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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 16

Reverse Harem

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 35 min read

Emmi: Getting Bear

I wake up in bed with Zane wrapped around me, even though I told him to stay away. Right now, Dante hates me. They all do, and Zane cuddling me won’t help. I try to move, but his hands grasp me tighter. Wiggling free, I climb from the bed. I step across the room, grab out some clothes and pick up a book.

Opening it, I sit on the floor and look at the pictures of us all. Me, Jamie, my parents. I feel the tears fill my eyes as I look through them. Jamie was so nice. I remember he was always there for me. Until we were about thirteen. Then he wasn’t. Every year it got worse. Then my father died, and things became more toxic.

I look at the picture of us together as babies. Then to my parents, thinking about how they would rather have a child who isn’t theirs and hurt their real child. My head falls forward as I cry. I was destined for death. From the moment they knew I was a girl, I was never meant to live. Their plan always had been to ensure they were released from the burden of me. I feel like screaming. Digging up my father’s grave just to kill him again. Killing everyone who did what they said, even Dean, my real father. Part of me wants to hurt him for leaving me there. Screw everyone.

“Em.” I feel Zane’s arms wrap around my body as I cry. “I know you’re hurting. Everything has changed in just a few short months. But we will get through this together,” he says quietly.

“You don’t understand. None of you do. Your parents wanted and loved you. Mine just wanted me dead for their own gain.” I stay looking at the picture.

“My dad wanted me dead. He tried, remember? I know how it feels, Em. Swim through it. You will be able to stand soon. You have a new family now, a real family.”

His words make me want to laugh. I don’t, though. “A new family, a real family? I don’t, Zane, you all hate me, maybe even more than my own mother does. I’m sorry for messing up, but please, get out.” I don’t want them right now. I feel his arms release me and hear him leave. Staying sat, I think of the way forward. I know right now what I need to do.

I get dressed, place a few items in a bag, and place the jewellery they had bought me on the bed. I walk out and make it to the lift before I’m stopped.

“Miss, I was told you can’t leave.” A guard stands looking at me.

“My brother is dead. My mum is too, no doubt. So I own and run Solace City. You have no right to stop me from leaving.” I am going to get my own city.

“Speak to the brothers. I can’t allow you to leave.”

Great, so I’m back to having no fucking freedom. Walking back through, I check the rooms, stopping at Gunner’s playroom as he calls it. Opening the door, I step in and stop.

“You shouldn’t be in here, Em.” Zane looks at me. “Why do you have a bag?” I ignore the questions as I look at my mum. She looks fine. Not even a scratch. I thought Gunner would have killed her already.

“I’m going back to my city, where I belong. Where I may be wanted.” I don’t take my eyes off my mum as I talk.

“See, so you four can’t hurt me, she chooses.” My mum speaks, and I watch as Gunner shoves a cloth in her mouth.

“You belong here. Now put your stuff back. Go and heal,” Dante says.

“You wanted me gone, all of you.” What the hell?

“I wanted you to pay, not gone. How I feel about you hasn’t changed, we need time. So put your stuff back, little lamb. Let us deal with this, then we will talk.” Bear looks at me, waiting. Moving forward, I place the bag down.

“She is right, I choose.” I step closer to my mum and her body relaxes. Everyone stares at me in shock as I remove the rag from within her mouth.

“Thank you, darling. I’m your family.” My mum smiles at me, but she has it all wrong.

“Truth, the whole truth. I want you to tell us everything you have ever done wrong against them, the city, their parents, and me. Then you can walk out alive.” I hear the gasps and ignore them. “I think we should start with Adelia, Mum, don’t you?” I look at her, watching as she looks around at them all.


“Then I leave now, and they kill you.”

“They will kill me, come on, Em!” she begs.

“No, they won’t. The rules are I chose, now speak.”

“Em, she can’t walk away,” Zane whispers in my ear.

