The Double Treat

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Two heavenly perfect handsome guys want me... what will I do? Both?

The Double Treat

Hey! It's your girl Luna. If you read me before, you know I'm a very secretive person. In my other life experience/story, I was fornicating with a young lad under the radar. In this version of my young years, I'm talking about two insanely hot guys. Let's call them Liam and Ethan—yummy names right? So as you suspect, I got involved with both of them at the same time... it wasn't love, just fun, at least half of it.

They were two old friends and I didn't know them until my second year of college. I met Ethan first. He was tall, had dark brown hair and blue eyes, really piercing eyes I might add, perfect teeth, and more and more. I fell under his spell in a second. He was sweet, charming, and handsome, a triple threat. I remember exactly where I saw him the first time. I was on campus, I was smoking a cigarette (cause I'm not perfect) with my friend Lina and he parked his car just beside us by the sidewalk. He stepped out of his old green Honda Civic and smiled at us. My heart must've run an entire marathon in two beats. And just like that, I was hooked.

Coincidence or not, the day after, one of my friends introduced me to Ethan. Let me say, I was ecstatic. In a few months, we became best friends. We were always together and did everything together. People thought we were a couple. Whenever we were at a campfire, he was lying on me. If we were at a karaoke night, he was holding me in his arms and sang with me (even if he sucked at it, haha good memories). You see the picture? A perfect one. I had feelings for him, but I didn't know if it was reciprocal. So I didn't want to destroy what we had. For a couple of months we stayed that way. We were almost inseparable, until Liam...

Liam was Ethan's best buddy. Kind of a bad influence, and always doing shitty things like stealing and lying, among other felonies. He was gorgeous (are the bad guys always so beautifully cliché?), had abs to die for, and was running around with an eternal smirk on his face. He was hot hot hot! But I only had eyes for Ethan. That changed later.

I was closer and closer to Ethan, then one day, he told me he liked me. I couldn't believe it. I was so lucky. I invited him home the next day for a PlayStation night and, let's say, we didn't play that much video games for a video game night. I remember when he arrived at my house; I was asleep, face down on my pillow, in my underwear (how could I breathe? I don't know). He coughed to wake me up and I did. Embarrassed, I covered myself with sheets and welcomed him. I got dressed and I remember he turned around—what a gentleman! We talked for a while and he kissed me. It's like he knew exactly where to touch and where to kiss to make me react to him. Light as a feather, his fingers were caressing my entire body, his tongue was playing with my earlobes, and he whispered naughty things in my ear. A few long and passionate moments later, we were asleep cuddling each other. Next week... everything went south.

I was hanging out with Ethan and Liam—for the second time I think—and things got weird. We were in Ethan's room after smoking a joint and we were high in the sky. Out of the blue Ethan kissed me on the cheek and the neck and he was progressing south really fast (you know what I mean). So I stopped him... because we had company.

While Ethan was in the bathroom, Liam took out of his pocket a candy made of gel. If my memory serves me well, I think it was called "Squeeze Pop." He said, "We are gonna play a game. It's called good to the last drop." (You know, like the Maxwell House slogan, that's clever, right?) Without saying anything more, he opened the lid and drew a line of candy on my collarbone. Without consent—or warning for that matter—he licked it. My breathing sped, my heart followed, and without thinking, I brought up his head, took the candy out of his hand, pushed him on Ethan's bed, brought up his t-shirt, drew a line on his right peck and licked the candy out of his skin. He moaned, I think I did too and we were interrupted by a closing door.

The three of us stared at each other a few seconds and I said, "You wanna play?" With hesitation, Ethan began to pull up his shirt, but I said I wanted to do that. So here I am, with two gorgeous guys, I couldn't believe where I was. I got up and fisted Ethan's shirt. I pulled him towards the bed where Liam was already lying and almost ripped the shirt out of his back. I took the candy and put it around the belly button, licked it, loved it, and repeated. At the end of the night, we were all sticky.

Me and Liam took a minute to clean up when he put a drop of candy on his lips, said "oops," and smiled. I licked the drop and kissed him. At this very moment our story began. Nothing more happened that night.

Days later, Ethan and I had a romantic diner. We talked, laughed, cuddled on the couch, and kissed. It was perfect. Our kisses deepened, my breath sped, we broke off contact, and I climbed on his lap. I removed his shirt and mine and I was about to... (I'm going to stop there, it's not a porn, imagine the rest). Everything was amazing until I asked, "You want me to go down on you?"

And he asked, simply, "Like you did with Liam?"

I'm pretty sure the color drained from my face. I couldn't believe his eyes could be so cold. Suddenly the air was freezing and my excitement crashed down to the ground. He was jealous for something he took part of. The three of us had fun, it was private, and we didn't have sex. So what the heck was he jealous about? The rest of the night was quiet and pretty heavy, if you ask me.

Our ways parted slowly and it broke my heart. But then I began to see more of Liam. It wasn't the same complicity I had with Ethan. Liam was more irrational, unpredictable, and impulsive. He was the bad boy all young girls dream about—without the tattoos. At the time, Liam was still living with his parents and he had strict ones. So he sneaked me in the house after midnight, straight to his room (it was really exciting).

"What do you want to do?" he asked. We both knew what we wanted to do, but for some reason we were too shy to say it out loud.

So I answered the stupidest thing in the darn world, "We could watch a movie." (Worst move ever.) He said yes, naturally, but he had only two movies in his bedroom, so we had to choose between them because he didn't want to take the chance to wake up his parents by taking a movie from the living room. A tough choice ahead of us between Toy Story and a9/11 documentary. A few minutes later we were watching the children movie (silly us), and about five minutes after the beginning of the movie, Liam took my chin, turned my head towards him, and kissed me. At this day, I still don't remember anything specific about the movie, except Liam's mouth, tongue, and a whole lot more. This one, I slept with.

I always believed nothing serious happened with Ethan because I liked him too much. I was afraid to lose his beautiful friendship and our connection if we promoted this to relationship. With Liam it was different, I didn't care much about him. He was really hot and sexy, but I didn't feel for him the way I felt for Ethan. In a way, I'll always regret the one that got away...

Singster Jones
Singster Jones
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