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by Baby Girl 5 months ago in relationships
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Sex Demons of the night

Damon pulled Meg into the corner of the office where they couldn’t be seen, pushed her against the wall and kissed her. His hands venturing her body, grasping each curve. Meg places innocent kisses down the side of his neck towards his throat. Damon’s breath gets heavy, they start kissing again and Meg let’s out a little moan from the intense heat of the moment. She stops him, and expresses she needs a moment to “chill” before she can’t fight her

Meg’s POV:

I’ve never wanted someone as badly as I wanted Damon that day, every little thing hit me just right and made me ever hotter for him. Even our argument at work, I wanted to take him right there in the office. While I was waiting for the clock to strike 11 so I could leave, I couldn’t stop thinking of how much I wanted him. I felt the redness in my cheeks, the darkness in my eyes intensify. Thinking of his hands running down my body, running my fingers through his hair as he kissed me feeling myself getting excited with each thought as the closer it got to 11.

We made it to my house, and I walk into my room, Damon is laid on my bed in only his underwear as he pats for me to lay next to him. He holds me for a minute, and as I feel his touch around me I sit up and say “This isn’t sex!” I pushed him on his back and got on top of him, we kissed I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. His hand running all over my body, I pull off his underwear, “Damn. You want it bad” he said, I make my way back to his waist. I lick his shaft up and down getting it wet, I take my hand and start sliding up and down as I take his head in my mouth. I stroke and suck, I finally have him where I wanted him on my bed, and his dick in my mouth. He whispers under his breath, pulling my hair back watching me. He sits up real quick, pulls my head up and says “Stop. We’re not finished”, and pulls me on top of him. I position myself over him, waiting for him to insert, he pulls me down and says “Not yet.” My lips surround his shaft as I rub myself up and down it, letting my clit feel the stimulation. I’m soaked, you can hear my wetness as I give one last slide and beg him to put it in. He looks me in the eye, “Put it in yourself”. I did.

I start riding up and down on his dick, his hands grab my waist and hold me as I’m riding. He whispers “Fuck” under his breath, I speed up, look at him and say “Switch”. Damon pushes me onto my back, and takes control. He’s thrusting deep and hard, and all want is more. He pulls my legs up higher on his body, getting deeper and harder. He places one hand around my throat, takes his other and rubs my clit as he thrusts harder. I pull him in deeper, scratching down his back, I feel my peak rise and I move in sync with him as he leans his body on mine thrusting as fast as he can as he reaches his own peak. I scream out as I release, followed by his breathy “Fuck”. We lay there a moment, then Damon says “The way you pulled my underwear off was honestly hot as fuck, I felt so wanted in that moment. Just like when you kiss me that way you do, I’ve never had someone genuinely want me like you do and it feels so amazing to feel that way for once.”

Meg got up to get dressed, and Damon pulled her back on the bed beside him. “Don’t, I just want to lay here with you” he said, Meg continued to get up to put on her bra and panties; Damon pulls her on top of him and says “No. Don’t cover up. I love your body, as he kisses her scars from her surgery”. They lay there in each other’s arms, in that moment everything was right with the world for Meg. She knew, he’s the one I will spend the rest of my life with. He is my forever.


About the author

Baby Girl

I’m still working to get where I want to be as a writer, that’s why I’m focusing solely on short stories. I intend to try and move towards other topics, but for now all I have successfully written are erotic stories.

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