“You four weren’t meant to fight. Adelia’s death was meant to make your father act and start a war with us. Had he, we would have won. As soon as I realised you four had stepped forward to fight, I ensured no one found out the truth, which is why we gave Ian to you. Of course, Ian thought we were trying to save him, but that was a way to ensure he didn’t mention the truth.”

She did it. She had them kill Adelia.

“Your city was taking over. The more power you gained, the less we had. We needed both cities to regain control. Your family had helped once. Those who came here, though, knew the truth and were harder to control. We were losing our city, and there was no way I was making a new deal with the Wolversons after you decided to back out of the one with Emmi.”

Everyone listens as she talks about all the plans she had to overtake the Wolversons’ City, all of which had failed. There had been many, some of which they are now just finding out were her doing. Things she had sent many innocent people to do, knowing they would die. She didn’t care though. Her only hope was to gain power.

“And me?” I prompt.

“Your dad had gotten ill, so we were trying for a baby. We needed a boy in case he didn’t get through it. As he was ill, the city fell apart. The Wolversons helped, and they said when we had kids, if one was a girl, we were to hand her over when she was old enough to marry. They wanted an arranged marriage to stop the war between the cities. We agreed.”

I nod as I listen.

“Then I fell pregnant, found out you were a girl and thought it was great because your dad was getting better, but then he had tests that showed he couldn’t have kids. So I had to come clean. He found out about the affair. Dean was nothing more than sex. The fact you were a girl, though, meant everything was failing. We needed a boy, and there was no way your dad could get me pregnant, so we found a boy and said we would act like they were twins. You were never ours. From the moment you were born, you were the Wolversons’. We just had to carry the burden of you until you were old enough.”

I laugh. There is no way she can get out of this now. Everyone knows. Her dad was the one who ran the city, married her mum, and had her. So I’m still part of the bloodline.

“We still struggled to keep control, so we decided you would be the way. We ensured you were watched from every angle. We ensured we put small bugs in your bag so we could hear what you were saying. You were never meant to survive. When the plan failed and you found out, I knew we needed a new one. So I planned to push the wedding forward, then remove the brothers that way. You would have their city. Then I could remove you and take it. I let you live, Emmi. Despite us not wanting a girl, I let you live.”

She says that like it is amazing and something to be happy about. I walk past her and stop in front of Bear, his eyes filled with confusion. Now it is time to try and repay the favour.

“I need drugs.” I hear the gasp and feel myself getting dragged out. Dante slams my body against the wall and growls at me.

“Get the fuck out and stay out.” They stand looking at me, Dante’s grasp on my throat getting tighter. Of course he reacted badly. I should have explained, asking Bear for drugs is fucked up. I realise that now.

“No, I am staying. I am ending this by doing to her what she has to so many. Drugs, fire, memories of things she hates, pain, I am ending this.” I push him away.

“Emmi, no!” Zane looks at me. “She’s your mother. Let us deal with it.”

“Exactly, she is my mother. I choose, as she said, and I want to do this. So, I need drugs.” I look at Bear. “I believe in you, big guy. I know you can get me them and not give in to them.” I try and smile, but Dante is looking like he will slice my throat open.

“Okay,” Bear replies and walks off, Dante rushing for me again as Zane steps in front of me.

“If he does this, Dante, it’s a good thing. It will show him he can get through this without drugs. If he holds them and doesn’t take them, don’t hurt her.” Zane stands between us, blocking me from Dante.

“Once I have finished with my mum, I’m leaving. Staying here when you want me dead for every word I speak, Dante, it isn’t worth it.” Pushing past, I walk back into the room.

“Thank you, Emmi.” She smiles at me.

“Don’t thank me. Thank yourself for everything you did to me. I know I said you could walk, but I lied. I thought maybe it was time I did that myself. Say one thing and mean something different. Make out like I love you and don’t want you hurt while secretly planning to kill you.” I pick up the cloth and lighter, and someone’s hand grasps mine from behind.

