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The Initiation Part 3

The Joining of Rocantes and Hyaleanna

By Jean SumrallPublished 4 months ago 18 min read
The Initiation Part 3
Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

Hyaleanna sipped the cup of tea as she sat watching the sun rise over the distant mountains. Early morning was her favorite time of day. She could clear her mind, say a prayer of gratitude and perhaps write in her journal. However, this morning, her mind was somewhere else recalling her time with Yeteres. She couldn’t stop thinking of the feeling of his hands when he stroked her body, stoking the inner fires of sexual pleasures. She ran a finger across her lips recalling his kisses. Heat-inducing memories stirred up her desire for Yeteres.

She scolded herself. ‘Stop thinking of him! You’ll soon be joined with Rocantes. He will give you more pleasure than you can handle.’ It didn’t matter. She simply couldn’t stop thinking, remembering, wanting.

Hyaleanna stood up and walked down the stairs to the pool. She dropped her robe on a table and dove naked into the pool. She broke the surface gasping for air. The water was so cold it made her choke and cough. Swimming to the joining spa, she slipped into the warmer water with delight and appreciation.

The bubbling water felt wonderful to her. Playing at shapeshifting, she rolled around in the steaming liquid like an otter. When the enjoyment of that activity waned, she found a seat with several water jets. She positioned her body against them and began to relax as the soothing water worked on her back muscles. This feels so good, she thought.

Her thoughts drifted back to Yeteres, of how excited he had made her feel when he went down on her. Her hands moved down to give her clit some needed attention. She exposed it and began to rub it. It felt good and the reminiscing about sex had made her hungry. She wanted to feel her body respond to her touching as it had responded to Yeteres. She wanted to feel the tension build deep within her. She wanted the anticipation before orgasm and then the blast of energy that caused her to cry out from the force of exploding nerve endings.

“Hyaleanna, where are you?” It was her mother looking for her. She sighed as she removed her hand from her excited nub.

“I’m here, Mother, in the spa.” She stepped out of the enticing water and walked over to pick up her robe.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Rocantes walked through the house where he and Hyaleanna would live. He had moved in a few days before with the help of his father and some friends. There had been much laughter and merriment between them, with crude jokes being shared. Some of the discussion made him feel uncomfortable. These were not words of respect for women and certainly not talk that would be shared in mixed company.

He had been taught to hold the Divine Goddess and all women in high regard. They were the sacred carrier of human life within their womb, deserving of reverence, adoration and protection. Rocantes knew of women who indulged in sexual acts with men for an agreed upon payment. Rocantes thought these women who had little regard for themselves were still worthy of respect and not to be mistreated by anyone.

Turning his thoughts back to the house and what he and Hyaleanna would need after their joining ceremony. He brought in extra wood for the fireplaces. He checked the softness of the mattress on the large bed. He found robes in a chest and placed them at the foot of the bed where they would be easy to find when needed. Glasses were already on the table as well as a pitcher filled with fresh water. He remembered how thirsty he had been after being with Kuyen.

He sat on the edge of the bed, recalling their lovemaking. Wondering if she would remember to give some of her perfume to Hyaleanna, he recalled how sensual the scent had been. It was so exotic and erotic, just thinking about it caused his cock to stiffen. Kuyen’s image was engraved in his mind; he would never forget her or how she had made him feel. At the time, she had seemed to get pleasure from his mouth and hard shaft. The mental image of how she looked as she rode him, his cock buried so deep within her super-heated body, caused Rocantes to fondle his now fully erect cock.

He wished Kuyen was with him right then so he could stroke her cunt with his hot dick. She had been easy to be with, to explore her body fully without any judgement from her. So willing to give him what he needed and also to receive what he gave to her as he made love to her luscious body.

Rocantes thought of Hyaleanna. What would it be like to explore her body? How would she react to his touch, his kisses, the hardness of his dick? What would it be like to have her suck his dick and would she ride him as Kuyen had, with wanton lust and desire on her face? Rocantes shook his head to disperse the images running rampant through his over-heated mind. He drank some water to cool his thoughts as well as his passion. There were still some things he needed to do before the Ceremony of Joining.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Novadeena brushed her daughter’s waist-length hair. She was glad that Hyaleanna had undergone the training and instruction before her joining with Rocantes. It would help her Joining night to be much more pleasurable for both of them.

