The Initiation

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The Initiation

Novadeena walked with her daughter to the Temple of the Divine Feminine. Hyaleanna, who had reached the age of Divine Joining, was excited about the instruction she was to undergo in preparation of her marriage to Rocantes. Their natal charts had been consulted, their life paths reviewed and both Hyaleanna and Rocantes agreed to the Commitment of Joining.

Hyaleanna and Novadeena each placed their offerings of herbs, flowers, and crystals on the Great Altar in the center of the Temple. The young woman prayed for knowledge, acceptance, sexual skill, and unconditional love. Her mother prayed that her daughter would find happiness with her intended husband. The priestesses came and Novadeena hugged and kissed Hyaleanna. The priestesses then guided her through the winding corridors of the Temple to a beautiful room where she would live for the next two moons.

During her time in the Temple, her mentors massaged her body with precious oils scented with flowers from far away places. They probed her throat with polished stone phalluses to reduce her gag reflex. Her vulva was massaged and rubbed with infused oils to stimulate her sexually. A slender shaft was gently inserted into her vagina to break her hymen. Fingers probed her; hands touched her in ways designed to excite her. All of this treatment helped her to know herself as a sexual being. She learned what she preferred, and what a man might expect from her.

Hyaleanna’s last day in the temple was spent preparing for her final lesson, the sexual act with a man. All day long, her women attendants took care of her as if she was the most precious thing in the world. She was bathed, her long hair washed and dried, her nails were painted as were her toenails. A thin, form-fitting dress was slipped over her head, smoothed over her firm breasts and down over her hips to the floor. The last item of clothing was a semi-transparent material that was draped over her head, covering her to her waist.

She was led into a chamber that contained a very large bed, a table and chairs, and a fireplace. The room was softly lit by well-placed candles. Incense filled the air with a sensual perfume. She sat in a chair near the fireplace and waited. Even though she had been prepared for this moment, she felt nervous.

The door opened and a man stepped into the room. He paused to stare at her, and then closed and locked the door. He crossed the room to the fireplace and added a few small logs to keep the room warm. Keeping his silence, he removed the veil from Hyaleanna’s head. Taking her chin in his fingers, he moved close to her face and looked into her eyes. Her sea-blue eyes showed no fear, no sign of nervousness. A certain excitement danced therein, and seduced him with its innocence.

She met his gaze with her own. His brown eyes were so dark and bottomless she was drawn into their depths. Peace flowed into her, and she wanted nothing more than to stay right there forever. She was brought back to awareness by the touch of the man’s hand on her cheek.

“My name is Yeteres,” he said. “You may ask me any questions you want about the sex we are about to engage in. You may ask me to do certain things to you. I will ask you to perform specific acts for me. I will tell you when I like what you are doing to me. You will tell me when I make you feel good. I want you to give yourself over to the feelings I will evoke in you. I want you to give yourself to me, to open up to me so that I can make this more pleasurable for you," He paused and looked at her intently, “Do you understand?”

He released her chin and she nodded. She reached to undo the ties on his shirt. He helped her slide it off of his broad shoulders. Pulling her close to his chest, he stroked her long hair and murmured words in her ear she could not understand. Her pulse quickened as her body responded to the words that both calmed and excited her at the same time.

Yeteres kissed Hyaleanna’s lips with a passion that surprised him. This young woman brought forth a hunger in him that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He had introduced many women to the pleasures of sexual love, for their enjoyment and that of their future husbands, too, but this was different. He wanted to protect and fuck her all at the same time.

He helped her to remove her dress and gazed at the beauty of her body. She was beautiful with long legs, a small waist and a mouth that begged to be kissed. She stood with an air of confident innocence as he appraised her. No sign of embarrassment or insecurity was revealed to him. He wanted to take her as if she were a seasoned lover but had to remind himself that she was not.

He took her hand and led her to the bed.

“Please lie down and get comfortable,” he said.

She willingly complied, propping a pillow under her head.

