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by Tuesday Daily 4 days ago in erotic

Natty is thankful for Josh

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My best friend, Mallory & her family invited me over for a family dinner. I’m ecstatic. I get all fancy and make my way to her house.

Fuck, there he is, Josh answered the door and I instantly get hot and bothered. He looks so fucking delicious in his dressy clothes; nice form fitting slacks, outlining his amazing cock and a red, fitted, button up that just made him reek of sexiness.

I haven't seen Josh since I basically threw myself at him a couple weeks ago.

"Sup?" He asks.

"Hey, hi, nothing. Just here to eat", I reply, my heart racing and my brain begging me not to say anything stupid.

He leans in a whispers, "to eat or be eaten?”, he then runs his hand gently across the inside of my thigh.

Oh my God, this man is kryptonite.

I slightly moan, then, slide past Josh and make my way to everyone.

Dinner time!

I have a seat by Mallory and Josh sits by me.

Oh God, I can smell his cologne and I can still taste his kisses.

As we're all enjoying our delicious meal, I feel fingertips creep up my thigh...slowly, teasingly.

Stay focused, Natty. Move his hand away, I tell myself.

However, no matter how many times my brain tells my hand to move his... I can't, I don't. I really like his hand on me, his skin on mine, his fingers so close to my pussy.

"This is delicious", Josh states, as his fingers slide right along my slit.

Mmmm. I should stop him. This isn’t the place.

I grab his hand and begin to move it. He reverses it and grabs my hand, putting it in his lap.

His cock is pulsating. Rock hard. Ready.

I almost cum with just the thought of him being inside me again.

Thank God, dinner is over and I didn't have an orgasm in front of my best friend's entire family.

Mallory invited me up to her room for a bit before I head home.

"Hey, Natty, come tell me bye before you leave. I won't be coming again until Christmas", Josh says as he disappears to his room in the basement.

Well, it's time for me to go. I say bye to everyone and then begin my decent to the basement.

I knock and Josh instantly answers.

He grabs my arm and pulls me in his room, locking his door behind me.

He flings me to his bed and falls on top of me, kissing me so deeply.

"Wanna cum before you go?"

"Yes, please", I say, I meant to say no but I didn't. I can't. I want him inside me. I need to cum with him again.

"Ok, Natty but we don't have much time."

He flips me over, lifts my skirt all the way up. Rips my panties down and shoves his fingers in me.

Mmmm... this is so wrong but feels so good. It's my best friend's brother but as long as it's a secret, it'll be fine.

He pulls his cock out and runs it along my slit, I'm so wet that I'm dripping.

Josh noticed too because he stopped.

Oh my God.

He's licking up my thigh and across my soaked pussy. Then with no warning, he shoves his dick into me.

"Oh, God" I moan.

He leans over my back puts his hand over my mouth and whispers "shh”.

He's thrusting so deep and hard and I want to scream in pleasure. I try but his hand is still over my mouth.

Pounding, pounding, pounding into me. I'm cumming all over his cock, cum pouring down my thigh.

He's thrusting deeper, harder.

Oh my God.

Then, together we explode.

That was so amazing. I get to my feet, trying catch my breath. I have to go back upstairs, through his family, to leave.

"Ok, Josh, I have to go. Where are my panties?"

He kisses me and whispers in my ear, "I'm keeping them. I'll see you at Christmas and I'll make sure that we have more time to enjoy each other. I can’t wait to see you again, my dirty little secret."

Flabbergasted, I leave with no panties, full of cum, and completely satisfied.

I can't wait for Christmas!

Maybe it'll cum early...


Tuesday Daily

I enjoy writing and have for a very long time. I think I have a knack for it, just no direction. I prefer to write erotica. Other styles to keep my brain fresh. Enjoy reading my work.

Tips are appreciated but absolutely not necessary.

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