in front of this guy while he was fully dressed. “You can either give me some privacy, or you can get naked”, Ellie instructed him.

Tim tilted his head to the side and began to remove his black necktie, it was affixed by elastic, so he slid it over his head. As Ellie ran the towel over her wet body, she started to watch Tim undress. He removed his shoes and then started to unbutton his shirt. As he removed his white shirt, she appreciated how hard his body was. His chest looked firm, he had clearly defined abs and his arms and shoulders were so muscular that she just wanted to run her hands over them.

Next, Tim undid his black trousers and let them fall to the floor. As he stood there, Ellie couldn’t help but notice his hard cock straining against his underwear. She thought at any moment it might do an Incredible Hulk and split through altogether. The sight of Tim turned on by her body, turned Ellie on.

She finished wiping the water off her skin, but ignored the bathrobe she had carefully placed on the hook and instead walked towards Tim. As she reached arms-length from him, she stretched out her left hand and pressed it against the bulge in his underwear. She rubbed the outside of the fabric for a couple of seconds, as she watched Tim’s eyes take on an almost dreamy appearance.

Then both of her hands grabbed hold of his underpants and pulled them down. His cock was pulled downward, and then when it escaped the underpants completely, it flung back to attention. It was long, thick, and circumcised. Ellie imagined what Tim was going to feel like inside her.

She moved closer and looked up at him. He was taller than her and it made her feel safe. Tim leaned down and kissed Ellie on the lips. As he wrapped his big arms around her, pulling her close to him, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her. She felt giddy and excited, but above all else, so incredibly turned on. Ellie felt her pussy tingle and she knew she was already wet, she fought the urge to touch her clit, instead running her hands over Tim’s muscular back.

He started to kiss down Ellie’s neck while his fingers began exploring between her legs. The touch of Tim’s fingers felt even better than Ellie touching herself. She could tell by the way his fingers were moving that he had already found her juices.

As Tim continued to kiss just below her ear, she heard him say, “Fuck I have wanted you for so long”. These words shocked Ellie. Up until tonight, she had never thought that she and Tim would ever hook up. Yes, she had thought he was cute, and he had always been nice, but she just assumed he was being nice. Here she was now, living her dream naked with him, kissing her, feeling how turned-on she was.

As Ellie continued to enjoy the reality of being in this state with Tim from Security, he maneuvered her towards the King size bed in the middle of the room. Ellie lay down on the bed, moving up to the bedhead end, as her head fell into the luxurious pillows. Tim moved onto the bed like a tiger stalking its prey.

His hands picked up Ellie’s left leg and his lips began to kiss and gently nibble on her. As Ellie looked at him beginning to worship her body, her fingers moved to her breasts. Her nipples were hard, so she gently squeezed them as she looked at Tim running his lips up her leg. When he’d kissed her left long for a while he moved to her right leg. Ellie felt herself getting more and more aroused before he had spent much time at all near her wet pussy.

Then Tim leaned forward, down onto his elbows, pushing Ellie’s legs slightly apart, then placing his face squarely between her legs. He wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled himself into her. His tongue felt amazing on her clit, it flicked and caressed with the right amount of pressure. Ellie let out some moans, gentle ones at first but as his finger slid inside her and started to massage the inside of her pussy at just the right spot.

Ellie started to get more aroused and less inhibited. She started to press her hips forward towards Tim. As she rocked up and down, she felt his nose also tickling her clit. She needed more pressure and faster motion, so she rocked some more. As Tim let out moans of pleasure, Ellie started to feel herself getting lighter, she started to feel her body have more electric pulses shooting into her brain.

She was trying to move in time with Tim’s tongue and finger, but sometimes she got a bit carried away and felt her pelvic bone knock into his face. She wanted to say sorry, but she needed every ounce of breath to keep from passing out, so she went back to fucking his face.

Tim’s fingers and tongue were moving so perfectly, and Ellie was now so turned on, that when it came it took her completely by surprise. The orgasm started at her clit with his tongue and nose and moved through her body at the speed of light. Her legs went into spasm, she gasped for air, then let out a long hard moan. He kept drinking her, as her body absorbed the pleasure he had created inside her.

Finally, she pushed his head away, her clit now so sensitive that each move of his tongue was almost painful. Ellie needed a minute for the feeling to subside.

Tim kissed up her body, he stopped at her breasts and sucked on her nipples. They too were a little bit sore, Ellie has squeezed a bit too hard in the heat of the passion. His saliva and lips made them feel better. As he continued to move up her body at the speed of kisses, she felt that hard cock of his pressing against her again.

