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Status Update

by Tuesday Daily 21 days ago in fiction

Chapter two of a book I'll never write

Status Update
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Mornin’! ☕ I know, I know; “Girl! It is 11am, it’s barely still morning, where have you been?” Well, I was sleeping in, like super late. It was so nice to sleep in and NOT be late for work or actually late to anything, I’m so use to being late that having no-where to go is so refreshing. Now, I’m sitting here with a nice hot mug of coffee, about to get my day started.


When I finally woke up this, like 15 minutes ago, I had a text from Marcus!

“Good Morning, Tuesday. Hope U have a great day! I’ll be heading out to Dave’s for the party around 8, I’ll hit U up when I send for the Uber. I can’t wait to have a few drinks, relax, and get to know you better. See U later, Doll.”

Okay, so it wasn’t the sweetest text in the entire world but he did use my name (which means, he remembered it), he confirmed our date for this evening and he gave me a time to be ready... with my anxiety; confirmation and a time is like one of the best ways to win my heart lol. I, honestly, was so exceedingly concerned that Marcus wasn’t going to text or contact me at all, that he could have sent some godawful, horribly spelt, zero punctuation, “[email protected]” text and I still would have said it was the greatest thing to wake up to. There is some weird draw about this man, I genuinely want to know more about him. I like how it feels to be in his presence, if that makes any sense. He makes me worry less, he calms my anxiety, and I like that.

Now, time for a whole new set of worries: What to wear – Well, it’s June, so it‘s gonna be quite warm this evening, I’ll most likely wear a shorter sundress. How to do my hair – Again, it’s June, so I think an up-do would be the best option. Light or heavy make-up – Ugh, I loathe make-up so much, I’m fine going without it but I really do like wearing it and I want to impress Marcus so make-up is TBD still. I suppose it’s time to go soak in a nice bath, exfoliate, scrub, shave and lotion up. I’ll check in with you folks before I head out for the night! Do a little something for yourself today, YOU DESERVE IT!


What is up, Party People!!?? I started the party a touch early and downed a shot or 2 of tequila already.... I am so nervous about this date, which isn’t typically like me... well, it is, but I can usually have some sort of control over it but not with this man.

Any who, I am all ready to go! I soaked in a super-hot, super bubbly, bath for what felt like forever! I exfoliated and shaved so I’m like extra silky smooth! I just scrunched some gel through my hair and threw it up into a nice, messy bun. I decided to go with my mid-thigh, flowy, white sundress with the red hibiscus floral print on it. I was going to just wear flip-flops for comfort but I really like my legs in heels so I’m gonna make my strappy black kitten heels work tonight. I went light with my makeup, but put on my bright red lip stain because it’s my favorite and the red really looks great on me. I think I’m looking super sexy and hopefully, Marcus thinks the same.

WOOHOO! He texted that his Uber is on his way!

“Just requested the Uber, it should be at my place within 10 min, so, I’ll be at ur place in about 20 minutes or so. See ya then.”

So, you know, I played it super cool and replied:

“Cool, I'll be ready, see ya in a bit.”

Oh, my goodness, it’s time! Well, almost time but close enough that my nerves are back, ugh. Another shot? No, no, I can wait to drink more once we are at the party, Marcus will just have to deal with my nervous, awkward, self until I get another drink or three in me. Okie Dokie Peeps, I’m gonna go give myself a once over in the mirror and make my way out front to wait on this Uber and Marcus. I’m sure that I won’t be back on tonight but I’ll let you know how the date went first thing in the morning! Stay Safe!


HOLY SHIT! What a fucking night, and overnight, and early morning! What a great time. I’m sure all of you are extremely curious to how my date went and why I am just now catching y’all up at 2:30pm when I left just after 8 last night.

Well, just sit on back and let me tell you a little story about how my night went with Marcus. I was waiting outside my apartment complex when Marcus and the Uber pulled up just before 8:30 last night. The Uber parked and Marcus stepped out to open the car door for me. He was wearing a fitted grey t-shirt with a V-neck; he was wearing a simple gold chain that made his chest look amazing! He was wearing some relaxed fit jeans, that fit him so very well and he pulled it all together with some nice black Lugz. He looked fucking amazing! Anyways, he got out and held the car door while I got in.

