The Guide to Being an Adult Virgin

by Z D 6 months ago in advice

I want to share some insight about being a virgin.

The Guide to Being an Adult Virgin


I'm assuming that you are reading this because A, you are a virgin or B, you are just nosy. I'm just kidding by the way, but regardless of what circumstances brought you here, I want to share some insight about being a virgin, especially when you are older.

It seems that there is negative connotation associated with being a virgin at such an older age. God forbid that if you are a man, you are associated with being weak in a sense or weird if you don't lose your virginity at a young age. Women at a young age are viewed as innocent and angelic; that they are so pure that losing their virginity is nowhere in the horizon. And if you do lose your virginity as a young women, you are shamed and called a slut or too fast, so from a very young age, the ideologies of what sex is as a man and as a women is imposed on adolescents and young adults which in return can affect them later on in life.

The restraint on each gender varies on ends of the spectrum, but they are generally similar to extent. There is a commonality though. From the American perspective, since I am American obviously, the older you get regardless of if you’re a female or male, being a virgin still is not common and is viewed more so as negative in this generation.

I, myself, am a proud, recently turned 19, female virgin. And as a 19 year old college student, I’ve had so many of my friends express their disdain at my virginity and how I can’t relate to them with their sexual problems and urges. And I myself, sometimes feel some type of way because I can’t relate to them in that aspect at all, but you know what? That’s alright with me. In the end, I am still a virgin, not because I am religious (I’m an Atheist), not because I am saving myself for marriage, not because I’m not ready... well, I take that back, that is one of the reasons, but the main one is that because I just don’t want to have sex with anyone and it’s as simple as that.

So when my friends continuously ask me why I haven’t had sex and when I continuously give them the same answer, it just boggles my mind how they quickly just don’t believe and disregard that answer. Like do they think “There’s no way that’s the reason. She should want to get the biggest happy ending in her life” (sex term by the way, you are welcome ;)). Anyways, besides this point, there was a reason why I decided to write this article. I just didn’t get up one morning and think “Hey, I think people need to be informed about virgins.” I got up one morning and thought “Hey, I think people need to be enlightened to the fact that it’s okay to be a virgin,” which is different wording by the way. And if you are an older virgin reading this, I just wanted you know that it’s okay to be one and if people think it’s weird, just flip them the bird, I mean (nervous laugh) stand your ground on your reason and remember that no one, and I mean no freaking one, can persuade you to think otherwise. Also for my younger Virginesses, I’m not sure if this is a real word or not but we going to pretend like it is, I also want you know that it’s alright to stay a virgin regardless of if you’re a boy or girl, and that when you become affected by peer pressure and by the negative comments from your appeal, just remember that they are just as young as you and probably don’t know any better.

This is ZD and I approve this message!! :) You are welcome.

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