“You will burn yourself, little kitten, let me.” Gunner smiles at me. “I have an idea that will help.” He takes the cloth and grabs a dagger. He stabs through the fabric before lighting it and handing it back to me.

“The daggers need a much higher temperature to do anything, but the blade will be hot enough to burn.” I take it from him and step closer to my mum.

“Emmi, I’m your mum! You can’t kill your mum!” She looks at me, panicking, trying to break free of the restraints.

“Mum. Funny word that, right? So because you’re my mum, I can’t kill you, but you, as my mother, can kill me, your daughter?” I look at her. “Actually, let’s leave the mum and daughter shit alone. We’re Candice and Emmi, I was never your daughter.” I push the dagger into her shoulder, and she screams as the cloth continues to burn.

“Next one, little kitten.” I turn and see Gunner holding out the next dagger. It feels incredible. Them by my side, they’re my strength through this.

“You burned Zane, so I plan to burn you. You had me stabbed, so I will stab you. You’re lucky confined places don’t bother you, but there will be drugs as well.” I push this dagger into her other shoulder, and she screams again.

“Sugar, don’t. You shouldn’t do this.” Dante appears in front of me. “You won’t live past this. We’ll do it.”

I smile at him and shake my head. “No, because this is my solving my problem and proving to you four that I stand by you, even if it means killing my family.” I take the next dagger from Gunner and turn back to her.

“Remember the stories, Candice, of your father?” Panic spreads across her face. “I remember you telling us you could never treat your child like that and have them fear something so much.” I step closer, holding the dagger, the handle burning my hand slightly. She continues screaming, trying to break free.

“Does this hurt? Does the thought of a slow, painful death scare you?” She nods, crying. “Yet you were going to give it to me, at the hands of ten men! Not just hurting me like this, though, but raping me.” I push the dagger into her leg, drawing out another scream.

“If only there was a bath in here.” Her eyes widen and she struggles even more urgently. “You used their weaknesses against them, things their parents did to them. Maybe a time out underwater will remind you how that feels.” I take the dagger and repeat my process once more. Stab. Scream.

“Stop!” Dante pushes me back. “You want her dead? Fine. You want her to pay for what she did to you? Fine. But, Emmi, don’t do this as a way to prove to us or make it up to us. You will never recover if you do.”


“Don’t! We still love you, Emmi, don’t push yourself to do this. A random person? Fine, but that is your mother, and I’m worried when you make that last move that kills her, you will regret it.” I look past him to her.

“I need to.” I do, to show her I am not weak, prove that I chose them, even over her.

“No, you don’t. Bear, take her out. Keep her busy, I don’t know, do something. No matter what, don’t bring her back in.” I stare at Dante as Bear walks towards me. I try to break free, but his arm wraps around me, holding me against him, his hand grasping my hair and stopping my head from swinging back at him.

He carries me out, the door locking behind us. Screaming, I kick against him as he drags me through to the main room. He finally releases me and I try to run back, but he grabs me once more and pulls me to him.

“You don’t have the right to not let me do it!” They don’t.

“No, but take it from Dante; you shouldn’t. While that man was not Gunner's father, he was there a lot, and he built that connection. Do you think he walked away smiling? No, you killed Jamie, hurt your mum, now let them finish it. Too much too soon, and you will climb inside yourself and be like us, and that isn’t an option,” he shouts.

“I thought you wanted to kill me.” I look at him.

“I do, but at the same time, I don’t. While you’re partly to blame for me craving drugs right now, you’re also stopping me. Every part of me just wants to hear you scream.” He steps closer, his hand wrapping around my neck.

“Make me scream then.” I bite against my lip, sure he meant in pain, but I can hope. “Once, Bear, you’ve touched me once. Surely you’re wondering how it feels to fuck me.” I just realised the others have fucked me, played with me loads, but him? Once, in that club, after I flipped and screamed at them. I remember walking out and hearing them talk that day about it, but I was more bothered about Gunner and him slipping that I forgot to ask about Bear.