Once we were both in the backseat of the Uber, Marcus told me that I looked absolutely stunning and I told him that I thought he looked just fucking amazing. Once we pulled onto the highway, Marcus gave me this very sultry look and I could just feel sexual tension between us. Then he turned to me and said;

“I hope what I am about to do isn’t too forward but I have been wanting to do this all week...”

Before I could process what he had said, he had slid himself into the center of the back seat and leaned over me. He placed a hand on the side of my neck and kissed me, he kissed me deeply, pulling my face towards his. I uncontrollably, moaned into his mouth as his tongue parted my lips, grazing gently against my tongue. I began pressing harder into him, wanting to taste more and more of him. His hands begin running down my side and he grabs my thigh, tightly, causing me to moan in his mouth again. While kissing Marcus, the world disappeared, all I could feel was him, it was intoxicating. I finally pulled away for a breath of air and in the heat of making out, I had managed to press myself all the way onto his lap and his hands were placed just under my dress, tightly gripping my thighs.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry, I guess I got a little carried away,” I shyly express when I realize that I am straddling Marcus.

“Don’t be sorry, Sexy, I am very much enjoying myself,” Marcus states with a deviant look in his eyes.

He grabs my hips hard and presses me into him as he kisses me again. I follow his lead and kiss him back. We can’t get enough of each other, I begin grinding on his lap, I can feel him growing hard under me. I moan as I feel his hard bulge press against my panties. His hands now digging into my ass, like he can’t get enough of me. Just as his fingers begin to graze the edge of my underwear, the Uber stops... We had arrived at our destination.

We gain some composure of ourselves as we exit the Uber and thank the driver for the ride. Marcus pulls out his phone, opens the Uber app and tips the guy. We head towards the house, although, I’d much rather just hop back in that Uber and make out with Marcus more. Marcus grabs my hand as we reach the porch, the front door is open and you can see people randomly throughout the house. We enter and head to the kitchen where there is a guy pouring shots on the counter.

“What up Dave?” Marcus exclaims, loudly.

“Marcus, there you are! Glad you made it,” says the guy, Dave, the party thrower and home owner.

“This is Tuesday, the girl that I told you I was bringing out.”

“Ah, yes, Tuesday. The girl that wouldn’t have any luck if it wasn’t for bad luck,” Dave says, “You said you were bringing her but you did not say that she is way out of your league,” Dave smirks and chuckles.

Dave reaches out his hand towards me and I shake his hand. He then hands me and Marcus a shot of whiskey and he grabs one for himself.

“Saluti,” Marcus states and we all cheers and shoot the shot.

Now, that the formality of meeting the party thrower is out of the way, Marcus and I wander around the house, hoping to find a place where we can sit and get a little privacy. We find our way to the back porch where there is plenty of outdoor furniture to sit on. Marcus finds a nice chair and takes a seat, as I go to sit in the chair next to him, he pulls me onto his lap. I will not refuse, sitting on his lap seems like the best seat in the place.

“So, what we were doing in the car was fun,” Marcus states with a grin.

I don’t even have time for words, I rotate myself to where I'm straddling Marcus again, I place my arms over her shoulders and I kiss him. I begin grinding on his lap and I’m kissing him deeper. His hands running up and down my back before grabbing my ass and pressing me hard into him, I can feel he’s fully erect and very well-endowed. I begin kissing his neck and up towards his ear, when I make it to his ear, I whisper;

“I need you inside me.”

Marcus moans, sending a chill down my spine. His hand slips under my dress and he grabs a handful of my ass. I lift myself slightly, and I feel as his hand slips along my thong and right beside my slit. I moan lightly into his ear as he slowly slips my panties to the side. Using just the tip of his middle and ring finger, he spreads my pussy open, I am soaking wet. Marcus slides his two fingers in, I moan again, he moans. I begin grinding on his fingers, I really want to cum on this man. As he’s using his fingers to get me wetter and wetter, he pulled his hard cock from the fly of his jeans. He lifts me up just a bit and removes his fingers from inside me. He slowly lowers me onto his dick. Every inch feels amazing and once he’s all the way in, I cum. I couldn’t help it and it’s never happened before but Marcus made me cum from penetration.

