The Life of a Three-way Marriage... The Beginning

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Swingers Supreme

The Life of a Three-way Marriage... The Beginning

Chapter 1 Breaking Him In

Getting out the shower, I quickly run upstairs to the bedroom, dripping wet, my little towel barely covering my round ass.

I see him slowly undressing in the bedroom. His eyes first lock on my body—naturally one of the things I love about this man is his constant honest eyes... and his constant wanting me.

I give him a little smirk, which he quickly returns with a look I can only describe as saying "Come and play" but I don't. I never do; instead I tease just to watch his dick grow and throb.

Some men say they hate a tease. I think what they mean is they hate a bad tease, because the way I do it will leave you throbbing until you shoot.

Advancing towards him, I slide my hand down his manly chest, full of life, not waxed and groomed like the pussies in the magazines. I like my men big and real, not skinny and orange and ready to peel.

As I reach his cock, it is already hard. I don't allow myself to give in, nobody said the long game was easy, but the benefits are perfectly yummy.

I pass his dick and rub back up his chest, before locking eyes once more to show him the cute look. He loves the cute look, this just makes him harder.

Before I get defeated at my own game, I send him downstairs packing to the shower. It gives me the time to "prepare" that way, and by prepare I mean my pussy.

As I hear him step into the shower, I drop my towel and lie on the cool sheets—god I love this feeling. It makes my body tight, makes me shake, makes me want more.

I slowly reach under my bed and grab my Joe (the name of my vibrator) already feeling dirty. I forget the lube and spit on my pussy, making it nice and wet for Joe to rub.

With two fingers in use, one in my ass, I use my other hand to tap and rub my clit until it swells so much, the slightest touch makes me drip.

I am getting very dirty now. He could come up any minute and how will he react? Will he join in instantly or moan at his absence? Fuck it... I carry on rubbing, slowly moaning louder and louder until I squirt all over the bed.

Shit, I wasn't supposed to do that. Now he will definitely know. So I save my ass and hop down the stairs to join him for a quickie in the shower.

Slowly approaching the bathroom I hear a wet slapping sound; the same sound his balls make as they slap against my big ass. I open the bathroom door slowly and see him vigorously rubbing his dick, back pressed up against the glass, head thrown back with his dick dripping in his hand. I can't help myself, I slowly back away. He hasn't seen me yet, sitting with my back to the wall, slowly peeking around the door. I continue to rub my clit.

Fuck, it is still swollen from earlier. I feel like I am just going to squirt again.

As I try to slow down, he sees me and slowly turns, a sexy look on his face, no smirk, no smile, just complete fixation on me and the rubbing of his dick.

I get up and join him in the shower. He throws me forward, grabs my hair, and starts slapping his cock on my ass as I reach back and tug at his balls.

He quickly throws my hands up the glass, presses my tits up against it, and pushes his dick right up my ass. I let out a painfully joyful moan, lifting my ass up so he can watch it bounce off his hips.

Pushing deeper into my ass, I reach around to his neck and pull him close, turning towards his ear, I whisper, "Have you ever wanted to see me with a girl?"

Instantly he cums, moaning "yes" in my ear, making me squirt all over his balls. He pulls me off and simply demands, "When?"

Chapter 2 Realising His Potential

Lying in bed after an evening of fucking in the shower, we debate over what film to watch that night. Going through the usual topics of action, romance, and comedy, I turn to him and say, "What about some porn?"

I see his eyes light up from my suggestion, and a smirk crosses his face as he replies "What kind?"

At this point I realise it is going to be a long night... just what I anticipated.

I don't have a type of porn I like. I have a type I most definitely don't, but I am open to most. Being very sexually strung, I have had many fantasies, from lesbians to two dicks in my ass, to gangbangs... and some I have fulfilled.

But my husband, as dirty as his mind is, is sexually shy, something I have always been keen to change.

Tonight is that night.

