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The Birthday Gift

by Jupiter Grant 2 months ago in fetishes

Are you ready to unwrap it?

The Birthday Gift
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

“Happy birthday,” he said, opening his bathrobe. “Here’s your first present.”

From his groin emerged an erection, a shiny ribbon wound around it like bandages on an Egyptian mummy. Against his pubic hair nestled an elaborate bow, which glinted in the light as he stepped towards the bed, wiggling his hips.

“Ready to unwrap it?”

With a coy smile, she picked delicately at the ribbon bow that sat at the base of his cock and nestled against the neatly trimmed thatch of his pubic hair. It came loose easily in her gentle fingers. As she slowly unwound the silky ribbon, revealing each millimeter of flesh in a teasing striptease, she could feel the saliva beginning to pool in her mouth.

“My, my,” she purred, lifting her deep brown eyes up to fix him with a grinning, teasing look. “Aren’t I a lucky girl?”

The entire ribbon unfurled from his tumescent length, she let it fall to the floor beside her. With a playful gasp, she murmured, “Oh, darling, it’s just what I wanted. How did you know?”

He chuckled.

“It’s multi-purpose, too, you know? It has several speeds and functions and can be enjoyed in many ways.”

“Mmm,” she sighed, appreciatively. “I like the sound of that.”

Gently, she placed a hand firmly around the base of his cock and brought her lips to the tip. With a soft kiss that made him gulp, she closed her eyes and savored the delicate brush of the warm, hard-yet-soft skin against her lips. Slowly, she parted those full, pouty lips and leaned forward, stretching her mouth around the meaty swell of his glans.

He groaned as her warm, wet orifice enclosed around him, and pulled the robe from his shoulders. Standing naked in the soft morning light of their bedroom, he gazed down at her with a loving smile. He always adored watching her perform her oral magic upon him. She seemed so engrossed in the task, her eyes closed and a far-away look of blissful concentration etched on her face, and he loved that she gained so much enjoyment from giving him such incredible pleasure.

Nevertheless, he was determined not to take his fill of her mouth — nor indeed to fill her mouth! This was her birthday, and he had promised her a special day in which he would devote himself entirely to her pleasure.

He had been researching and planning the day for weeks, nay months, teasing out some of her fantasies and potential kinks. With the aid of some internet porn sites that they perused together, along with some mutual masturbation followed later by an honest discussion of what clips they had most enjoyed and why, he had ascertained that she had a bit of a bondage kink.

He had duly ordered some bondage paraphernalia from an online sex shop, but had the boxes discretely delivered to his office rather than to the house. Sneaking the parcels inside without her seeing them, and stashing them somewhere she wouldn’t find them had been tricky, but he hoped it would be well worth his subterfuge. His cock had been rock hard all morning just anticipating her excitement and arousal.

“Wait, sweetheart,” he moaned as her tongue swept up and down the length of his shaft. “This is just the first of your gifts. I want to keep my powder dry for you.”

With a frustrated grumble, she let him slip from between her lips. His cock bobbed and twitched as she rose to her feet and kissed him softly on the lips. He could taste the salty musk of his prick on her mouth.

“You’re right, darling. Let’s go downstairs for some breakfast, and then we can continue the celebrations. Don’t bother dressing, either. I think a naked birthday feast would be a lovely way to start the day.”

A knowing, seductive smile played on her lips as she took his hand and led him down to the kitchen, still nude and with his erection beginning ever-so-slightly to deflate.

As they entered the kitchen, he was surprised to see that the venetian blinds were closed tight, an essential oil burner was perched on the counter, and one of their reception chairs was set in the middle of the room. There, attached to the legs and arm-rests of the chair, were the wrist and ankle cuffs he had ordered. All four cuffs were connected with a thick chain. Propped upright against the back of the chair was a slim black crop with a shiny leather tongue, another of his online purchases.

“Aha,” he chuckled, a fresh surge of hot blood causing him to engorge. “I guess I didn’t hide them as well as I thought I did. Happy birthday, baby.”

She leaned close to him, her fingers trailing down his abdomen and down to grip his thrumming erection. With a firm squeeze that made his arsehole pucker and his balls throb, she put her mouth to his ear and whispered menacingly, “Thank you, dear. But today I am not ‘baby’. You are to call me Mistress. Now, sit down like a good boy and let Mistress enjoy her birthday gift.”

©️ Jupiter Grant, 2021

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