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The Disastrous Emancipation of a Teen Named Ravynn Gall

by Enrique Arnold 6 months ago in humanity
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Chapter 2

Today, I’m the Dungeon Master. Nikolas appears less and less, ever since we broke up. We dated in 2nd grade, up until 3rd grade, and then we dated again, and again, and again. How do I describe Nikolas Rester? Let’s start from the beginning.

So me and Nikolas met for the first time at Eibon White’s house. He was there before I had arrived, and was playing guitar along with his brother, Klaus. I only knew his name because Eibon had told me their names before we met.

Klaus had dirty blonde hair with white specks, olive tone skin, and green welcoming eyes. His younger brother, Nikolas, had hazel-gold eyes, dark brown hair, with white shining tips, touseled and messy. It was messy, not curly, almost like bed head. He was husky.

Klaus looked over at me when I stepped into the living room where they were playing, his eyes shining, his mouth spreading into a grin. I thought I saw Nikolas look over at me, quickly, but the gaze was gone as soon as I saw it. He scowled, shrugging his shoulders, and popped his neck, and then his eyes met mine again, with a soft gaze, and quickly looked me up and down. He then put his hands up in the shape of a picture frame, with both hands shaped like two l’s.

He sighed. “So, who’s this then?” He had a very soft voice. The kind that was both quiet and could settle a loud crowd. Not booming, but authoritative. “Is this the Kenku you mentioned?” His lips formed a w smile, like a cat. Kinda cute. “No one said he was supposed to be handsome. I feel lied to. Left out.” I felt me face turn bright red.

“H-handsome…?” Did this model just call me handsome?

Eibon perked up, then blinked, confused. “I swear I’ve never heard you talk in front of a stranger before, Nik.”

Nik feigned pouting, maintaining eye contact with Eibon for a few seconds. “Well don’t get used to it.” He looked over at me again. “I know Eibon already told you our names, but my name’s Nikolas, and my older brother is Klaus. He’s three years older than me. So yeah. Meow.” He feigned licking his hand like a cat.

I looked over at Eibon. “Did he just say ‘meow’?”

Nik winked at me, sticking his tongue out. “Must be your imagination. I mean, unless it was cute.” He laughed then pouted. “Then I won’t do it again.” He walked over to me, putting his guitar on the couch, then put his arm over my shoulder. “Now let’s try that again.” He whispered in my ear: “Purr, purr.” He rolled his r’s.

I whispered back. “Purr, purr,” I mimicked.

“Now you get it! So, Eibon tells me you’ve never played D n’ D. It’s an innuendo for just the tip when two guys touch penises.” We both laughed loudly.

“If we play, then, nobody else’s allowed,” I joked.

Nik stuck out his tongue. “Nik likes, Nik likes. But real talk, it stands for Dungeons n’ Dragons. We’ve actually never played before, but I found a set among my dad’s old things, with guidebooks. You get to choose your race, or what species you want to be, and what class, like a wizard or a warrior. My character is a Cleric Leonin. That’s basically a warrior priest, whose species is a Lion-Human guy. I’m gonna show you all of the species.”

We began playing and I eventually settled on being a Kenku Rogue, by the name of Ravynn Gall (I couldn’t think of a good name).

Me and Nikolas were very good friends. We began dating immediately after he asked me out, after we met. We didn’t have phones, like Eibon, so until we could text we would just wait until we could see each other again.

Years later, once we turned 15, during our sophomore year of high school, we decided to finally try having sex. We had had many arguments and broken up many times, but ultimately we knew we loved each other. Or at least until this night.

Nikolas had decided to let me bottom. Not knowing anything, we decided it might be fun. We tried edibles for the first time before we began, and immediately got completely naked. We began making out as we usually did, with my cock hard, and his as well, and we rubbed our bodies together, front to front. It felt nice. But when it came to bottoming it was a total disaster. I laid on my back with my anus to Nikolas, and he began to put his cock in. It felt normal, but then it began to hurt, and I could feel pain.

“Stop Nik,” I said, grunting. “It’s hurting.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “It’s supposed to, I’ve heard.” He spit on my anus, using it as lube.

He went further in, but the pain hurt more, and I was moaning in pain.

“Hey, be quiet. You’re messing up the mood.” He almost glared at me.

“Maybe I could bite down on a pillow.” So I bit down on one. It helped, but Nik kept pushing, so I finally pushed him off of me. “Sorry Nikolas. We’re done here.”

“I’m sorry babe.” He pouted. “I thought you were enjoying it.” He put his cock against me, then laughed a bit.

I shivered, then put all of clothes back on. “No. That was wrong. It felt so wrong.” After that I left, and we didn’t talk three months, at least. He kept calling, leaving voicemails, but some sounded threatening: “Come back here or I’ll post the nudes you sent me online. Maybe.”

Eventually we started dating again, but it didn’t feel the same. I never told Eibon or anyone else about this. We broke up after high school. I told him he was kind, but I personally didn’t think we would last. He had gotten better, but not completely. He had started smoking, and began riding to school and back on a motorcycle with no license. He got sent to juvie.

Finally he moved to Los Angeles, California. I don’t know what happened over there. In the mean time I’d downloaded every dating app I could: Grindr, Taimi, Scruff, Bumble, He even messaged me on Grindr, saying sorry again. I didn’t answer.

I had met a man named Parker Thomas and we chatted a lot. We played video games nude together, and we even had comfy sex. But he refused to date me. He was 30 and I was 18. I was really bummed out, but we stayed friends. We even tried shrooms together. That day I saw my past, present, and future.

I started feeling anxious when I turned 19, because I had lost contact with many of my friends. Only our Dungeons and Dragons group stayed. All except for Nikolas.


About the author

Enrique Arnold

Good mornevenoon! Hope to find you well. My name’s Enrique Arnold, and I enjoy writing fiction the most. I was born outside the US, where I currently live, with my awesome boyfriend.

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