“Oh, little lamb, I have been hiding from you, haven’t I?” I nod in agreement with him. “Do you want this little lamb? Here, now?” His question makes me smile.

“Yes.” I push closer to him.

“How much, little lamb, how much do you crave me to push you down, and fuck you, just like my brothers have?”

I moan, pushing closer to him. “A lot. You’ve barely touched me, and now I crave it. You can have me in any way you want, big guy, anywhere you want, to do anything you want to get pleasure.” I bite my lip.

He grasps me and throws me onto the table, pulling and ripping my clothes off until I am sat naked facing him.

“Get out, now.” He looks up towards the door. I had forgotten about the guards, but who cares? Not me. I wrap my legs around his waist. “You’re not forgiven, little lamb. I will fuck you, but don’t take me fucking you as a sign of me forgetting or forgiving you.”

I nod. “Fine with me.” I wrap my arms around his neck, but he removes them. He chuckles, and a look on his face screams that I am going to hate what happens next.

“Please, please, Bear.” I try to wrap my legs around him.

“You’re so fucking needy, even now after my brothers have fucked you. You want my cock, little lamb, but you haven’t earned it yet.” He moves a finger, pushing it into my sex. My hips push upwards against his hand.

“Please.” I watch as his eyes glance down to where his finger is. His eyes watching as his other hand opens my lips to give him a better look as he thrusts a second finger inside.

“Are you going to take my cock as eagerly as you’re taking my fingers, dirty little lamb?” I moan and nod. “Are you my dirty girl, little lamb? Mine to fuck as I want?” His thumb rolls over my clit, making me cry slightly.

“Yes, Daddy.” I watch as his body tenses, his eyes on mine.

“Watch what I’m doing, little lamb, watch how prettily you open up for my fingers and cover them in those sweet juices.” My eyes go to where his hand is, watching as his fingers move. “That’s right, watch your Daddy fuck you like this, prove what a dirty little slut you are.” I moan and push down on his fingers as he teases me, his fingers continuing to move inside me, his thumb rolling over my clit.

“I think it’s time for you to take another one.” He pushes a fourth finger inside me, and it feels like too much. I moan a slight protest, and his other hand grips my chin. “Did I ask? I said it’s time for you, so you take it and prove what a dirty girl you are, then, maybe I will give you my cock.” His fingers continue to move.

“Okay, Daddy.” I won’t argue. His fingers drive into me harder and faster. Bowing my back, his hand moves within my sex, and then he pulls them out and shoves those same fingers into my mouth.

“Suck them, baby girl, suck them like you wish I would suck that perfect clit of yours.” I moan and suck, tasting my own juices on his fingers. He doesn’t stop though, he pushes them deeper and deeper until I’m gagging. “That’s it, baby girl, prove to your Daddy you deserve his cock.” His fingers push deeper as I gag more, my eyes watering as he does, slowly he pulls them back out.

“I will, Daddy.” This new Daddy thing is fucking hot. My voice is hoarse, and his hand still grips my chin which feels weird as I try to talk. “I will take anything you give me; do anything you tell me to prove it.”

His lips press against mine. There is no gentleness in his kiss. Instead, he is dominating and showing me that he owns me. He takes my mouth like he’s conquering me, forcing it wider as he pushes his tongue in. Yet, somehow, the kiss is just as erotic and dirty as the words he just said and the way his fingers pushes into my pussy. I forget about everything. All I can feel is the need for him. I need it now, not later.

“Please fuck me. I need you.”

“You haven’t proved you’re my dirty girl yet.” He pushes me back, his mouth wrapping around my clit, sucking hard. My back bows and I cry out as his tongue moves and worships me, over and over again. I’m so close already, his tongue teasing me perfectly. As I step closer to it, he stops. I whine and thrash.

“Tell your Daddy something, dirty girl, after I make you come on my face, what’s next?” His tongue flattens against my opening, dragging up to my clit making my hips push up.