Yeteres looked at her. He wanted to give her an experience she would carry with her the rest of her life. He began to run his hands lightly over her body beginning with her feet. Her skin felt like silk and he worked his way up her legs with massaging movements. She trembled at his touch and he knew his magic was working on building her desire.

Hyaleanna enjoyed the feelings of his hands on her body. She allowed him to part her legs and he kissed the inside of her soft thighs. A sensation deep in her belly caused her to spread her legs wider to allow him easier access to her awakening desire for him. She was ready for everything that he would do to her and she silently thanked the priestesses for preparing her so well.

Her scent was intoxicating to him and he gave her a few well-placed kisses on her pussy. A soft moan from her let him know of her desire for more. Moving up to her breasts, he took one in both hands and sucked on the hard nipple. She arched her back, pushing herself up to him wanting more of the delicious feeling he was giving her. He moved to her other breast with more of the same attention.

With her growing hunger urging her on, Hyaleanna reached for his erect cock. Yeteres lay on his side so she could touch it. She stroked it, feeling every part of it. Rubbing the head gently caused it to pulse and move in her hand.

“Suck on it. Show me what you were taught,” he said, rolling onto his back.

Hyaleanna licked her lips and slid them down over the head. Her tongue flicked and caressed him as she moved down his hot shaft until the whole of his dick was in her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, baby. That’s so good,” he murmured as she sucked on him and slid her lips up and down his manhood.

Her hands fondled his balls as she worked on him. She was enjoying giving him pleasure. Suddenly, he pulled her off his dick and kissed her deeply. Much more of her sucking on him and he would have come in her mouth. There was more he wanted to do to her. He wanted all of her.

Rolling her onto her back, he placed a pillow under her hips, raising them up. He spread her legs and kissed her now hot pussy. He licked her and she spread her legs more. His fingers slid inside her and felt the strength of her internal muscles as she tightened on his probing fingers. He knew she was going to feel so good to him when he buried his shaft in her.

He found the hard nub of her clitoris and teased it with his tongue. She tried to move away from him and the exquisite sensation he was giving her. His strong arms held her, and he applied more and more pressure, flicking her hot nub until she cried out as her orgasm coursed through her. He continued to lick her, extending the intense feeling.

Hyaleanna found the continuing sensation more than she could bear.

“Please, please stop. You’re driving me crazy,” she pleaded as he continued to torment her with pleasure.

“If you insist, my lady,” he said removing his mouth from her pussy.

He felt the urgent need of his dick to be inside the uncharted territory of her cunt. Her wetness told him she was ready for him to bury himself deep inside of her.

Her heart was racing, and she wanted him inside of her. She reached down and guided the head of his shaft into her hot and hungry pussy. She wanted him now!

Yeteres slowly entered her until she had taken in every inch of his hot cock. Her raised hips allowed him to enter her deeply and she willingly opened up for him. He forced himself to stroke her slowly at first, increasing her need for him as well as his own for her. She tightened and released her internal muscles as he moved in her. He knew this was an advanced technique and his enjoyment of her was heightened by her skill.

Hyaleanna responded to his movements and matched them with her own. Nothing else mattered but their two bodies engaging in an act of mutual pleasure. She felt the tension building within her as her fucked her. Her pussy sucked on his shaft and he rode her, reaching deeper and deeper inside her. Her pussy opened up and she encouraged him with her own desire.

Crying out in her need of release, she urged him on. He willingly complied, knowing that she was as ready as he was for completion. He plunged into her depths as her fingernails dug into his back. The tension in his shaft led him on and he drove his hot cock into her as she met his every stroke with her hips rising to him. He felt her pussy grab his dick as she came, her hot juice flowing around him. He continued to fuck her as her pussy pulsed around him. One last, hard stroke and he pumped his hot juice into her.

Neither one of them moved. Completely spent and satisfied, they lay joined together with their hearts pounding. He had fulfilled his purpose, and she had shown that she would be a good sexual match for her husband-to-be.

Hyaleanna reveled in the afterglow of her first sexual encounter. She smiled at the thought that her training had served her well. She knew she would never forget Yeteres.

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Jean Sumrall
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