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The "Imperfection" of Milk Tea

The "Imperfection" of Milk Tea

By Frances AlvaradoPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Always like milk tea, like her songs, like her words.

I heard about the release of her new book, My Imperfection, and I got a sneak peek. Love her cover, use her own picture, still that sad eyes. Recently, to hear the news of Liu Ruoying's marriage, the heart is very happy for her, after all, their idol has a good home, or blessing first.

"Literature is like people" is absolutely true for milk tea. Once, a friend asked me, milk tea is not beautiful ah, singing is generally ah, why so obsessed with her? She's been looking all over the world for her books. In fact, the beauty of milk tea is an internal thing, she is like the kindness of the sister next door, and there is a unique singing voice, in fact, she sings is to sing her own, write the article is to write her own. Sing her love, write her truth, and her attitude to life, to the people around her.

Her words always give people a kind of chewy, although there are some photos in the book, just like some other books written by famous stars, but I think the milk tea in the photos is also beautiful, her laugh, her melancholy. Her no makeup, her light makeup, her teasing, her quiet, her self-deprecation, her stubbornness, in the words and pictures are so harmonious.

I don't know if you have a feeling, like the book, like the article, is not willing to read all at once. Aftertaste in the text, is a very happy feeling. So, I'm not going to read it quickly. For a book, I don't think it's respectful of the author to finish it quickly. So, I like to pick up the book in a quiet moment, listening to the familiar melody, and taste her lovely fairies. Indeed, I feel her self-deprecation in the words of loneliness, calm in the calm, calm in the tears of understanding.

"New Year's Day, go home" light sadness, once a sincere feeling can be eternal? Shu Fang and Da Zhi may have gone beyond love, wish this beautiful as Da Zhi's father said, "You have not married, a lot of people worry about you, I think, everyone has his choice of life, as long as you feel comfortable, it is perfect. Remember, we will always be your family." Milk tea fictional such a story, should be a kind of comfort.

"Chirp Bear" tells the story of old Huang and picked up "daughter" Chirp, that ordinary character's sadness may only know milk tea. Milk tea, who claims not to be a writer, has excellent narrative skills. In this soft prose, there is a compassionate feeling, which is what milk tea implied in the text. Because it is not a writer, do not have to be tired of words, in order to write such pure words in the disturbing life, this is the clever milk tea.

"Red Feint" wrote a couple married more than ten years short story. Wife Jia Jia in sigh "married for more than ten years, even if a day to cook a meal, the change of food can catch up with the time", a red wedding stationery changed the ordinary tasteless life. She began to transform herself, retouch herself, decorate herself so as not to lose out to her first boyfriend's twentysomething lover, and finally managed to fit into a backless, super-sexy red feints she bought. And at this time, the bright spot appeared, did not expect the lover of the first boyfriend and himself to wear a touch of the same clothes, but this clothes to wear in so rich youth breath is so fit, Jia Jia still lost. So many years have passed, but found that time is the biggest winner.

The praise of milk tea to grandmother in "A proper Life". Grandmother is the woman in the cheongsam, the woman who doesn't wear pajamas even in the bedroom, the woman who strips the skins of grapes and picks out the seeds with a toothpick before putting them in the refrigerator, the woman who is full of life, the woman who is still worried about Yingying's celibacy, the woman who... All one's life is to be able to live appropriately in front of others. On the one hand, it can win the praise of many men and women. At the same time, milk tea is also thinking that grandmother's life is very tired. She's lived her whole life for other people, and it's hard to be decent, but grandma did it.

The incomprehensible loyalty in Uncle Zhang is so valuable in such an era full of suspicion and suspicion. As the article said, Uncle Zhang always put the Liu family in the first place, followed by his own family. Every year on the New Year's Eve dinner, he will greet the Liu family, willing to set foot on the road home... "The departure of Uncle Zhang is the end of an era, an era that only asks for contributions and asks for nothing in return, an era that regards loyalty as a basic cultivation. Uncle Zhang did everything for the shelter of the grace. This kindness has long taken root in my heart. After reading the article, the mind always emerges from time to time Uncle Zhang's sentence, "the family is all right, the family is all right, you rest assured...... Don't worry. "I'm a little homesick.

After these articles, I could not bear to read on. Some things need to be read slowly. Reading words is actually reading people, reading a feeling that is the best state. Once thought, what kind of man in the world, can match the writing of such a woman. Milk tea married a business man surnamed Zhong in Beijing. In short, this man should know our milk tea, otherwise she would not marry him. Maybe just like the book of milk tea, milk tea thinks that he is not perfect, "perfect women are better than screwed women". No one in the world is perfect, so find the one who loves her and marry.

When I saw a headline in the newspaper, "Milk tea, give birth to a baby soon," I felt a smile in my heart and wanted to give this sentence to milk tea.


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