He thrusts slowly into me, trying not to draw too much attention since we’re basically having sex out in the open at this party. We begin making out again but this time with my panties to the side and his dick well into my pussy. He feels amazing in me and I have never felt this sexual connection with anyone before. He’s thrusting slowly and I’m grinding on him, I cum again.

“Let’s find somewhere more private, to finish what we’ve started,” Marcus says, out of breath as he lifts me off his dick and puts it back in his pants.

I stand up and straighten myself out. Marcus stands and grabs my hand. He leads me back into the house and up some stairs. We enter a bedroom; it appears to be a guest room. Marcus closes the door behind us and turns to me.

He picks me up and carries me to the bed, he lays me on the bed and lifts my dress. He grabs the sides of my panties and begins to pull them down; I lift my ass to help him get them past my hips. He removes my underwear and throws it on the floor. He grabs my knees and spreads my legs, he runs his hands up my thighs, grazing his fingers along my exposed vagina. Marcus lowers his face and I can feel his hot breath on my slit. He presses his tongue against my opening and the cold, wet sensation gives me chills. He licks slowly from my slit to my clit, then he sucks my clit into his mouth. He swirls his tongue around my clit then, sucks it gently. The sensation is over powering and I begin cumming, hard. I squirt, juice begins flowing from me, covering Marcus’ face.

He looks up from between my legs, begins unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. They fall to the ground and there he stands with his full erection. He climbs on the bed with me and lays himself on top of me. I spread my legs far, wanting all of him. With his hand on his dick, he slides it up and down my opening, I begin moaning and whining.

“Please, Marcus, please,” I beg, I really want him in me.

Marcus looks at me with pure satisfaction and slowly presses his cock into my soaking wet opening. I can feel inch after inch entering me and each inch feels amazing, and then I came... again, on penetration. I paw at Marcus and manage to get his shirt off over his head. I dig my nails into his back as he thrusts hard and deep into me. He begins to pound into me and I can’t help but dig my nails into his back and scratch. I scream in ecstasy as I cum extremely hard.

“Please cum in me, Marcus, please....” I beg, I beg to feel him explode in me.

He lifts my legs to his shoulders, grabs my hipbones and pounds into me like a sex doll. He’s fucking me so hard that I cannot stop cumming, I can’t stop. Marcus begins to moan as he starts thrusting deeper and harder, harder and deeper, then like magic, we came at the same time. I felt his load shoot into me and that alone made me cum with him. Never have I came at the same time as someone else and never have I came this much from the first fucking.

So, that happened. It was amazing too. I didn’t expect to have sex with Marcus last night but I totally did. After that session, we wandered back out to the party. We went outside for a cigarette break, then had a few more drinks and made out a lot more. As, the night began to come to an end and people started heading home, Dave said that we could just crash in the guest bedroom... the room that we had already had sex in that night. Lol.

We ended up heading to the room for “bed” around 3am, we definitely didn’t make it right to bed and had another round of amazing sex before falling asleep naked together. When I finally woke up around noon, Marcus was still next to me. I rolled over and put my hand on his chest, he woke up and pulled me on top of him. He kissed me good morning and slowly slid his amazing cock back into me. We spent another hour in the bed, just you know, waking up and getting off!

When we finally managed to get out of that bed and keep our hands off of each other long enough to get dressed, Marcus called us an Uber. The car arrived about 30 minutes later, we said our good-byes to Dave and hopped in the car. The car arrived at my apartment complex and Marcus walked me to the door. He kissed me good-bye and told me that he had a great time. He also said he’d text me... but we’ll see, I mean, I did put out already so I might not hear from him again, which would really suck because I really like that man. There’s this energy about him that I cannot describe and it’s overwhelming and amazing. I’m gonna go get some actual sleep now, I am exhausted and probably hungover.


Tuesday Daily

I enjoy writing and have for a very long time. I think I have a knack for it, just no direction. I prefer to write erotica. Other styles to keep my brain fresh. Enjoy reading my work.

Tips are appreciated but absolutely not necessary.

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