“You fuck me, Daddy.”

I hear him laugh. “I don’t fuck you, dirty girl, one fucking orgasm, and you think that will prove you’re a dirty slut?” I scream, feeling his teeth bite against my clit, his tongue teasing faster. He's licking and sucking, and holy fucking shit, it feels good. I’m orgasming immediately, my toes curling and my back bowing. I grip his hair and hold him in place as I grind against him, chasing that release, milking every last bit of pleasure I can, screaming ‘I love you’ as I plunge into a darkness of pleasure.

I expect him to stop, but he doesn’t. His tongue keeps moving, just more slowly. I was so ready for him to fuck me now, but he isn’t. Instead, his tongue continues to tease. His fingers pressing against my thighs as he holds my legs wider.

“Say it, little lamb.” I moan at his words, his tongue teasing me.

“No.” I won’t repeat it. That was a mistake. His tongue pushes into me as his thumb rolls across my clit.

“Say it, dirty girl, or I stop. Tell your Daddy the truth, then I will fuck you.”

I groan as his thumb moves faster, his tongue teasing me more. Finally, I climb the stairs of pleasure, my toes curling as I reach the limit, then he stops.

“Say it, dirty girl, say it, or I fucking stop.” I buck my hips as his teeth bite against my clit.

“I love you! Don’t stop, please don’t stop, Daddy,” I scream, then he is right back there, his tongue and fingers teasing me, pushing me to that perfect heaven that I crave as I scream his name.

“That’s it, dirty little girl, scream my name, only mine!” I do because he doesn’t stop. He keeps going pushing me straight into the next orgasm.

“Please!” I need him now.

“You think I’m going to rush? No. Fuck no, little lamb. Since I saw you in that club, I’ve imagined how you will taste and feel coming on my face, and those three measly orgasms are not enough to fuck you yet.” He keeps going, and I feel like I’m about to burst out of my skin.

“Please, Daddy, please don’t stop.” I grip his hair, holding him against me as I move my hips. He doesn’t answer with words. He still answers though, each stroke from his tongue driving me higher, binding me tighter. I come hard once again, my thighs clamping around his head. He wedges them open as he continues his torturous yet seductive licks while I come back to earth with a bang.

“If you don’t fuck me, I’ll walk around naked and make your brothers fuck me in front of you.” I will. I have had enough of playing now.

“Dirty girl, so needy and desperate. Look at you, just like your pussy, begging for it.” I nod, not denying it as I scream, feeling his teeth once again bite against my clit.

He removes his clothes, and I pull him back to me. He pulling me from the table and turning me so my back is against him.

I feel his mouth against my ear. “This, this will not be soft, loving or kind. I’m going to just fuck you to get rid of the need. Relentlessly, over, and over. I’m going to fuck you until I mask the feelings, then, well, Princess, then we will decide how to make you really scream.” My body falls forward as his cock pushes into my opening.

He didn’t lie. He doesn’t even start slow. He is relentless from the start, fucking me hard and fast. As I scream from pleasure, his hips seem to speed up, pushing deeper as he holds me down. My face is pressed against the table, one hand wrapped around my neck and the other one on my hip as he pounds deeper and more forcefully.

“Dirty little girl, taking me so fucking easy, how easy would you take me if I wanted this ass?” His question is followed by his thumb pushing into it. I hear him groan his release, but he doesn’t stop.

“I’m yours, Daddy, all yours. To prove I’m your dirty girl.” I scream as his hands move and grasp my hips so he can thrust deeper.

“Months, little lamb, I’ve been waiting months to fuck you. Dirty girl, I have months to catch up on.” I moan and push back against him as he fucks me, my screams getting louder as he pushes to release his need that has been building. “Do you regret asking me to fuck you now?” His words are quiet as I slip over the edge and orgasm, his cock pushing deeper inside me as he slows down slightly. The small break helps.

“No, Daddy, I want you to make me scream.” I do. Hell, I hope everyone can hear me.