After talking for several minutes, quietly suggesting the obvious porn suggestions, lesbians, couples, threesomes, I decided to be a little more adventurous and specific.

"How about you tie me up, blindfold me, and find some porn you wish we were part of or could recreate?"

He jumps to this chance, of course, and after attaching me to the bed and looking for several minutes I hear something come on the TV. For a few minutes he lies there rubbing his cock slowly. I can tell as I am hardly shaking. My nipples are getting harder now, and my pussy is getting wetter. I start to lick my lips, I think he notices. I feel his fingers sliding up my pussy, up to my clit and back down to my ass before sliding back up to my pussy hole.

He unties my blindfold. I am shocked to see just a normal threesome. I thought he would be a bit more adventurous given the opportunity of me being blindfolded, but I went with it, and he seemed to be growing in confidence, making sly comments about "My head being between her legs as he fucks me," more though I thought, I want more filth more dirt, he must want more than to see me lick a bit of pussy.

As much as I love it, what about the room full of people watching, what about another dick in my pussy? What about your dick up her ass? Or their asses?

Just as I am thinking of all the dirt I could show him, it is as if he reads my mind. "Do you want more than just a pussy on your face? Or do you want lots?"

"LOTS," I quickly reply.

Without a second thought I answer, which only makes him rub his dick more, tugging at his balls with his other hand.

"Show me what YOU want." He looks at me with pure filth as he unties me to show him what I want.

What I want huh, I wonder? I hesitantly put on a dirty gangbang, watching girls lick girls, men wank men. Guys fuck asses, women lick asses, you name it, it was there.

You could say I have seen this video before, but I wanted it to be fresh for him, something completely new, real... Now.

I see him start to rub the end of his cock. I love it when he does this. I know he is feeling dirty. It is his sensitive spot on his cock, so I spit on his dick and then on my pussy, making him rub the end even more.

"You want to do that baby?" He says, looking at me with those sexy honest eyes.

I moan out, "Fuck, yes."

He slowly looks away focusing on the big tits bouncing on the screen, the dick in the big round ass, and the pussy being licked by a dirty bitch's tongue, before he looks back at me, slowly moving towards my face, suddenly shouting out "Me too" over and over before cumming all over my face.

He makes me cum instantly. I am starting to see his sexual potential.

Chapter 3 Fulfilling the Fantasy

It had been several days since our dirty night of porn and mindless fucking, and I was itching for more. He hadn't mentioned a thing, and I was starting to worry it was all a spur of the moment thing and we wouldn't get the fantasy we had so longed for that night.

"Fuck this." I wasn't going to sour this memory with silence until maybe he said something. So I did.

Later that night I caught him watching me again. "Good, he's in the mood." I slowly made my way over to him, constantly locking my eyes with his and gently rubbing my body. Starting at the feet, moving up my legs, squeezing my thighs and gently slipping into my pussy before making my way up to my tits, gently moaning and tenderly squeezing and pulling my nipples before I fall at his feet, begging for more with my eyes.

He already has his cock out, I can see it dripping. I want to taste it. He obviously senses this because he already has his cock pressed up against my lips.

I take his cock deep until my tongue is licking his balls. My pussy tingles and as I pull away, I take my chance as I see him engulfed by the heat of our lust.

"Do you want to have a gangbang?" I ask like it was a cup of tea, but it only makes him hotter.

He takes a moment to reply but finally does with a smirk on his face as I can see he wants to cum. "Yes."

A simple yes so I catch him off guard, eager for his response. "Come on then, let's go... I know a place."

For a minute I recognise the look on his face of that of confusion and desire. I could see so many questions spinning around his mind, just by the look in his eyes, but the desire to have all I was offering was so much more. And he simply replied, "Let's go."

So we do.