“Mother, how are you going to fix my hair?”

“I’m thinking of putting it up on top of your head. It will be held in place with one clip. When the clip is removed, all your beautiful hair will fall down around you, covering your body in a most alluring manner.” Novadeena replied, placing the clip in its place.

Hyaleanna looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked older with her hair up, but she felt a child-like nervousness within she couldn’t deny. She fervently hoped that Rocantes would find her desirable. They hadn’t spent enough time together to get very acquainted with each other. Oh! she thought, what if I don’t like him? What if he rushes and I’m not ready for him? What if I can’t relax with him and enjoy anything?

“Are you all right?” Novadeena asked her daughter whose face had turned from happiness to despondent.

“What if I don’t like Rocantes, Mother? What if he’s not, skillful?” Hyaleanna was suddenly concerned.

“Don’t worry. It takes time to get to know another person intimately. It will not happen overnight but through time spent together learning what each other likes and exploring each other’s bodies. Don’t be afraid to show him, if you need to, what you like and how you like it. And hopefully, he will do the same for you.

“Don’t expect too much at first. Remember, he will be taking clues from how you react to what he is doing. You will do the same, watching and listening, by observing him will you learn about your mate.” Novadeena explained to her daughter, who all at once, seemed too young to be joining with a man. Her own joining had gone well. The instruction the young ones go through now works well as both people go into the Joining well informed through experience.

“May I come in?” the High Priestess was standing in the doorway.

“Yes, please come in.” Novadeena answered.

“I have brought you a gift, Hyaleanna.” She handed the bottle to Hyaleanna. “This perfume is very rare and comes from a plant that grows in the White Mountains.”

Hyaleanna opened the top of the delicate bottle. She inhaled the tantalizing scent and felt transported to a distant land, exotic and hidden.

She shook her head to clear it. “That’s very nice and it has a wondrous sensual effect on the body. I’ll wear some for our Joining. I think Rocantes would like this, too. Thank you, High Priestess, for this precious gift.”

“I thought you might appreciate it. I’ll see you in a while at the Joining.” The High Priestess turned to leave.

Novadeena stepped forward. “That is a very kind gift, High Priestess. You honor us by both your gift and your presence at the Joining.”

The High Priestess shut the door behind her. She remembered the effect the perfume had on Rocantes. It had revved him up while making him hyper-sensitive to everything she had done to him and how she responded to what he did to her. Hyaleanna would have a night to remember with Rocantes and he would get everything he wanted.

***** ***** ***** ****** ******

Excitement flowed through Hyaleanna as she sat in a side room off the inner sanctum of the Temple. She was strung as tight as a bow ready to fire. Barely able to contain her emotional state, she walked around the room, her mind a constant chatter in her head.

I know what to expect. I know what I have experienced. I don’t know how it all will unfold. Will Rocantes take the initiative and begin the physical seduction, or should she kiss him and let him know how willing she was? She decided to allow the evening to unfold as it will, giving and receiving.

There was a knock at the door. “It is time, Hyaleanna.” Her mother’s head peaked into the room. “Are you ready?”

Nodding her head, Hyaleanna followed her mother down a short hallway, stopping at a closed door.

Rocantes waited near the altar. His eyes were on the door that Hyaleanna would walk through. He wiped away the nervous perspiration on his forehead. The large room was filled with friends and family. The air smelled of flowers and incense. What was taking so long?

A priest and priestess opened the doors and moved back to allow Hyaleanna and her mother to pass through. They walked slowly down the aisle to the altar. Hyaleanna couldn’t take her eyes off Rocantes. He looked so handsome, so well-muscled and so desirable, she blushed at her body’s physical reaction.

Rocantes watched Hyaleanna coming toward him. She wore a saffron colored gown, tied with a gold cord in specific places on her body to reveal her physical attributes. Her ample breasts were held snug in place by the cord snaking around them, her waist was wrapped several times accentuated hips made for childbearing or a lover’s enjoyment. He wished she’d hurry down the aisle; he was hungry for her.

Novadeena placed her daughter’s hand in Rocantes. She kissed them both on the cheek and went to stand off to the side. Hyaleanna looked up into the eyes of Rocantes and blushed at the raw hunger in them. Rocantes smiled at her flushed face and kissed her deeply. She responded by pressing her body against his and felt his hard cock concealed in his pants. She smiled up at him.