He moves, leaning over me, his hips rolling as he stays deep. My moans are getting louder again.

“Scream? Why is that? Why do you want me to make you scream?” His hands palm at my ass as his hips move slow.

“To see who hears, Daddy.”

“Dirty girl, you want to scream so they know I’m fucking you? So they know you belong to me?” I go to nod, but he moves. His hands grasp mine and pull them above me, slamming them against the table making me scream. I forgot about my shoulder, and I feel that. The stitches have come out. Not that he cares, or me. He continues to fuck me while his body pins me against the table. Hell, even Gunner fucked me gently at one point, but Bear? No, he is relentless and is drilling into me like he is trying to cause real damage. I love it, though.

“I think you can scream louder, dirty slut. Let them all know you’re owned by me.” And so I do. As the orgasm burns through me, he thrusts deeper and harder as I chant his name while screaming ‘please, Daddy’ in between. His groan is loud as he releases himself again. I feel his hand grasp into my hair as he pulls me up to stand in front of him.

“You’re lucky you're bleeding out; otherwise, I wouldn’t be stopping. So, heal quickly, little lamb, because I am far from done, and you have a lot to pay for.” He releases me and gets dressed before walking out. Now I understand his fear. He was worried about how I would react. He’s different to them in so many ways. Moving slowly, I pick up my ripped clothes, but my shoulder is bleeding too badly. I put on my underwear and hold the top against my shoulder. I can’t stitch it myself. Bear ran, which means he needs space. So walking down the hall, I scan the card and open the door, only to be pushed backwards by Zane.

“You’re not allowed in. Follow the rules.”

I laugh. “Fine, but I need one of you to stitch my shoulder before I pass out!” I look at him, waiting. He has blood on his hands, my mother's blood.

“Okay, go sit down, and I’ll sort it.” He turns and walks back into the room. I go back through to the hall and sit down, putting pressure on my shoulder.

“Let me fix it, Em.” Dante walks over with the first aid kit. Moving my hand and the top I am pressing against it, he wipes it before stitching it.

“How do you guys know how to stitch?” It isn’t something I would expect them to know.

“Gunner is crazy, so we learnt fast.”

I laugh, but I’m still confused.

“Look, you saw the side of Gunner where he disappears, that happens, and we try to get him to see. That often leaves us needing stitches. You have yet to see him angry, really angry, to the point where he’s worse than you’ve seen, and it takes all three of us to pin him down.” I listen to his words, considering everything as he stitches my shoulder.

“Rest, I’m sending Bear and Zane to as well. Me and Gunner will finish up and clean everything. You three need to rest and recover. No crazy shit, Emmi.” Nodding, I give up and go back to bed. To be honest, my time with Bear has tired me out. My shoulder hurts loads and so does my side, although that didn’t start bleeding again.

Climbing in bed, I fall asleep, ignoring everything that tries to distract me and keep me awake.

Zane: Removing The Threat

I don’t do this. Gunner does. Okay, I do, but never to a woman, even one as bad as Candice, who wanted to take us down and kill her own daughter in the process.

I watch as her body gives in, and Gunner steps back. She died quickly, considering everything she did. Far quicker than most who cross us. I’m not sure if that is because she’s a woman or because we know she’s Emmi’s mum, and while she was ready to torture her and we did, it wasn’t the amount Emmi was set to.

“I have someone coming to clean up, get washed and rest, both of you. Zane, check your burns, then sleep. I’ve sent Emmi to bed and told Bear to go as well.” I nod to Dante and walk out. Once in my room, I clean up, watching as the blood runs down the drain with the water. I look at my burns for a moment before deciding to ignore them and go straight to bed.

I can’t sleep, or rather, I can, but every time I fall asleep, I’m back there. So I look around me and get up. I walk through to Emmi’s room and climb into bed with her. She wraps herself around me as she sleeps, pushing her body against mine. Smiling, I close my eyes and fall asleep.

