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Eroctic short story

By Bridget DykePublished 4 months ago 7 min read

The Naughty Doctor

Doctor Paul Ndoko,a PhD holder in Classics heaves a contented soft sigh as oily soft palms run slowly across her back and over the nape of her neck. Another pair of soft, oily palms worked the back of her knees and gradually climbed up her naked ass cheeks.

She heaved a more content sigh. Both pairs of hands were tickling her, they put her nerves in a commotion and she wanted to roll around the table and giggle or moan her heart out but she held herself still and enjoyed every sweet sensation that coursed through her body.

She could feel the guy doing the upper part of her body around the head of the table right above her head. He massaged her from the neck down to her pelvis, to and fro so slowly that she wet herself immediately.

She prayed in her mind that wetness was not obvious to the massage boys and even if it did, she hoped she did not make too much mess on the massage table with her woman juice.

The hoe tag is one she had tried to avoid all her life and she had been chaste for long, especially after her divorce. She did not want a situation where she leaves the massage parlour and becomes a hot topic for the massage boys. What would they say?

“That woman is a slut, did you see how she was moaning all through the massage?” or “See how that bitch was cumming all over the massage table over a few touches”.

Just thinking of the words that may come out after she departs the building puts some fear in her.

This is what happens when you listen to your younger sister that you always advise. Dr Ndoko once had a happy marriage that was marred by extramarital affairs. She always wondered what it was that her husband wanted that she did not offer him.

Her time and body were always there for him to use to satisfaction.

She would have thought she was ugly but, when she steps out of her car, men and boys ogle at her luscious boobs and they bop their heads to the rhythm of her well-shaped ass. Egen, her female colleagues in the department and the faculty complement her angelic face and sweet tiny voice.

She was not a slouch in the bedroom either, she initiated sex frequently, and on more occasions, she still wanted more sex when her husband was already drained of cum.

Still, he managed to find the time to cheat on her and she caught him countless times. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when she caught him with some strange girl on their matrimonial bed. She cried her eyes out as she packed her things, not listening to his pleas. It hurt because it happened on their bed, a sacred place for her.

It hurt even more because asked him for sex that morning and he denied her saying he was too tired and they would fuck at night. She was really horny that morning and needed some just to clear her head and put her in the right mood.

She did not get it, she had a bad day at work and was rushing home to satisfy her anticipation of a good ol’ big cock in her pussy, only to see that dog of a husband that claimed to be tired of her piping another girl so hard she was sure the girl had shed real tears at some point in that intercourse because of the way her liners were messed up.

Ndoko had enough already and filed for a divorce. She would rather remain alone or find another man that would value her than stay with him. She got another apartment and moved it. With her divorce papers signed by both parties, she was free and back on the market.

She however was disappointed. Every man she came across wanted the same thing, to see her brassieres and beyond it, to know whether she had panties on or not. If she had them on, what colour of panties and how soon can they see the treasure chest behind it and mine it dry, mercilessly? Ndoko on the other part was just looking for commitment, someone to rebuild with.

As someone whose body had only been explored by her husband, she felt conflicted about sharing her body with just anybody so she stayed celibate and alone with a hungry pussy that was only kept at bay by her home training.

Akemi, her sister, provided her with some company every now and then. She troubled Ndoko more than she gave her company. She was the wild one, of them and publicized it. Ndoko always had to complain about the way she dressed and how she kept too many guys at her age.

Lecture after lecture never changed Akemi, this, and the unsatisfied sexual urges of Ndoko just made Ndoko crankier.

Akemi paid attention to her sister’s new-found aggression. During one of the Ndoko lectures, Akemi pointed out that her sister was holier than thou yet did not have a happy marriage and is now divorced, therefore, what is the point of asking her to leave her wildlife just to be an unhappy trophy wife that would be cheated on. Ndoko looked so hurt by her sister’s speeches but Akemi quickly saved the day by giving Ndoko a business card to some sort of exclusive spa/massage parlour.

It was just a thick pink piece with D & D written on it. She wondered how a massage would sort her situation but she took the paper anyway. She checked it out online after Akemi left and found out that it exclusively meant guys worked on ladies and vice versa. There is no way she was getting naked in front of a muscular guy for a body massage. She dropped the card.

Back to the massage parlour

She remembered how her entire body shook when she had to get naked in a room with two muscular guys but she did it. Her blouse came off slowly, and so did her bra.

The guys were looking at her all through and it felt like she was giving them a strip so she quickly removed her skirt and panties and got on the table that was why she was in this position now, doing her best not to moan with a soaked pussy, and a heart praying for the boys to not notice or her juice not soaking the massage table.

She eventually let go of more than a sigh, it was an “oooh moan”. She was trying to not moan but at the same time, she would not have been able to moan if she wanted to because her windpipes seemed restricted.

Did this guy just penetrate her with his dick? With what she was feeling inside of her body, this is a big dick but till it was fully sheathed in her pussy she had no idea she was getting penetrated. She knew when the guy rubbed her inner thighs and rubbed on her pussy lips.

She was vibrating and sighing all through. His oily, soft fingers felt so good on her pussy lips that she could not even complain or ask for him to stop. Now his dick was inside her, her eyes were wide open and they stared into the cream tiles on the floor, her eyes began to flutter and close when he began to pull out of her.

That dick for sure is no longer covered in just oil but also pussy juice. Slowly, her head was raised so she was facing forward and there was another big dick in her face.

Open up Dr Ndoko, you have paid for these services and they are exclusive, no one will know. Like the words hypnotized her, she opened her mouth and he started feeding his cock into it. This is madness, sweet madness, the guy in her pussy had parted her legs a bit, and she was sure he was on the table with her fucking her ever softly making her soak the white spread on the table. The other guy held her head up and fucked into her throat softly, all she had to do was keep her mouth open, her jaw was messed up with saliva.

Even though they continued to fuck her softly, their pace suddenly increased and it was a battle between the “bap-bah-bap” sounds from the dick hitting her pussy and the “guh-gah-guhh” sounds coming from her mouth.

They both fired semen into her. She came really hard too and lay there only to be brought back to life by the ringing tone of her phone. When she opened her eyes, she was in her room.

Disgust overflowed her, she picked up the call with spite in her mind. It was the H.O.D’s secretary on the line notifying Dr. Ndoko about a pending departmental meeting slated for the second day. She dropped the call immediately after the secretary finished talking.

A nice moment had just been ruined for her. She quickly went to her standing mirror and undressed. Yes, she was right, her pussy was so wet, maybe she had cum from the dream.

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