The Generation That Lacks Commitment


The Generation That Lacks Commitment

Trying to create a meaningful relationship in a hook-up culture is a special kind of hell. Growing up I was always taught no sex before marriage (mainly because I was a church kid) which there is nothing wrong with! When you take a step back and look at the world today and the generations, all relationships are built on sex. Sex has become a foundation and communication has become a foreign language. Why is this a generation that feels the need to be loved by physical touch instead of meaningful conversations and emotional connection? Why is this a generation where sex has become so easy, emotionless, and meaningless? It's hard for an old soul to find a relationship on a level they crave because the level no longer exists. We live in a generation that is solely built on technology, the old school dating no longer exists. The chivalry and high standards are no longer a thing. Women feel the need to be with an abusive man, as men feel the need to be with a manipulative woman. The standard of men are sissies if they report abuse, or get abused is sickening. Society believes and is so consumed with the idea that women are the only victims when in reality, there are more male victims than female. The reason the statistics are non-existent is that of this standard and men are afraid. Men don't want to admit they have been a victim because it makes them appear to be less superior. Hooking up is more common; you have sites like Tinder and Grinder that have become the new dating sites. You have men and women used for sex trafficking and nothing is meaningful anymore. The reality of trying to find a serious relationship is depressing. The possibility of finding a man or a woman without a child is few and far between. Babies are born out of wedlock and not properly cared for. Abortion has become frowned upon and people feel the need to judge someone based on their choice without knowing the circumstances. Free will is becoming less of a thing because there are too many criticisms and threats place upon a person for having an OPINION. Opinions are NOW becoming an attack or viewed as an attack on certain people when it is literally just an opinion. What happened to the times, what is this world coming to and why is there such a need to give your body to anyone of the opposite sex? Trust is the main factor in a lot of relationships failing. Lying has become easier and easier with no conscious of how you're making the other feel. Cheating is more common and easily accessible. When you question yourself as to why this generation is so consumed with hooking up instead of having a relationship, that's why. There is no trust, no boundaries, no self-respect, no common courtesy, all of those things are non-existent. We are told we are loved by someone and take them at their word. We don't make sure they are being genuine, real and serious because what does that even look like now? Technology has ruined dating and relationships for everyone because there is no trust. No trust comes from technology, deep meaningful conversations are done through text message instead of in person. The lack of commitment comes from our role models, aka our parents and grandparents. Divorce is more common these days and no one wants to put an effort to keep and maintain a relationship because they don't know how. No one wants to try because of their insecurities. The generation is doomed and unsure how to deal with these things because our role models have failed us. Our friends and past relationships have failed us, we've become desensitized to the reality that a real relationship needs communication. Not makeup sex when times get tough, not control, it needs communication, trust, and honesty. It needs effort. Trying to find those things in this generation is a special kind of hell.

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