The dreams seem to stay away, maybe because I can feel her wrapped around me? But the strange thing is, it isn’t just that. I saw, and I heard. I took a break from Candice and hell, the sight of Emmi and Bear. Her calling him Daddy, begging him, it’s stuck in my mind, and now all I want is for her to be screaming my name again. I can’t, though, not yet. She needs to heal, especially after Bear busted her shoulder again.

I wake to hear a small moan, her breath against my neck. I glance down, seeing her hips push up. Another small moan escapes her mouth, and I glance behind her and see Bear, his hand clearly between her legs. Hell, I’m trying hard not to fuck her.

“I’m grabbing breakfast.” I am. Right now, as hearing her moan just makes me want to fuck her, and she can’t deal with both of us. I get sorted and walk through to find Dante and Gunner stood in the kitchen cooking breakfast, so I decide to start helping.

As we cook, we discuss Candice, the things we uncovered, other people we have to search for and take down. We also now have to claim Solace City as our own. Word has also got around that Wensendale City is going under now, police are losing control, and slowly someone is taking over. It’s a good thing. Not many cities or towns are run by the government anymore. Most are run by people with money, bribes to the police to keep their secrets and to turn a blind eye.

“I’ve seen it coming. The few times I visited there, I saw that the police had more and more issues to contend with. Issues which if there was someone in power wouldn’t happen.” Dante states.

“Let’s eat, discuss Emmi and then what is happening there.” I take the plates through, and we sit. A few moments later, Bear walking through and sitting down looking pleased with his morning fucking. I am thinking fucking, but who knows?

Bear: Healing Myself

I can’t sleep, so I climb into bed with my little lamb. I don’t care that Zane is asleep here as well. I just want her near me. I fall asleep but soon wake again. I hear a slight moan escape Emmi’s mouth. My dirty girl is dreaming of something.

I slide my hand down her body, slipping between her legs. I said I had a lot of time to make up for, and I do. My fingers tease her, slowly pushing inside her panties. My fingers spread those lips, and already the wetness is there. I close my eyes, remembering how she looked as I push a finger into her.

“I’m grabbing breakfast.” I don’t bother looking at Zane, even as he speaks. Instead, I push my finger deeper, hearing her moan. Her hips push into my finger, trying to take more of me, her moans growing.

“Dirty girl, what were you dreaming of that made you so fucking wet.” My fingers continue to move.

“You, Daddy.” Her words are panted, and she keeps her eyes closed but pushes closer to me.

“Me? Tell me what you were seeing.” His fingers push further inside as he adds another.

“You fucking me, but with your brothers watching. I was proving to you, Daddy, that I am a dirty girl.” Her wetness now covers my fingers, and I move until I am between her legs. My eyes are on that perfect fucking cunt.

“Begging for it, you’re such a dirty girl. Now let me eat.” I don’t give her a chance to answer. Instead, my mouth encases her clit, sucking and licking as my fingers pump inside of her. Her hips push up and she grinds against me.

“Fuck me, Daddy, make me scream and come like the dirty girl I am.” I feel her cunt tighten on my fingers as I thrust deeper, hearing her chant.

“Yes, Daddy, oh yes, yes, Daddy.” Her words are a melody to my ears as she squirts, her hands try to push me away. Instead, I bury my face deeper in her, relishing in her taste as she moans and slumps back onto the bed.

“Later, dirty girl, later. Daddy is having that ass.” I stand and walk through to her shower. Quickly getting showered and dressed, I walk out into the hallway, not even bothering to look at her. I could do that every morning. She sounds so fucking hot as she screams and comes on my tongue and fingers.

Sitting down at the table, I smile.

“We need to discuss some things. First, Emmi.” Dante looks at us. We all nod in agreement. “So we knew she’d told her mum, but that doesn’t make it right.”

“You already punished her for speaking, Dante,” Zane points out.

