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The Forbidden Beach (Pt. 2)

by Johnathan Hunt 3 years ago in fetishes / erotic / taboo / nsfw

Anything Goes

It was spring break. I took me and my sister to the beach. We had a reserved hotel but apparently there was a problem and they overbooked so we didn't have a room. I figure worse case we could sleep in the car.

"Throw it back," I heard as a splash landed nearby.

I looked back to see a ball floating near me. I picked it up and tossed it back. It was a guy who held his hand in the air ready to catch it.

"Nice arm," he said as he tossed it back to me and walked closer.

"I used to play ball a lot growing up," I said.

"I can tell. Hey my name's Tom," he said reaching his hand out.

"I'm Jason," I said as I shook his hand.

"You here for spring break too?" He asked looking around.

"Yeah," I answered tossing the ball back in the air for him to catch.

"Everything cool so far?" He asked.

"For the most part. My hotel got cancelled but other than that it ain't bad," I answered.

"That's shitty. Well maybe you can stay with me. I got plenty of room," he said tossing the ball back.

"Man I'd hate to bother ya like that," I said catching the ball.

"You wouldn't be. It would be cool to go home with a friend instead of alone like always," he said, laughing.

"Well I got my sister with me as well," I said.

"Bring her with. I got plenty of room," he replied.

"If you're sure?" I responded.

"Yeah. Be happy to play my games with someone else for once," he laughed.

"Hey Kelley," I shouted toward my sister.

"What's up Jason?" She shouted back.

"I met this guy. His name is Tom. He said we can crash at his place tonight," I shouted to her.

"Looks like she met my sister," he said, waving at the girl that my sister was talking to. "Well let's head out. It's getting late."

I followed him up to the beach as he grabbed his cell and gave me his info.

"I was gonna order pizza. That sound good?" He asked as he packed up his stuff.

"Well I got plans with my sister at a nice place. That reservation is still good," I answered.

"Cool, well I will catch ya later," he said as he fist bumped my chest.

I grabbed my things and went to meet my sister. We got into the car and headed for the restaurant. After we are we got into the car and headed out.

"So I got all his information of where we will be staying," I said as we drove toward his house.

"Oh about that. His sister invited me to her place if that is OK," he said pulling her phone out.

"Yeah, if you're sure," I responded.

"Yeah. It would be nice to make a new friend here as well," she said.

She gave me the info and I brought her to the house where Tom's sister lived.

We arrived at the house and I grabbed my phone out.

"Here we are? If you need anything call me and I will be here immediately," I told her as I hugged her.

"I will," she responded as she got out of the car.

I waited until I saw she was safely in the house then put in the info for Tom's house.

I arrived a few minutes later. Tom answered the door. He was holding a slice of pizza and a controller.

"Ya made it," he said as he gestured for me to come in.

"Yeah I'm here," I said walking in and setting my bag down.

Looking around it was pretty cool here. He had a lot of sports memorabilia and books full of cards and all kinds of games. Even had balls signed by a lot of different players.

"My house is your house," he said as he walked to the couch and sat down.

"Thanks," I said as I sat in the chair next to the couch.

Wasn't long till I passed out watching the movie we chose. I woke up to a loud intro of the next movie he had put on.

"My bad man. You passed out and missed it. Your bedroom is back here," he said standing up and opening a door.

I got up and followed. "Sorry for falling asleep. It was a long drive to the beach and the swim must have done me in."

"You're good. Just get comfortable and chill. That's you, that's me, that's toilet and that's shower," he said, pointing at everything.

"Hate to ask but I could use a shower," I said feeling my hair from the saltwater.

"Right there," he said again pointing at the shower.

He walked out of the room and I stripped and got in. It felt so nice and warm and almost relaxing enough that I could fall asleep again. I finished and got out. I looked but couldn't find a towel. He said he didn't have guests so I guess he forgot to stock any.

"Hey," I said as I cracked the door. "You ain't got no towels do you?"