The High Priestess entered the sanctum, followed by her attendants. At the altar, she turned to face the gathered people. She spoke no words but instead, sang a song of longing and desire, heart and soul, sex and ecstasy, passion and satisfaction.

Turning to the young couple, she said, “ Hyaleanna and Rocantes, today you begin your one-year bonding with the Joining. Proceed with kindness, compassion, truth, and love. Help each other, work together and treat each other with love. You may now go to your new home.”

“Thank you, High Priestess.” They answered almost in unison. Hyaleanna kissed her mother on the way out as they left the temple.

As they walked down the street to their home, each was lost in their own thoughts. Hyaleanna was silently praying to the Divine Goddess for guidance in the coming night. Rocantes also praying he could control his need for her, at least long enough to satisfy her. Hyaleanna squeezed his hand. He looked down at her and she smiled back with a smile that was filled with innocence and promise. He took her in his arms and kissed her. She kissed him back with so much passion, Rocantes broke off the kiss and hurried her along. They were almost home.

Rocantes held the door open and Hyaleanna stepped into the house that would be their home for a cycle of seasons. She liked what she saw as she moved through the home. Two bedrooms, the living area with a fireplace and comfortable-looking furniture, one bathroom with a large tub, a well-appointed kitchen, and a small dining area. Outside was a garden, a few fruit trees, a table and chairs, and a stream that sang as it flowed over the rocks.

“Well, what do you think of it?” Rocantes asked. “Your clothing and other items are already in the master bedroom.”

“I like it.” Hyaleanna replied. “Did you help with the building of it? I think I see your handiwork in the table and chairs and around the windows. It’s very nice.”

Rocantes beamed with her praise. “You’re correct with your assessment of my work. I enjoy creating with wood. It’s very satisfying.”

“Thank you for creating items that we need for our home. I appreciate your hard work on them.” Hyaleanna moved closer to him.

The scent of her perfume caused him to lose his focus for a moment. It was familiar yet he couldn’t quite remember. He pulled her close and kissed her neck. “Would you like a glass of wine? And we have a whole basket of treats from the town.”

“I would like some wine, and you.” Hyaleanna’s voice quivered a bit, but her eyes revealed her arousal and desire for Rocantes.

“Here you go.” He handed her the amber-colored wine and watched as she drank some. He drank from his own glass, then poured them both some more. He moved to the fireplace and started a fire. He wanted to warm the house as he stimulated his mate’s desires.

Hyaleanna reclined on the soft cushions on the couch. The wine was having its effect on her. Any tension from the day melted away and her whole body felt relaxed. She smiled as she watched Rocantes build a fire. The moments of his well-muscled body began to build a fire deep within her. She wanted him, all of him! She wished he’s hurry with the fire as the flames within her burned hotter.

“Aren’t you done yet.” She murmured and stretched out on the couch, pushing her breasts up so he could easily fondle them. Her robe fell open exposing her long, slender legs.

Rocantes turned around. He almost gasped as the sexual beauty of his mate disclosed his growing hunger for her. He was mildly surprised at her desire so openly displayed. He had expected her to be a bit more reserved.

“Are you so eager, my love?” he asked her as he walked over to her and knelt on the floor beside the couch. He ran his hand up her leg, gently brushing against her crotch as he kept going onto caress a bare breast. Teasingly, he tweaked the hard nipple, getting the desired reaction from her.

“Ooh, yes.’ she said, drawing out the words and pulling him closer to kiss him, deeply probing his mouth with her tongue.

Rocantes buried his hands in her long silky hair and returned her kiss passionately, ravenously. He’d waited what had seemed like forever for this moment and he wanted more, much more of this sensuous woman. But he broke off from kissing her and looked deeply into her eyes.

Hyaleanna gazed back at him. “Is there anything wrong, my love?” She didn’t want the sexual heat inducing sensations to slow the way she felt right then. Rocantes shook his head and grabbing one of her breasts, sucked it into his mouth. He wanted to devour this woman who inspired him to please her in every way possible. As she arched her back, pushing her breast deeper into his mouth, he placed his hand under her and pulled her to him. “Let’s move to the bed where I can maneuver around you easily.”