“It wasn’t worthy, but I don’t mean just for that, not just for her disobeying orders and leaving here. For putting herself in danger, all that.” I nod. I agree with Dante, she should have left us. As bad as it sounds, the fact she came to save us put her in danger.

“So, the plan?” Gunner sits forward, the tip of his dagger dragging in the wood. We’ll need another table, he has carved so much of this one away.

“She hates not being allowed to come. Before, I just kept pushing her to the edge with my fingers and mouth. This time, we just fuck her relentlessly between us and stop before she can finish.” I look at Dante, confused.

“No pain?” Gunner looks at him, clearly not happy about that.

“Gunner, you can do anything you like to her, but she isn’t allowed to come,” Dante explains, and Gunner smiles.

“She will love it.” My words are quiet. I know she will.

“She will, but she will hate it equally as much. So we use her body as we want, all night, all day, though not until she has healed,” Dante explains, and we discuss it for another minute, yet all their eyes are on me.

“What?” I look around.

“Nothing just didn’t peg her or you for the whole Daddy, dirty girl kink. Explains why you were worried.” Zane laughs, and to be honest, I have no idea how that started, but it made me hard, so I went with it.

“Anyway, we were discussing Wensendale.”

I turn to Dante. Now that is interesting. It’s one of the few towns left that the police and army have control over.

“It’s falling down. Some guy named Garrod is taking over it, only he’s a nasty piece of work.” I nod at that. I remember Garrod.

“I remember him, uses a drug and takes women, selling them as slaves for all things in life.” Sex, work, everything. We don’t allow that in this city. Sure, we allow a lot, but drugging women and selling them to others is wrong. I don’t think anyone will stop Garrod though, he does it too much. Now he’s taking over the city?

“So what’s happening?” I look at him.

“From what I’ve seen. A guy, Jax, has gone with him and Aiden. Garrod is planning to take over the city, and he has, just no one has noticed. Give it a year, and he will have. So we watch, as if he slips up, we take it,” Dante says.

“We take it?” Is he crazy? We have this city, and now Solace City too.

“Yes, we have connections in that city, Bear. It’s close to here. If no one worthy takes the city, we need to. We can’t afford for anyone there to take over and think they have rights to this city.” He is right, but at the same time, a new city is hard to rule.

This one has been off the police radar for years. A new one takes time to clean up. To remove the bad, to set the rules and ensure they follow them. It will take too long.

“What about our plan, the day Candice took us? Are we still doing it?” I forgot about that.

“Do you need to? She pretty much screamed that she loved you multiple times last night.” Zane chews on his toast and laughs. Then, I hear her come towards us.

“Yeah, we will discuss that later.” Dante nods, and I nod back. It’s a way to ensure she feels happy, content and realises this isn’t just us fucking her.

“Morning, little kitten.” Gunner grins at her and she sits, wincing slightly as she moves her arm.

“Shoulder sore?” I ask, and she nods.

“Was worth it, though.” She grabs a plate and I put food onto it for her.

“Eat. Today, we discuss business.” Dante explains, and so she does as we discuss the plan for Solace City. She will go with us today. She is our family, and we will claim Solace City as our own. If things go well, in a few weeks, maybe months, we will remove that border too.

“I have a request.” We all turn and look at Emmi.

“You can request, sugar, but your request may be rejected,” Dante explains.

“Some people in the city are hard done by. My parents blocked them from getting jobs and things. They take most of their money even though they have the lowest-paying jobs. These are people who helped me, who spoke to me. I don’t want them punished anymore.” Emmi’s statement makes sense.

“Once we clear out the ones causing issues, sugar, we will take you to those people and ensure they know.” Dante nods at her. We all know it’s wrong for anyone to get in trouble because they tried to help her live.

“Get ready, little lamb.” I smile at her and watch as she walks off.

“We all have the things we need, so tonight when we get back. I will ensure someone has things set up here for it.” Dante stands and steps away from the table. “We do it how we planned, then we see if she trusts us enough to tell us how she really feels.”


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