I know a few places that hold swingers parties and hold special events, including gang banging. I haven't told him this before because I didn't think he was ready, and by the look on his face he wasn't. We arrived by 10.30 PM. After a few phone calls, I found an old regular "party" I used to attend in my early adulthood. Just our luck, gang bang night. I could feel my heart racing, not from nerves but excitement. My pussy was dripping... but how would he handle it? I turned to him, expecting to see a face of nerves, sweaty palms, an anxious need to leave. But he was gone, being lead inside by a curvy redhead, body of a goddess, and her one hand firmly on his ass.

For a minute I think my heart sank, but it soon started to float when I was whisked inside by two exotic looking women. Curves and tits to die for, being pulled in by a man that looked like he had stamina for miles.

I met back up with my hubby inside. The redhead was stroking his cock. He looked a little uncomfortable but when he saw me give him the green light and slowly make my way to his side, I saw his body start to relax.

Quickly we stripped. The two women who had led me in were licking my clit and pussy hole with every inch of their fine lips. I saw him watching intently. That dirty look in his eye, I started to drip. I knew I needed to take it to the next level.

I slowly got up, brushing my ass past a few dicks along the way. I walked over to him and whispered, "Fuck her asshole, baby, and watch me get fucked." He looked with the dirtiest look I have yet to ever see from him.

He didn't think twice. He threw the redhead to her knees and shoved his dick into her asshole. She moaned in pain but begged him not to stop. So he didn't. I watched as my ass was being fucked now by a blonde with a strap on.

With a dick in my face and a girl rubbing her pussy next to me, I felt I was in sex heaven when I saw him in that bitch's ass. She loved it, his cock...

And it was mine.

Chapter 4 The Three-way Marriage

After returning home from a long exhausting night of fucking and sheer bliss, I could see the smile that was permanently across his face. He can't keep his hands off me. He never could before but this is even more noticeable. I love it.

I catch him watching me as I walk into the shower. Will he join me this time? After a good 20 minutes in the shower, it seems he hasn't. I must admit I wonder why, but assume he is more tired than horny. After all, we were out all night mindlessly fucking everything that moved.

I get out the shower and there is that familiar sound I love again. His cock being rubbed hard. I start to rub myself and then I hear a not too familiar sound... a woman moaning. As I eagerly approach the bedroom, half expecting to see him rubbing himself over some dirty porn, I am more than a little shocked to see the same red head he was fucking from last night. I must admit it turned me on, especially as I walked through the door and he pulled out of her ass and shot all over her back. I could feel my pussy dripping.

I made my way over to her, licking every bit of cum off her before throwing her on her back and eating her pussy until she squirmed. I looked up at him and in between tasting her pussy and rubbing his already wet cock, I simply asked "So when did she get here? "

He looked at me, slightly nervous but full of lust. "She rang when you got in the shower asking for it, I thought you would like it."

"Like it? Like it... I fucking love it," I thought.

I buried myself back in her pussy before he squatted over her face, slapping his cock on it and sticking it deep down her throat. This continued to happen for several weeks with this woman.

We would meet up, fuck, and send her packing. It felt so dirty just having a little bitch to tell what to do, to boss around. And I could see the power in him growing.

After weeks turned into months, I had a naughty idea. Why not make it a three way? Let the bitch move in so I have access to her pussy when I want it, and so does he. I am sure she would go for it. She can never keep her hands off us, and after all, it was her that got in touch after the party for more.

I wait until she comes over again. Just as I am starting to slowly rub her tits, I ask her, "So would you like to make this more permanent? Move in maybe so we can fuck whenever? We need to rent out the spare room anyway.”

She lets out a little moan as I twist her nipples, biting at them as I rub my other hand down to her pussy.

"Oh fuck yes," she shouts as she squirts all over my hand. I look up at him, he looks so filthy, up for anything right now, and probably feels like the luckiest man alive.

From then on, Isabella, as we finally asked her name, slowly started to moved her stuff in. We quickly went through some rules and she submitted completely to our needs.

Kayleigh Taylor
Kayleigh Taylor
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