He hopped up and went to a cupboard. I had closed the door and wiped the mirror best I could to see myself. I combed through my blonde hair looking to make sure it had no shampoo left.

"Got a good build don't you," he said behind me holding the towel.

How did he get in. I didn't even hear the door open. I quickly covered myself and grabbed the towel.

"I work out," I said nervously as I watched him look me over.

"I can tell," he said as he reached and turned the shower back on.

It was then I noticed he wasn't wearing clothes. We were here in the bathroom and both of us were nude. Why was he so normal about this?

"You good?" I asked as I dried myself off.

"Oh yeah. I still needed a shower myself," he said as he turned the shower off.

"Oh," that was all I could say.

"Let me help dry you off. It's hard to reach the back," he said as he grabbed the towel from me.

I covered myself again. Now I was naked with him and didn't even have a towel. He turned me around and began to dry off my back. I was almost frozen with not knowing what to do. It was then I felt his bare hands wrapping around to grab my cock.

"What are you doing?" I asked still unable to move.

"I noticed you were hard. Figure you could use a little relief is all," he said as he pushed his body to mine.

I could feel his dick rub against my ass while he began to kiss my neck and stroke my cock.

I hadn't notice but for some reason I was standing erect. I looked down as I saw his hand jacking my hardened dick. Why was I so hard?

He slowly started gesturing us both to my bed. Before I knew it I was laying on my back and we were kissing. He started to work his way down and he grasped my now throbbing cock in his hand.

"I don't think we should do this," I said even though I wasn't resisting.

"Never been with another guy have you?" He asked as he jerked my dick.

"No," I said, looking away.

"Now's as good a time as any then. Let me show you," he said as he placed his mouth around my penis.

I could feel his tongue around the brim of my penis before he forced my dick deeper into his mouth. Before long he was able to lick my balls while my cock hit the back of his throat.

I felt paralyzed. It was a great feeling. But I was always into women. How did I come to enjoy this so much?

"Why is this so good?" I accidentally said aloud.

He let off if my cock and started at me in the eyes.

"A man knows what he wants. He knows how he wants his dick sucked. He knows how he wants his body touched. So another man clearly knows what the other wants that's why I can make you feel so good," he said before resuming sucking my dick.

Before long he laid on his back and pushed me toward his cock.

I stared as his penis was touching my face. I had never touched another guy. His cock was throbbing as I placed my tongue onto the tip. It didn't feel wrong like I thought. I placed my mouth onto it until I was able to go deeper. I began to enjoy it. The taste of his precum was filling my mouth as every time I pulled away it would drizzle down to his balls. I would lick from his balls to his penis to make sure I got it all before shoving his dick back into my mouth.

He rolled me over and before I knew it he had his dick in my ass. It was such a rush feeling him insert it and begin to slowly push as he kissed me. Our tongues wagged in each other mouths as he forced deeper and harder into me while embracing my cock in his hand. Before long I turned and rammed my dick into his ass.

We fucked for the better part of an hour before he last pulled out of me and we fucked each other's cocks. The feeling of his dick touching mine while he embraced them together with our hands before finally cumming all over each other.

Our cum mixed and shot all the way to my face as he licked our cum from my chin before kissing me with it. I scooped some of our mixed sperm and rubbed it over his chest and licked it off.

We laid there him on top of me our dicks still touching as he began to kiss me.

"We should probably get some sleep," he said still embracing me.

"Well let's clean off and sleep then," I responded.

"No. I want to feel our sperm on us all night. I want you all over me," he said as he spread more cum onto his face before rubbing our bodies together to mix our warm jizz some more.

I agreed and rubbed more onto myself as well. We kissed until we fell asleep. I hope my sister was having as much fun as I was here. I hoped to stay here ad long as possible with him.


Johnathan Hunt

MMy name is Johnathan Hunt and I have been writing since I was 8. I write poems stories and books.

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