The Case for Female Masturbation

Why Women Should Partake in this Activity as Well

The Case for Female Masturbation

The media often talks about men pleasuring themselves – by which I mean there’s a lot of jokes made about masturbation and genitalia, but only for men. This is because there are a lot of men in the media, they are all over television shows, movies, politics. Sure, there have been improvements over the years, but we still have a lot of work to do. That said, when remarks about the area between one’s legs are made, they are often about men, and not about men. In fact, the closest thing to comments being made about female genitals is a John Oliver sketch featuring his Catheter Cowboy saying, “and that little feller there is what we call the clitoris,” mispronouncing that final word.

Everyone talks about masturbation from the male perspective, but nobody seems to talk about it from the female perspective. As a female myself, I can say that we have genitals, too. We deserved to feel pleasure, as well. Now I know that some may say, “Yeah, but your man can do that for you.” First, some women are lesbian, so they are not into being pleasured by men. Second, some of us are single, and don’t have a man – or woman, for that matter – to give them joy, so us single women pleasure ourselves.

Many people don’t talk about female masturbation, but they really should. Your mileage may vary, but I know that whenever I play with myself, I feel that I have calmed down immediately after I orgasm and stop rubbing my clit. As such, I am less stressed and in a much better mood than I was before. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have trouble sleeping at night, pleasuring yourself can improve your sleep because your muscles tense up a lot when you orgasm. Your heart starts racing as well. All of this makes sense because I know that when I come back down to earth, I immediately feel like closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep. You can also learn more about what gets you off sexually when you play with yourself because you can learn a lot about your body this way.

How does masturbation give you a workout, you may ask? One of the most basic answers is your hand because you use that to rub your clit and stick your fingers in your vagina. If you use a sex toy, your hand also holds that. You also use your muscles in your inner thighs, especially when you reach the peak of orgasm. But the critical area where masturbation gives you a workout is your pelvic area. That’s an obvious one, because your clit and vagina are located there. Muscle-strengthening in this area can help you not need incontinence briefs later in life because it helps prevent bladder leakage. All of these are small efforts, so you still need the gym; however, that doesn’t mean that masturbation makes all that feel worn out, and you feel so good.

Although it may not seem that female masturbation is even possible sometimes, trust me, it is. It exists for good reasons, some of them are for better physical health, some of them are for better mental health. The media really needs to put a more positive light on women pleasuring themselves because of how beneficial it is to our health. As a little girl, I thought masturbation and pleasuring myself down there was either inappropriate and not ladylike, or that it wasn’t able to be done by a female. Over the years, I have been proven very wrong. So, I encourage all my females to go and rub away on your clit. Who knows? Maybe you can feel some of the same effects that I have.

A. Alexis Kreiser
A. Alexis Kreiser
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