Surprise Encounter

by Amanda Tucker 2 years ago in fiction

An Unexpected Visit From Her Sir...

Surprise Encounter

He walked into her work, knowing the layout since their lunch a few weeks ago. She was just getting off work and He knew she had some time today because she was supposed to go shopping after work. She even walked right past Him, lost in her own little world trying to rush out and get everything done since it was so close to the holidays. A little upset that she had just walked right past Him, He quickly turned around and was on her heels.

She turned the corner, going passed the copy room. He grabbed her by the elbow… startled, she started to shrug Him off, then looked up wide-eyed realizing who it was and what she must have done. She wasn’t expecting Him today, or here. He closed the door behind them, already sure most everyone had left and no one should be coming in there. He took her phone and placed it in her coat pocket, removing the tie He found there and then removed her coat and set it aside.

She could tell from the look, she was going to pay for past transgressions. She started to drop to her knees prepared for any of the possible thoughts that were running through His head at that moment, but as she started to drop He caught her gently but securely by the throat and lifted her back up. “Did I tell you to move yet, my pet?” His voice rough, edged with aggravation.

She shook her head, “No Sir,” her eyes downcast expressing her submission. “Then I would suggest you don’t.” He whispered close to her ear. He released her neck to walk around the room and see if there were any items of interest to use or have her use. He quickly found what He expected and with a smile on His face, picked up a couple binder clips from the bin. “Hands behind you,” he demanded, she complied and placed her hands behind her back. He placed the clips on His pants pocket while He used the tie to bind her hands securely. Walking around to face her again, He unbuttoned her shirt and moved her bra aside exposing her beautiful, plump breasts. Grabbing a nipple He placed a clip on it, then the other one, she did her best not to flinch as these were smaller and therefore tighter than she had used in the past. He then reached down to unbutton her pants and let them fall to her ankles. Leaving her standing there shirt opened, breasts exposed, pants down, and only her thong covering her delicate area.

“On your knees now, little girl,” He ordered. She was on her knees in only a few seconds, her only desire was to please Him with her obedience considering the look she had gotten and already partially displeasing Him by not waiting for his instruction. He grabbed her hair firmly, pulling her head back a little as He positioned Himself in front of her. “No biting or teeth no matter how much you want to, understand.” He made it an instruction more than a question, “Now open up my pet.” She opened her mouth just in time for Him to push her head onto His cock. He wasn’t fully hard yet, but it didn’t take long with her sucking and licking as He moved her head up and down His now hard cock. Once He was fully hard and she had gotten that cock nice and wet, He pulled her off His cock and still holding her hair pulled her up on her feet, and she followed the cue without fail. He carefully walked her, due to her pants still being around her ankles, to the workspace table in the back of the room, “Don’t move unless I tell you,” He said as he untied her hands and then moved them Himself to above her head, and re-tied them allowing an extra length of tie that He then tied to the steel pipe that ran across the wall just above the back of the table. He moved behind her and after a moment of some sounds she couldn’t quite decipher, He grabbed her ass and rubbed His throbbing cock on her ass just before pushing Himself in. She tensed for a moment, not expecting His size or full length so quickly. He leaned forward, grabbed her hair once more pulling her head back again, arching her back… "Relax my dear,” He whispered. One hand in her hair and one hand on the top of her ass He began the motion, moving a little faster, harder, deeper each time. She was doing her best to use her hands on the wall to stabilize herself as He moved harder into her. She also fought the urge to moan as it felt so good.

“Remember, you must ask before you cum my pet. There are consequences if you cum without permission.” Consequences she knew all too well from a previous encounter where she got caught up in the moment and forgot to ask... she not only was not allowed to cum for two weeks, but she also had to repeatedly wear her clamps on her clit for set times. He kept pounding her ass for what seemed like an hour, she was ready to cum for Him. “Sir, may I please cum for you?” she asked taking shorter breaths as she got closer and closer to the edge. “Yes, cum for me. Cum hard for me, I want to feel it.” He replied. She came and as she did he took His hand from her ass and removed the clips from her nipples and the release caused a much harder orgasm. She jerked a little at the force the orgasm suddenly had, and the more He played and pulled on her nipples the longer and harder she came. “Thank you Sir.” she tried to whisper to keep from yelling it. Still pounding her ass, and as she passed the three minute mark of constant orgasm, He finally released His hot and heavy load into her. As He pulled out, He reminded her to breath and calm herself back down.

He dropped something in the trash as He buttoned His pants and readjusted His shirt all before untying her from the pipe and then releasing her hands. He kissed both of her nipples after she stood up, her beautiful red nipples. Admiring the marks on them from the clips, then carefully pulled her bra back up to cover her lovely chest, re-buttoned her shirt for her, and pulled her pants back up so that she could fasten them and finish adjusting herself back to the professional look He enjoyed seeing when He wasn’t undressing her….

He placed a hand at the small of her back and walked her back towards the door to assist her with her coat and place the tie and now clips into her coat pocket, possibly for another time. “Would you like me to walk you to your car my dear, safety first.” She smiled and nodded as He said as he continued to walk with her to the parking garage, and to her car. The light “SMACK” to her ass made her jump a bit...still oversensitized from what had just occurred. He smiled as He made His way to His car after seeing her safely in hers. His last thought before leaving… "Until next time my pet..."

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