He stood up and helped her to her feet. Sweeping her up into his arms, he placed her on the bed and moved over her, kissing her and fondling her breasts. He felt her hand find his engorged cock and begin to slowly stroke it. He almost stopped what he was doing as what she was doing felt so, so good.

Hyaleanna pushed him back onto the bed, moving so she could see his erect shaft in her hand. She leaned down and kissed the tip of it. Wanting more of it, she licked the head, moving her tongue in a circular motion around it, causing it to pulse and move. She barely heard Rocantes as he said it felt wonderful as she moved her mouth down over his hot dick. As she moved her mouth up and down it, her tongue was moving, licking as she took him ever deeper into her throat. She sucked his hard dick and fondled his balls. She felt him get harder and his balls tighten against his body. And when he came deep in her throat, she swallowed every bit of his hot juice.

For a moment, neither one of them moved. Rocantes felt her mouth gently sucking on him and felt no need to stop the sensation. Hyaleanna wanted every last drop of his orgasm. She was the first to move, though, slowly moving her mouth from his softening cock. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and lay beside him.

When his breathing had slowed down a bit, he rolled onto his side so he could look at her. He wondered where she had learned the technique she had used on him. It was very effective. He wanted to please her as well, so he moved his hand to her damp crotch. Sliding his fingers into her hot pussy, he felt it tense around them. He reached in deeper and deeper. She opened her legs wider for him and began to move her hips with the motion of his hand.

“Do you like that?” he knew his actions were heating her up even more, but he wanted to hear her tell him that.

She mumbled something that he understood to mean yes. Keeping his fingers inside of her, he moved to lick her hard knob. She thrust her hips up as he sucked on it. A moan came from her mouth as he teased her clit with his tongue. Encouraged by her obvious enjoyment, he continued to eat her pussy.

Rocantes began to move his fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Hyaleanna moved her hips and tightened her pussy around his probing fingers. He reached deeper into her, and she relaxed her grip allowing him deeper access into her.

“Mmmm, yes, deeper, more.” Hyaleanna urged him on. She was close to coming.

Rocantes didn’t answer as his mouth was quickly bringing her to orgasm. He felt her tighten around his fingers again. She was so hot and wet! He could feel his cock growing hard again as she came.

“Rocantes, Rocantes! Oh! So good, sooo goood!” Hyaleanna whispered as she came back to earth. Her body was trembling slightly as she caught her breath.

Rocantes moved to lie beside her. He pressed his now-hard dick against her side. He fondled a breast as he let Hyaleanna recover a bit. It took massive control for him to not just climb on top of on her, thrust his cock into her and fuck her until he came. He wanted to, oh yes, he wanted to!

Hyaleanna moved slightly so she could touch his hard shaft. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it, wanting it, needing it. She turned her face to his, “I want you. Inside me. Now!” She pulled on him, more indication that she wanted him.

Rocantes moved above her body. Teasing her, his cock poised for entry. “Now?” he smiled at her.

“Yes! Now!” She reached down and pulled her lips apart, opening herself up for him. She felt his hot dick enter her, slowly, deeper and deeper until his balls touched her.

Rocantes stopped when he was fully within her. Her pussy felt so good around his over-heated cock. He moved within her, probing deeper. As he moved out of her, her pussy held him so tightly, as if she didn’t want him to leave her. As he drove his dick back into her depths, she relaxed her control slightly, creating a snug but accessible pussy. She was making him so hot, and he knew that soon he would be pumping his hot cum into her.

Rocantes’ shaft was creating a quickening vibration within her. Hyaleanna put her legs around his back, opening herself up even more for him to thrust deeper into her hot cunt. The sensation was too much! She felt the tension in her body come to a pinnacle and the created energy exploded through her, ecstasy pulsing in every cell. She cried out as Rocantes flooded her with his own orgasm.

As bodily sensations slowly subsided, as breathing returned closer to normal, they nuzzled each other’s necks, neither wanting to separate their bodies just yet. The remaining tingles of rapture slowly dissipated. Rocantes and Hyaleanna disentangled themselves and drifted off into deep, satisfied sleep, arms wrapped around each other.


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I have led an amazing life with many varied interests including loving road trips, being a professional belly dancer, hand carving selenite, providing wise woman advice and intuitive readings for current problems. I love my life. Do you?

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