SubSays: The "Dom Look"

That Piercing Stare That Seeps into Your Soul

SubSays: The "Dom Look"

If there are any fellow submissives reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about already. It's that look. That domineering, predatory stare that feels like He's taken arrows and shot them through your eyeballs and into your heart, which stops beating momentarily. You feel as though your heart or lungs will not work again until he takes the stare off of you. You realize that you forgot to breathe and inhale a little too quickly. He notices.

That beautiful, intense gaze as He looks down at you while you're on your knees. The owning stare, like a predator claiming vulnerable prey. He has his chin tilted down, his eyes are slightly squinted and locked on yours, mouth slightly agape. He’s brooding over you with a stance so ready to pounce. From here, you wonder whether He’s going through all the elements of the play that will ensue or just staring at you because He knows that you love it when he observes your every move. In that moment, you realize that this scene is going to be something amazing, just full of energy and emotion. Thank you for this stare.

But you know that stare you get when you’re about to receive punishment too, don't you? That stare becomes much more harsh and devilish when He looks at you, bearing pain and degradation in his features. The moment you realize every bad thing you've ever done, with and without Him, and panic for a slight moment. It would not be exaggerating to say that parts of your life flash before your eyes, and you get anxious with worry about what you’ve done, just praying that He’ll explain. But… little submissive, are you sure you don't find comfort in that stare? To the oncoming punishment? How lovely it is that you wish to be punished by Him, to be valued and trained as you are. In a way, this stare and this punishment is your reward. Thank you for this stare as well.

Then there's the loving stare, when you know that you are owned and you are His, and that you've been good. Face to face, your eyes open and wondering, with His eyes claiming the wills and whims from right within you. Then you know that you will never leave Him, and that you find renewed pleasure in belonging to Him. Or how about as you’re laying down, ready to go to sleep, and his eyes and gaze are locked on yours. You find galaxies where you thought there were only stars, and you know that if you were to begin something here, it would only grow and manifest to create wonderful, possible and wicked things.

My dear Sir, I could look into Your stare forever.


I wondered then, where could this predatorial look come from? Is it simply the Dominant stalking his prey?

Then I realized why I love His look so much. It means that I am His, and I am under His control.

Consider this small part of a scene. You Dominant/Domme walks towards you with a crop in their hand, as you kneel in the corner of a room. They order you to turn around, and stare down at you with such need to play, your mind goes completely wild with what the full scene will include.

Consider this other small part of a scene. When you say the word “Yes” as your Dom shows you a new toy, agreeing to play with it.

But how can we disregard a Dom’s smile? The sheer pleasure that comes across Their face when you’ve done something well, or when They’ve had fun in a scene. I think that makes it all worth it. Sir, thank you for your smile. You brighten my life.

Lorah Catherine
Lorah Catherine
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