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The Doomsday Shift

by Darlene Dawson 4 days ago in fiction

copywritten 1994 by Darlene Dawson. Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Tom was laying in his hammock, his wife, Doreen was laying beside him. The kids were swimming in the water hole that he had made. It was a warm summer day and they were all just taking it easy and resting up, it was a day off from work, for everyone. They were going to have a picnic later on. They seldom had days like this one, and Tom was enjoying it immensely. He loved to just lay beside his wife and hold her. Tom closed his eyes and was just soaking up the warmth from the day.....

Dini was laying b and just relax. beside the water, she had just come out of the water after swimming three laps. She wanted to work on her tan and just relax. Her tow brothers and sister were still horsing around in the water, playing water ball. She enjoyed days like today, this was when she would wish that the day would never end. Dini rolled onto her side and got a small pillow for her head, then she laid back and closed her eyes....

Angel was in the front of the house getting the net up, so that Steven, Bill, Dini and herself could have a game of doubles, and she really liked to play tennis. Actually they all enjoyed the game, they liked the competition . It was going to be the girls against the boys. Angel liked having Dini as her partner, both of them were strong players. Steven and Bill were pretty good too but they never played regularly as Dini and herself. She knew it would be a great game. Angel noticed that the grass was a little taller then what it should be, she would mention it to Steven. She went to ;place the balls in a basket at the end of the court, several balls fell and Angel could see them bouncing in the grass, she went to get the balls but when she got close to them, she tripped over a rock and fell head first into the tall grass, She was winded and she laid in the grass for a couple of seconds getting her breath back, she placed her face onto her hand and closed her eyes, she didn't want to panic, she didn't like the tall grass, she was always afraid of snakes. Angel felt something tickling her cheek, she opened her eyes and she was eye to eye with a snake, angel started to scream....

Angel awoke and found to her horror that there was some sort of monster bent down on it's knees and it was licking her face. She tried to push the thing away from her and she jumped up and tried to run, but the monster had grabbed a hold of her. She looked over to where her father and sister were and saw that they were being held by monsters as well.

Batter was quite taken with the small young woman, he wanted to see if she tasted, like she looked, good enough to eat. When he bent down to lick her, he could smell her sweetness. If Link didn't take this one, he would, she tasted good. He turned to the other two mutants and told them to let them eat and dress, then they will go. The Mutant that had hold of Dini, was called Stoner, the one that had a hold of Tom was called , Grubber. As Batter told Tom, Dini and Angel to get ready, they had a ways to go so they should get dressed and have something to eat.

Tom thought that the leader of thee mutants would be reasonable to deal with, he went over to where Batter was standing and tried to talk with him. As Tom got close to Batter, he swung his arm and knocked Tom to the ground. Angel screamed and she and Dini rushed over to where their father laid. When Tom was knocked to the ground, he hit his head against a slab of ice and this knocked him out. Angel started to cry softly, at the same time she was calling her father. Dini touched her fathers head and when she pulled her hand back she saw he was bleeding. Dini went over to one of their knapsacks and brought out the first-aid kit, then she went back over to her father and started to clean and dress his wound. All the while that Dini was doing this she vowed that she would get even. Once Dini had bandaged up her father she put her arm around Angel and told her everything would be alright, they just had to keep their cool.

Angel looked up to where Batter was and asked him what he was going to do to her father? Batter looked at Angel and he was struck by her sheer beauty, he knew that if Link heard that he had left a man behind, alive, he would feed him to the fire. He told Angel he would leave her father here in the cave, but he would not hurt him anymore than what he had already.

Dini and Angel were just finishing their breakfast when they heard someone coming towards the cave. Whoever it was, they were making a lot of noise.

Batter told Stoner and Grubber to get to the entrance of the cave and see who was coming. Stoner and Grubber went to the mouth of the cave, once they looked outside, they yelled to Batter, it's George, then they left the cave. Batter told the girls not to try escaping, you won't get far and i would have to kill your father. Both girls told him they would stay here, inside the cave with their father. with that Batter went out to see what the problem was.

Dini was trying to tell her father what was going on, but it was useless. Tom wasn't moving a muscle. Angel went to the knapsack and searched around looking for a pen or pencil and some paper, she was going to leave her father a note. Both girls knew that the note couldn't be found. If Batter or one of the other mutants found it, they would destroy it or worse, kill their father. Dini took her fathers sock off and Angel put the note on the sole of Tom's foot, then Dini put his sock back on. Dini and Angel looked at their fathers foot once the sock was replaced and they knew that the mutants wouldn't fine it unless they stripped him. Both girls sat on either side of their father, Dini was brushing her hand over her fathers hair and Angel was holding Toms hand, when Batter and the others came back, with them was another mutant. The new mutant was called George, and he was injured.