He lay next to Ellie, and they kissed some more. His leg moved on top of her body, and she enjoyed the warmth of him. Her hand slid down to find him hard, and she gently massaged him again. It was time, but Ellie wanted to do something she had imagined many times before.

She rolled off the bed and moved over towards the floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out over the bay. Ellie looked back at Tim on the bed and said, “Come over here, you’re missing the view”.

Tim started to get up, and as he rose, said, “I don’t know, the view’s looking pretty good from here”.

He walked over and stood behind Ellie, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him again. She could feel that warm cock now pressed against her ass. Ellie swung the curtains wide open, to let in the sight out over the horizon. Lights of small boats anchored in the harbor bobbed up and down. Ellie wondered if anyone on those boats was looking back at the hotel and seeing them.

Ellie turned slightly to the large mahogany desk she grasped it with each hand and looking back over her shoulder, she said to Tim, “Fuck me like this, so the world can see us”.

Tim didn’t need to be asked twice. He moved behind Ellie and rubbed the head of his hard warm cock on her pussy. Ellie pushed back, impatient to feel him inside her. But Tim was going to tease her some more. She felt him rubbing and gently pushing, then he started sliding inside. Her pussy grabbed hold, Ellie pushed back again and felt the length of his cock move into her. It was a feeling that caused Ellie to let out a loud moan, followed by “Oh Fuck yes!

As Tim started to pound her, Ellie could feel just how wet she had become from all his attention. She felt the excess juices start to flow down the inside of her leg. The smell of her filled the air, she inhaled deeply, and she hoped that Tim also enjoyed her scent.

His hands grabbed hold of her hips, he was pounding her the way she liked, with him going in nice and deep. Her pussy kept him well lubricated, like a high-volume oil pump in a performance engine. She would make sure his piston kept sliding in her freely.

The way he filled her, turned her on with each stroke. She soon found herself moaning louder, which seemed to encourage him to make more noise. She could hear him saying “Fuck you feel good”. Ellie wanted to tell him just how good he felt, but she thought it would be best to make sure she showed him instead.

Ellie pushed further back onto Tim, she spread her legs a bit wider and let him in her as far as he could go. She could feel his pelvic bone smashing against her arse at the top of each stroke. They started to find a rhythm and as their bodies started to move in time, so did their sounds.

They were both breathing harder, she knew she was getting closer, but she wanted to cum with him. Her hand moved between her legs to play with her clit. Her fingers were rubbing and teasing it, exciting her some more. She could feel his cock pounding on the inside of her clit and that excited her.

But she needed a little bit more. She took the hand that was playing with her clit and reached around behind her. She found one of Tim’s hands and moved it from her hip. She would have merely instructed him, but she had no air to spare. She placed his hand between her ass cheeks and soon he realized what she wanted.

She quickly returned her hand to her clit and then as his finger slid inside her tight little asshole, her pussy tightened around his cock. She exhaled and let out the loudest moan of all. Tim announced, “I’m going to cum”. This pleased Ellie more than words. She felt him thrust a few deeper strokes into her, and then she felt a wave of energy running the length of his cock. Then the explosion of warm fluid inside her.

Her own orgasm was matching him, with the pulsations through her massaging his cock inside her. As he continued to thrust, she felt him filling her. Both their bodies were feeling pleased from the exercise.

Ellie looked back to the horizon, hoping that anyone that was watching had enjoyed the display of their two hard bodies joined together.

As Tim pulled out from inside her, she felt more warm fluid run down her leg. As she looked down, she saw it was milky white, and formed a small pool on the carpet. She knew she had something in her cart to clean that up. But she inhaled to enjoy the new scent their two fluids had created.

Then she heard a noise coming from the bathroom. It was Tim’s radio. “Oh shit”, he said, running to retrieve it. As he walked back out, she recognized the voice as Trevor who worked in the control room. “Tim, there’s been a complaint made about loud noise at the Presidential Suite, can you check it out?

Tim smiled back at Ellie before responding “Sure thing, I’ll head up there now”, he said into the handpiece.

He returned to Ellie and placed the radio on the desk that she had just been holding onto as he pounded her. “I’m on night shift all this week, what about you?” Tim asked.

“I think I might have to switch some shifts so that I am too” Ellie replied.

“But first”, she continued, “I’m going to need a hand to clean up this room”.

That was the start of some very exciting hotel encounters for Ellie and Tim.


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  • test2 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Your descriptions are so vivid.

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