That Sweet Flower Scent

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A Nympho Fragrance I Miss

That Sweet Flower Scent

I was at work one day and a security guard brought me a note. He said it was from the wife of this guy that worked in the front office. She was on the security detail as well. I knew the guy in the front office, but I didn’t know his wife. I had seen her and told him that she was beautiful, and I’m sure he’s a happy man. He kind of looked at me and nodded as if to say, thank you, without saying thank you. It was sort of a Twilight Zone type look. The note said that she was collecting donations for some cause and she wanted to make a pitch at me. She asked could she have my phone number. I sent my phone number and later that day she called me. It turns out that she didn’t have anything to pitch at me other than herself. She said she thought I was attractive and she wanted to get to know me. We were on the first shift and her husband was on the second shift working in inventory control.

Her name was Zoe. Zoe was a very dark sister with dark eyes. She had wide shoulders and narrow hips. Plenty of ass behind but narrow hips. She was top-heavy with big brownie brown breast that were hard to keep in her uniform. You could see the middle buttons pulling on her shirt really bad like they were going to pop. She explained to me how lonely she was with her husband being on the second shift. She said it was okay if she had friends. He didn’t mind. She could even visit my home. I was leery of that so I put her off. Zoe kept calling and sending notes on the job. I saved some of the notes because they were slightly inappropriate to be coming from a guy’s wife. Zoe kept calling me after work and asking could she come over to my house and visit. She said she was lonely and she just really wanted to play some music and talk. You know, just have a friend. I was lonely myself, I gave in. I said, “Yeah, come on over then.” She did. She came to my house and I let her in, offered her a seat, and we started to small talk. Somehow the conversation led to her saying that she never had her pussy ate before. I found that hard to believe but she swore up and down it was true. Zoe asked me would I eat her pussy so that she would know what it felt like.

I said, “No." She got up out of her seat and straddled me on the sofa and started trying to kiss me. I was turning my head from side to side to avoid kissing her. Zoe reached into her blouse and came out with one of those big brown breasts with an even darker areola and nipple.

She held it up in my face and said, “Please baby." Straddled, I looked at that breast for about five seconds and then started sucking that titty like I was starving! All the clothes came off and I sucked Zoe and fucked her good right on the sofa. I felt so goddamned guilty after it was over. The next day at work I caught her husband coming in on the second shift and gave him the notes that Zoe had been sending me. I told him that his wife was saying inappropriate things to me and that he should probably pay more attention to her as I think she’s lonely. I didn’t tell him I had blazed that pussy yesterday. I was thinking that was it, it's over. The next day, Zoe asked me why I did that.

She handed me back the notes I had given her husband and said, “You know I’m going to fuck you again." I was just looking at her and trying to put together what had just happened. That was just the beginning of a long whirlwind sexual relationship with Zoe. Zoe was a nymphomaniac. She couldn’t get enough dick no matter how much I fucked her. Zoe was multi-orgasmic. She could cum back to back in short cycles, very easily. I would get Zoe started on the bed, back off, and watch her cum by herself for ten minutes straight or more. She would fuck me hard and long, but her pussy would never dry and she knew how to bring me back, time and time again.

Zoe and I became an item on the job, everybody knew about us and her husband never approached us. Zoe and I went to concerts, movies, dinner, the UniverSoul Circus twice. She traveled to Detroit with me. Zoe knew my mother and siblings. She knew my children. I don’t know what it would be like to be married to a nymphomaniac but having one available was wonderful. Zoe’s sex drive was so strong and overpowering that she had an incubus. Zoe would talk as though she hated when he came, but he only came because she needed him. The incubus is an answer to her need, created in her mind, by her.

Zoe was in her late forties and when she saw that our sexual relationship was tapering off, she faked a pregnancy and demanded $1,800 to terminate it. I was in the last six years of my time before retirement and that news was devastating to me. I kept thinking about twenty years of child support, even coming out of my pension payment after I retire. Some of my co-workers were telling me she’s full of it and just trying to rip you off, but hell, it was me who was rolling the dice. One day I went to the market on my lunch hour and purchased an over the counter pregnancy test and brought it back to work. I asked Zoe to go into the ladies room and take the test. She pretended to be insulted and walked away patting her stomach like a mother to be. I gave Zoe $900 and told her I would give her the other $900 if she proved she was pregnant. The pregnancy just disappeared after that, along with the $900. Everybody knew I got took but it was worth the $900 to get peace of mind. Amen.

For me, Zoe brought the saying to life, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."

One Iam
One Iam
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