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The Benefits of Morning Sex and Why You Should Go for It

by Peeping_Soul about a year ago in sexual wellness
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Is Morning Sex Better Than Sex at Night?

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Cameron Diaz was at her wicked best when she said.

"The best time of day for sex is anytime because it's sex."

Sure, most sex is pretty great. But there’s something about it being the first thing you do all day that makes doing the deed that much better. Yes, really, hear me out.

Think of it, there is something special about doing it in the morning.

Sex that’s not preceded by a date, no flirty banter, no drinking, or even sexual tension building throughout the day. It’s sex without taking off layers of clothes, sex without makeup, sex without brushing teeth, mouthwash, or breath mints. It’s sex au naturel. it’s just about bodies, sensations, and desire.

And in the morning haze, when you are at your most vulnerable and still easing into the day, waking up next to your partner may give you all the right warm fuzziness.

Morning sex is just like eating a sinful chocolate cake for breakfast, decadent, indulgent, and comforting. Plus, is there any harm to linger in bed just a little longer?

As Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the “@SexWithDrJess” podcast tells us.

“If you have a penis, morning wood, also known as nocturnal penile tumescence, is part of your regular sleep pattern, and you likely get erections several times per night. When you’re awake, the neurotransmitter norepinephrine constricts the blood vessels of the penis to restrict blood flow and prevent erections. While you sleep, your levels of norepinephrine drop and allow extra blood to flow to the penis, resulting in the morning wood — which you can put to good use during morning sex.”

And, you were going to shower anyway, right? Well, now you actually have something worth washing off. Plus, starting your day off with a big bowl of Os (shared orgasms of course!!) can give your productivity a boost during the day. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 45 percent of men and women who dabble in A.M. romps support this claim.

And here are some amazing benefits of an invigorating session of morning sex.

You will feel ready to take on the day

According to one 2010 study, having sex in the morning can make you feel upbeat for the rest of the day.

“Having sex in the morning releases oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone,” says sexpert Emily Morse. “Oxytocin makes you feel more connected with your partner and more loved. These warm feelings will stay with you throughout the day or at least throughout the morning commute.”

And additionally, studies have shown that increased levels of oxytocin are correlated with higher levels of life satisfaction and lower levels of depression.

And who would not wish to kick-start their day with an orgasm!

You can skip the gym

Morning sex can be as potent as hitting the gym every morning.

In fact, according to a 2014 study published by the Public Library of Science that observed 20 heterosexual couples, aged 18 to 35, who had sex once a week for a month and jogged on a treadmill for 30 minutes, men and women both gained a better workout from having sex.

Think about it. Research has shown that a single session in the bedroom can burn as much as 200 calories. So, if you have sex at least 5 times a week early in the morning, then you would end up burning an extra 1000 calories every week.

Wow !! that is not bad as you are also doing something you enjoy while building on your health.

You can look a lot younger

Yes, as it turns out, sex can help trigger and release anti-aging hormones in your body. These hormones are called DHEA and they help you look younger even as you age. Studies have shown that a body’s DHEA levels can rise as much as 5 times after an orgasm.

You will also have a nice, natural glow throughout the day as climaxing also releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen, which can improve the tone and texture of your skin and hair.

And a bonus is that DHEA also helps build muscle and bone naturally.

It is a stress buster

Sex in the morning can get you off to a great stress-free start.

According to a 2014 survey by the University of Cincinnati, morning sex is a natural stress-reliever, and its effects can last for seven days or more. Dopamine and serotonin are the two hormones that are released when you have sex which are majorly stress releasers. Additionally, morning sex can increase levels of IgA, an antibody that helps to fight against infection.

And after you climax, these hormones create a feel-good mood that will stick with you long after your last morning moan. So, you are all set to take on those bloody Monday morning blues.

It will strengthen your relationship

After sex, she is completely open and vulnerable to you. Don’t squander this wonderful opportunity to display your affection and deepen your connection with her.

As Emily Morse tells us.

"During sex of any kind, you release oxytocin, the cuddle chemical. It’s a hormone that fosters a sense of love and attachment, meaning when you have morning sex specifically, you'll feel more connected to your partner all day afterward,"

Getting naughty between the sheets before sunlight works like magic on your relationship. You feel more comfortable and at ease with yourself which reflects on your relationship with her.

By spending your first waking moments engaged in sexual behavior, the moment you turn on your brain, you will be able to start your day by giving a fresh and memorable twist to your relationship.

Last thoughts

So, it is time to change your lifestyle now,

So instead of going about the same, old mundane routine:

waking up->rubbing your eyes->hitting the snooze button->rolling over and taking a nap again

Do this……....

Wake up->shut the annoying alarm sound->roll over to her side->do some brilliant and smooth morning sex.

Start off with a new kind of greeting: "Good morning sex!"—and see how much better your day goes. And an added benefit is that your sex life will be more appealing, exciting, and healthier.

You will feel its force like a bomb exploding within your mind every time you do it, rather than a mundane chore to be completed just for the sake of it.

As Amy Bloom has rightly said.

“Great sex is not a pleasant soak in the tub, with the scented candle burning. Great sex is more like a bomb exploding inside your right mind.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and learned something new from this article. If so, leave a like and a tip if you super-liked what you have read just now. See you - Mythili

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