The Lovers: Part 2, The Joyride

by Sharlene Alba 2 years ago in fiction

Erotic Prompts Series

The Lovers: Part 2, The Joyride

He was still hard when they settled themselves into her car. And she wasn’t making it any easier. She’d been teasing him ever since he stepped on the gas pedal. The way she tilted her head slightly to the side, exposing her neck, letting him see how he had left his mark on her with his teeth. He grinned at that. He liked that she wasn’t afraid of letting loose, going crazy, letting him make her feel good.

And he also loved how her hand was moving up and down his thigh at the moment, squeezing it while he drove. His hunger for her was growing again, and it seemed like it would never be satiated. He wanted her so much, it physically hurt.

He shifted in his seat, stepping on the gas, hoping they’d arrive to her home as soon as possible without killing themselves in the process.

“How far is your apartment from here?” he asked her, impatience coating his voice.

“Thirty more minutes,” she answered in a purr in his ear.

Her swollen lips curved into a grin and he screeched the car through a nearby exit, not caring where they really were. He drove until he found a quiet, dark street, and parked. He ripped off her seat belt instantly, pulling her onto his lap, her thighs straddling his hips. She pulled her shirt up over her head, and he was glad she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It would give him more access to her body. His hands kneaded her breasts, his thumbs rubbing her peaked nipples. He loved to hear her groan into his ear, her hot breath surrounding him, encouraging him to continue.

Her hands undid his belt in record time, managing to spring him from his straining boxer briefs. He unzipped her jeans, tugging until he removed them completely. He ran his fingers into her thick hair, his hand resting at the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss. He loved the way her mouth molded against his perfectly, hot and wet, smooth and eager to taste his.

He lost his mind once her cool hands enclosed over his shaft. His throat managed to let out a rough grunt, thrusting into her palms. Her fingernails grazed over the pulsing veins, tempting him closer to the edge. He watched in fascination as her fingertip rubbed over the tip of his hard cock. His jaw locked in place, the remaining of his control slipping away quickly.

He watched her lick her lips, her face lifting up as her eyes met his. His heart fluttered at the beautiful mess in front of him. He smiled, lifting his hand up to her smooth cheek, his thumb caressing her soft skin.

“Come here,” he beckoned the sexy woman trying to make me come into her hands.

His hands gripped her behind when she obeyed him, placing her slick center onto his stiff erection, sinking her down. They both sighed with pleasure, his forehead resting against her own, her breasts pressing into his chest. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he drove deeper into her core, filling her until there was nowhere else to go. And he knew nothing would ever feel this magnificent to him than to have her wrapped around so tightly against his cock. He felt her muscles contract around him, his hips thrusting harder now. She pulled away from his chest, bracing her hands on his shoulders and pumped her hips upwards, causing them both to groan loudly with urgency.

His fingers dug into the skin of her hips, feeling himself swell up for a big climax. He noticed her head was lowered, her eyes closed. He didn’t like that. He wanted to look into her eyes when she came for him, when her mouth opened and she would scream his name into the night.

“Baby, look at me,” he told her, lifting her chin up with my fingers. Her eyes fluttered open, her lips parting slightly as he pulled out of her, and drove into her in a quick thrust. Her gasp was loud, her whimper desperate, begging for more. He lifted his hands to her cheeks and kissed her until he could no longer breathe, until he spilled himself inside her, filling her with his juices, letting them flow together with hers. They both panted heavily as they brought their hips upwards, her nails digging into his skin, his teeth biting onto her lower lip. She kissed him then, ravenously, devouring his eager lips as he kept whispering his words of adoration into her ear, and promises of fulfilling each other's fantasies soon enough.

One of his would be to be sucked off by the woman he adored while he was driving and she was just about to make it hard for him to leave in a few days. He was only there for a short visit. And he knew once he saw her, he was going to have a hard time leaving her side.

"I can taste myself on you," she announced, while her tongue licked at the tip of his hard shaft, and a wicked grin spread across her face as he drove back into the freeway. He had no idea how he was going to focus with her lips and tongue doing all that but damn it felt too good to stop her.

He ran his fingers through her hair, slowing down as much as he could so he could enjoy fucking her mouth. Licking his lips, he glanced down at her briefly and he immediately regretted it. Once he saw her tongue flicking at his tip and sucking on it, he felt the instant need to spill into her mouth, gripping the back of her neck as he expanded her throat and she drank every single drop of him.

That mouth of hers was going to be death of him but he needed more of her. So he ordered her to open her legs for him, as he stepped on the gas pedal and slipped into the exit she instructed him to. She claimed they were almost at her place and he couldn't have been happier.

He slipped his hand in between her super wet folds and slipped two fingers into her arousal, making sure they were deep enough to have his fingers dripping. He then watched her lick her lips while he brought his soaking fingers to his mouth and licked every drop of her off his fingers. He saw her reach down to touch herself but he shook his head, letting her know there'd be time for that later.

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