Stoner and Grubber were half carrying George, they brought him to where Dini, Angel and Tom were. Batter asked Dini if she could fix George up the way she had done her father, Dini went back to the knapsack and got the first-aid kit, then she went over to the injured mutant. As she tried to clean the wound on George, he let out such a growl that it scared Dini. She dropped the bottle of water and moved away from where George was sitting. Batter told Stoner and Grubber to hold each of Georges arms while Dini tended to him. Once they had pinned down Georges arms, Dini went back to finish cleaning the dressing, Dini told Batter this man shouldn't be moved for a few hours because he had lost a lot of blood. Batter told Dini they would wait for a couple of hours only, if he wasn't ready to travel by then, Stoner and Grubber will have to carry him. Dini went back over to her father, there was still no change in his condition.

Batter sent Stoner and Grubber out to keep an eye open in case someone else showed up, he wanted to be the one who returned with the best prizes. Batter went over to where George was sitting and asked him what had happened to Harvey and Albert? George explained to Batter what had happened with the girl and about the animal that had attacked them, and had eaten Harvey. Batter thought that he would let George rest so that he would be able to travel the rest of the way to their compound. Batter went over to where the girls were sitting and bent down to talk to Angel. When he put his hand on Angels shoulder, she cringed. He didn't even notice her doing that, he was so enthralled with the color of her eyes.

Angel put everything she had in not shying away from this mutant, but it was very hard not to turn her head away when he spoke, his breath smelt like rotting meat and it was making Angel feel ill to her stomach. As Batter started to say something to Angel, she jumped up and went about ten feet before she lost her breakfast. Dini got up and went over to see how her sister was, as soon as Dini got close to her, Angel whispered to her that if she has to smell any of the mutants breath, much longer, she would have no stomach lining left. Dini and Angel had strong stomachs when it came to injuries, but they both took after their mother for their weak stomachs when it came to smells. As soon as they came to a bad smell they would have to get fresh air or they would be sick. Their brothers took after their father when it came to that, nothing bothered them, Tom, Steven and Bill would make fun of them when ever this happened. came running

As Dini was helping Angel back to where their father was, Stoner and Grubber came running in calling out for Batter. He went over to Stoner and Grubber asking them what the problem was, Stoner told him that there was someone crossing the bay, and as far as he could make out there were three of them.

Batter came up to the girls and told them that he was going to have to tie them up. Once he tied up the girls, the three mutants left them, tied up to the mutant, George. They were gone for about fifteen minutes when , Batter and the other two mutants came back into the cave, with them were three others, one of the new ones looked like a mutant, but he was quite short, the other two were men.

Batter brought the three newcomers over to where Dini, Angel and their father were, the large black man looked at them and shook his head no, saying at the same time, "no, that's not them."

Dini and Angel both overheard the men exchange names , the large black man was Gold, the second man was about five foot ten, he also had thinning hair and he was a little over weight, his front teeth were missing and he looked as if he was covered in grease, he was called Terry, the third one who looked like a mutant was called Arnold. The girls over heard the newcomers telling Batter about their women running away. They were asking him if he could take them to see his leader. Batter told them he would take them to see his leader, Link. He went on to explain to the newcomers that they would have to wait with him until his man, George had rested. Gold told Batter " it would be no problem, they could wait until he was ready." Batter told all the men and mutants they were to stay away from the two women and the injured man.

Gold and Batter were talking quietly together and the rest of the men and mutants went outside.

Dini and Angel listened to what the men were talking about, Dini whispered to Angel with this many men and mutants around, we won't have a chance of escaping. Angel told Dini remember what mom told us, have faith and be strong and don't let anyone tell us that it can't be done. In other words, don't give up.

Stoner came into the cave and told Batter that there were more people coming. Batter and Gold got up and went out of the cave. When they left the cave, Tom started to come around, Dini and Angel told their father what was going on, they added he was to pretend that he was still knocked out, once they left, he would be able to get help. They also informed him that there were a lot more of the mutants. They told him about the newcomers and that they were going with them to the mutants compound, the compound was somewhere up the side of the mountain. Shortly after their conversation with their father, Stoner came in and took the girls outside.

Tom knew that if he laid here and pretended that he was still out cold, the mutants would still kill him. It didn't matter what the leader told the girls. He knew they wouldn't leave him here still breathing. As soon as the girls were taken outside, Tom looked around and saw that George was out cold so he got up quietly and went deeper into the cave. He had to find a hiding place before they discovered him missing. Tom was looking for a hiding spot for about ten minutes when he came across the perfect place. The ice had fallen from the ceiling of the cave, and it had piled on top of each piece. Tom knew that if he could get on top of this pile of ice, the mutants wouldn't be able to find him. It took him a few minutes, but he got to the top of the ice formation. It was a good thing that he made it to this spot because as soon as he got into the crevice, he could hear the mutants moving towards where he had come from, they had gone further into the cave and they must have searched for him more then an hour, finally the leader of the mutants came and told them that it was time to go, they couldn't waste anymore time.

Tom stayed in his hiding place for some time before he decided that it would be safe enough for him to go and get help.

