That Fetish for Hairy Vagina

by Brandi Payne 10 months ago in fetishes

My husband just loves it.

That Fetish for Hairy Vagina

I am the kind of woman who used to keep myself shaved everywhere all the time. It was my way of being neat and clean and hygienic. Plus, most guys loved a shaved vagina until I met my current husband. He was not into seeing shaved vaginas. It reminded him of the woman being a young girl and it grossed him out.

He figures a grown woman should keep the hair that grew on her vagina, but keep her legs and underarms shaved. Sometimes I wonder why, but then again, every man’s perspective is different from one another. I keep it trimmed but it is still bushy.

I found out the first time we had sexual intercourse and my vagina was shaved that he wouldn’t even pleasure me orally because I had no hair down there. His fetish seems to be a hairy vagina which I can now understand because I am bisexual, and I have had my female relationships and I prefer a hairy bush to a shaved.

I love the softness of a bush and the way it smells sending off those pheromones. It is very attractive to see a naked woman showing her hairy vagina and even when the hair sticks out the side of her panties. It gives something to play with.

I finally gave in and allowed y bush to grow which it took a couple months for it to be a hairy bush like he wants it. So, I was denied oral pleasure until the bush was thick enough. When it finally reached that point, our first engagement was out of this world.

He woke me up one morning being playful and caressing me. He knows that I sleep naked next to him at night and it gives him easy access. Well, I woke up to him rubbing on my breasts and my whole body and I felt his erect penis pressing against my thigh which I knew he was turned on at that point.

He knew I was awake and pulled the covers back off of me and gently spread my legs. He got down between them on his knees and sat there playing with my hairy vagina. He rubbed his hand over it and played with my hairy bush. I couldn’t wait to feel his lips between my hairy lips.

I know that he must be awesome orally pleasuring and I can’t wait. I laid there and watched him rub that bush and could see his mind at work on what he wanted to do to that hairy vagina. He leaned down and pushed his face directly into my mound surrounding it with my soft dark brown hair.

I felt his lips grabbing at the hair and sucking on it. He could feel my clitoris swelling beneath him from the warmth of his breath. Then, he began kissing my hairy mound and sucking on my vaginal lips. Once he enjoyed that, I felt his tongue slide right between my hairy labia. It felt so good feeling his tongue that it made me juice a little more.

He was savoring the flavor of my juices in my pubic hair. He licked around my hairy vagina and moaned while he was being aroused. It had finally come to the point where he could orally pleasure me, and he enjoys it just as much as I do.

He licked my hairy vagina all around and made me orgasm into his mouth and while I was still having my orgasm, he rubbed his face all into my hairy vagina and spread my juices in that hairy bush. It was awesome finding out that my husband has a fetish for hairy vaginas.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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