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The 9 to 5 Sixty Nine Room!


By Kai StormPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

There is a point where you have to spill all the tea

Put everybody's business out in these streets G

Not mentioning names or showing receipts

You know who you are & the shit goes deep!

9 to 5 Sixty Nine Room Who's ALL THE WAY UP?!

I've never seen anything like this before at any of the jobs I've had in my life....but apparently it exists. A room in the office specifically designed for people to take a minute to themselves, to take a catnap, to lay down if feeling ill; a quiet room—what a brilliant idea. The first time I went into the quiet room was just to check it out, see how it was laid out, and of course, take a selfie because I had to let all my social media friends know about this. A little showing off—you know how that goes. The second time though, I had to use the quiet room for a real reason. The night prior, I indulged in a lot of liquor and good times with my friends so I was at work feeling like shit on a stick. I didn't even want to eat lunch, I just wanted to use up my whole lunch break in the quiet room recovering/taking a nap. I was laying there so comfortably as sleep came as soon as I closed my eyes. It felt so good...I mean really good to the point where I got horny. Usually when I feel like this, I automatically DO THE DO and handle my situation because holding an orgasm is bad for your health (like The Rock used to say, "it doesn't matter" if that's true or not, I believe it to be. OKAY!), but I was at work and the last thing I wanted to do was get fired because I was caught masturbating at work (I know someone who that happened to and, of course, that's another show like Jerry Springer says, AND OH YES, to answer my own question in a previous blog, Jerry Springer IS STILL on TV. Crazy right?! MOVING ON). I decided that before I made any moves, I should do a full "spy check" on the quiet room. I looked at every nook & crevice of the room, checking for cameras and/or listening devices, found nothing, then I calmed myself with the thought: why would there be a camera in here to watch people sleep? I chalked it up to my mind playing tricks on me and moved on to what I needed, which was a relaxing, anxiety-ridding orgasm. I unbuttoned my blouse, released my cinnamon brown and bubbly breasts, unbuttoned & took off my linen pants and panties, then laid down on the long couch bed. My chocolate legs were spread like Nutella on toast with one hand massaging my already erect nipples and the other was deep in my caramel waterfalls. The nut came so fast and strong, I had to control myself in order not to moan out loud...shit, last thing I wanted was for somebody walking past the quiet room to hear me in here moaning like a whore...but that nut was ridiculously good—so good that a devilish smile spread across my face to the point where I asked myself....has anyone else ever done this in here?! It was a mystery that I planned to solve like Scooby-Doo.

I waited a couple of days to pass before I slipped into the quiet room and installed a mobile live transmitting wireless 3G button camera behind the hanging calendar that faced the long couch bed. I set it to automatically take pictures of any movement which, once taken, would upload to the corresponding app on my phone. I left it in there for one whole week and I have to say, it was hard to ignore the notifications on my phone every time the camera took a picture, but I did. I wanted to wait till the end of the week to check out my findings in the privacy of my own home. Oh boy, were the findings extremely good and juicy?! Hell to the yes!

Everyone....and when I say everyone....I do mean EVERY single person in that office used the quiet room to masturbate, fuck, straight up be nasty and do all the dirty deeds that you could in a space of twenty minutes or less. After all, not one of the occupants could risk being in there too long as the possibility of getting caught with your pants down (literally) would increase. There were pictures of people pulling out cell phones and tablets to jerk off to porno on mute, secret quickies, and even a very juicy threesome. By the time I was done looking through all of the pictures, I had to pull out the big boy, aka MANDIE (my extra huge dildo), and shall I say, handle my situation. All of it was extremely erotic/a total turn on.

When I went in the next day to take down the camera, I thought about leaving it up there to see what else I could get. Maybe I might catch a picture that I could use as a receipt in case I was denied a promotion or a raise. You never know, right?!

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