Batter had turned mean towards the girls when he found their father had slipped away from him. He had told the girls he would not do any harm to their father but he was going to send Stoner in to do the job. Batter thought that the girls had helped their father escape, but when Grubber came out to tell him the old man was gone, he had time to think things out and he knew that they couldn't have helped him, they were brought out of the cave when their father was still out cold. Once the women were tied up, they headed for the mutants compound.

Batter was trying to think of a way to get all the credit for getting all the women and young girl, he didn't want Link to know that Stan and Yoyo got the one woman and girl, but with the other men, Gold, Terry and Arnold, he wasn't sure if he would be able to trust them or not. He would have to wait and see, but these three men had come along to talk to Link about the woman and girl. These were two of the ones that they had come looking for.

They had been walking up the mountain trail for about an hour when they stopped to let the women and girl rest. Batter thought that it would take them much longer to reach the compound because of all the stops they were going to have to take. Batter had sent Stan and Stoner up ahead to watch out for the animal that had attacked George and killed Harvey.

Once they reached the ridge on the mountain, Batter knew that they would be at to compound in a matter of minutes. When they reached the compound, Dini, Angel, Leslie and Stacy were put in a cage that was made of bamboo strips, the cages were hung from the ceiling of the cave, there must have been ten cages hanging and in nine of them were people.

Once Dini, Angel, Leslie and Stacy were put into the cage, it was raised to suspend them about six feet in the air. The women took a look around them, they noticed that in the cage next to them was an older woman, she was about forty-five years old, she had salt and pepper hair which was cut short, she stood about five feet and must have weighed about three hundred pounds. When they took a closer look they noticed a young boy, maybe sixteen years old also in the cage with the woman. The reason why they didn't notice him before this was because he was laying on the floor of the cage. The boy looked as if he was in a state of shock, he didn't move an inch, he was laying on his side in a fetal position and he was just staring straight ahead of him, he wasn't even blinking.

The older woman started to talk to the girls in a low whisper, telling them of the horrors that she had seen in the last twenty-four hours.She told them her name was Better Adams and that she was captured early yesterday, she had been out looking for her son when the mutants grabbed her. Once she was brought here, she found her son, at that she pointed to the boy laying on his side. Before Betty could tell them anything more, Leslie warned everyone that a young mutant was approaching them.

The girls watched the young mutant come to about ten feet from the back of their cage, once he realized that he had their attention, he started to masturbate. Leslie kept her daughters face pushed into her breast until the young mutant was finished. The young mutant kept doing this about every half hour until the women stopped paying attention to him.

Leslie told Dini when you see the little pervert coming, please keep my daughter from seeing what this thing is doing. I'm going to try and get him to let me out of this cage, and if he does then we can make an attempt at escaping. Dini agreed with Leslie. Soon they were hoping that the young mutant would come back.

Two mutants whom nobody seen before came up to the cage that had the older woman and boy, the two mutants lowered the cage and brought the woman out. Once they had her out of the cage and the cage hung back in the air, the mutants told the woman to take off all her clothes. When the woman refused, the mutants hit her over the head with a small baseball bat. The woman fell in a heap on the cave floor, they had knocked her out. The two mutants then went and undressed the woman, right in front of anyone who wanted to watch. Once the woman was nude, the two mutants picked her up and carried her off towards where a group of mutants were sitting.

The cave was a good thousand feet in diameter, there were several tents erected at the far end. There was a group of mutants sitting around a campfire. The cages were at the mouth of the cave about twenty feet from the opening.

The young mutant came back to where they were, but instead of masturbating, he threw something into their cage. The three woman looked down to the floor of their cage and looked at what the young mutant threw in at them. Angel, Dini and Leslie looked down in horror, laying on the floor of their cage was a human hand. Leslie went to kick it out of the cage, but it started to fall apart. That was when they realized that the mutants had cooked the hand and that was how they were surviving, they were eating humans. Leslie took off her shoe and knocked the hand out of their cage, she didn't want her daughter to know what it was.

About twenty minutes later the young mutant returned, this time he started to masturbate. When this happened , Leslie called him over, she started to rub herself on here crotch and breast and licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, all the time telling the young mutant that she would help him out if he would help her too. The young mutant came closer to the cage, he was really getting excited. The young mutant took only a few seconds to make up his mind, he pulled a knife and put it into his mouth, then he lowered the cage. He removed the knife from his mouth and slowly cut the rope that had the cage door closed. He told Leslie to move over to the wall of the cave and wait for him there. He hurriedly tied the door of the cage, he didn't bother to raise it, he didn't think that he would too long with Leslie.

Once the mutant was out of their sights, Dini and Angel started to untie the rope. Dini gave Stacy to Angel and told her to get out of the cave and to wait for Leslie and her outside in the trees. Angel took Stacy and they slowly made their way to the mouth of the cave and then they were outside. As soon as Dini saw Angel and Stacy leave, she quietly slipped up behind the young mutant, when he turned around swiftly, Dini kneed him in the groin and when he doubled over, Leslie had managed to get a hold of the knife and as quick as a rabbit, Leslie had cut the young mutants throat from ear to ear.


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