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stranger pt.10

short story

By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
stranger pt.10
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Once i was on my knees i looked up at him and opened my mouth as wide as i could having read some of the guidelines on how to be a good submissive. Apparently what i was doing was making him happy because he gave me his little smirk that drives me wild and he grabbed ahold of his cock and pulled it out from the confinements of his pants. He held his semi hard member in his hand and he looked down at me and growled low which only sent a shiver up my spine and caused me to sit up straighter.

" Beg for it baby girl."

he said in a low tone that i barely could make out his words but i would try my best at what he wanted. I took a slow breath in as i prepared for what i could say or think of to say to him that would let me have his cock deep inside of my own throat.

" Daddy, please let me suck on your cock. Please let me feel your massive length grow in my throat as i pleasure you, Please daddy may i taste you.?"

I did the best i could with what i had thought sounded sexy to me, I seemed to work cause he moved closer to me and gripped my hair in his hand firmly and smacked his cock across my mouth. And this time when i opened my mouth as wide as i could he blessed me with his cock inside of my mouth. I moaned softly as he slowly slid his cock inside of my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock sucking and licking on him. Pressing my tongue up against him so that way his head would rub against the ridges on the roof of my mouth. I heard him let out a low groan of pleasure, and i slid him deeper inside of my throat. I pushed him hard into the back of my throat and began gagging on his cock and making soft gagging noises muffled by his cock in my mouth.

'oh god he is so big i didnt realized just how big he was till he was in my mouth but i dont want to stop cause he tastes so good. ' I thought to my self as i moved my head over him slowly and deeply pushing him father into my throat then before causing him to moan and growl out in pleasure causing me to become wetter then i was before. His cock now fully hard in my throat making me wish he was pounding my wet folds. I began to move my head over him faster pushing him harder into my mouth and throat and sticking my tongue out while he was deep inside my mouth.

While i moved my mouth over him causing him to move in and out of my mouth faster and harder. His body began to shake and i could tell he was getting closer to his climax, when he pulled my hair back away from him removing his cock from my mouth leaving a long stream of spit connecting the tip of his cock to my tongue just by that one long line of saliva. I looked up at him in confusion and pouted because i was fully enjoying worshiping his cock.

"Get on the couch baby girl on your hands and knees."

He growled out and i quickly moved into position. Once i was in that position i felt him nudge my legs apart the anticipation was killing me i wanted him inside me i wanted him deeply inside me. I felt his hands run up my thighs and touch my wet folds and i softly whimpered. I turned to look at him over my shoulder and i saw that smirk. What was he going to do.? i thought to my self. And then, I saw him lean down and i felt his tongue on my wet wanton folds. I gasped out loud and moaned loudly as i felt his tongue slide deep inside of my folds and pushing against my entrance my legs began to shake from how much i was enjoying the feel of him playing with me. He moved lower and began to lick my clit and i cried out in bliss. From out kiss i knew he knew how to use his tongue but i didnt think it would feel this fucking amazing against me. He pulled away and the next thing i knew his fingers were playing with me. They began a slow circle motion over my clit making my legs quake and quiver as he teased me. And then slowly he slid his fingers up my folds and pushed them inside of my entrance penetrating me and causing me to moan out louder then before and i lowered my top half of my body and enjoyed his thorough playing. I moaned, i gasped, I whimpered and began to breath heavily. He was bringing me so close to my climax with just his fingers and i swear i was about to cum all over his hand before he pulled his hand away and stopped playing with me. I groaned out in protest and then i felt his knees on the sofa between my legs and i felt the head of his hardened cock press slightly against my entrance.

"How badly do you want me inside of you baby girl."

He growled out while leaning over me to growl it in my ear.

" I want you in me so bad daddy please. Please daddy fuck me, fuck me and make me your dirtly little cum slut."

I begged and pleaded to him. My body on fire wanting to just be able to feel release. Any thing at this point i just wanted him inside of me so badly that i was about to take this into my own hands if he didnt take me and take me soon.

"Good Girl."

He growled and then i felt it. I felt him push hard popping my cherry and i cried out in pain and bliss. After about five hard pushes the pain began to sub side and it became unbareably pleasurable. My body rocked with his every thrust. And all i could do was moan out loudly and pant hard as he roughly fucked my wet vagina. His cock stretching me and making me fit him and only him. My body shaking from the strain of being in that position for an extended amount of time but i didnt care. This is what it felt like to have sex with some one and i loved it. I dont want it to stop but im about to cum all over his massive cock. I bit the pillow infront of me hard trying to not cum but i think he knew and he pushed harder and faster in and out of my tight wet pussy walls as the clenched and unclenched around him I was panting so hard and i almost for got to ask if i could cum. So i began to beg.

"Daddy im so close may.... may i please cum all over daddys thick hard massive cock. Please daddy. please let me cum on you daddy."

I had begged as he kept pounding me harder and faster from behind. The next thing i knew his hand was on my throat and began to squeeze softly causing me to gasp and moan out at the unknown pleasure i was feeling from this action.

"Mmm yes baby girl cum all over daddys cock."

He growled in my ear and began fucking me so roughly that all i could do was shake and spasm from the pleasure he was giving me. And i came, I came so hard that i was shaking and i knew he hadnt come yet and as i was cumming he released my throat causing my orgasm to be more intense then what i thought it was going to be. And still he pounded inside of me and when i thought he may stop he didnt. His hand slid from my neck down my back and around my hips as he began to play with my clit.

"OH FUCK!!!!"

i cried out and moaned as he started fingering my clit faster causing my body to shake and tremble around his massive cock inside me. I heard him moan out loudly as my pussy spasmed and clenched tighter and harder over him. He played with my clit faster and harder and he kept fucking my tight pussy and then he moaned out.

"MMMM FUCK yes... thats my baby girl. Daddys going to turn you into his little cum bucket. "

He growled out and i began to beg again.

" Yes daddy ple.....please ... make me your little cum bucket.... please daddy do it now. please.!!!!"

I begged out and panted hard as he kept fingering my clit and when i came a second time not being able to have any control over it this time i felt him cum deep inside of me as well. And when he was done shooting his full load deep inside of my wanton vagina and i cried in bliss. I heard him panting heavily behind me and when he pulled out slowly from me i felt his seed leak down my thighs .. I slowly laid down on the couch and he laid next to me. Will we be able to do this more then once, i thought to my self and he lifted me and pulled me close to him and held me as we laid there panting.

((To be continue. Thank you for the love and support. Please leave a tip and share me to the world. ))


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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