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Cruel business. Wait, I said that.

By Doc SherwoodPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

They interviewed us after the game, or rather they interviewed Heather, who was the one they were interested in. The one question I was asked was "What did it feel like to lose to a girl?" which happened to be something Heather herself had already asked me! It wasn't very nice to think my embarrassment and helplessness were going to be splashed all over YouTube.

After taking a typical too-hot bath while Heather showered next door I exited the changing room, not really feeling any better or much less smelly for that matter. I scuffed at the ground with the toe of one sneaker, and sniffled. Heather was such a little show-off. I might have known she'd have started teasing me as soon the cameras were on her.

Given the above I didn't know why I pined to see her again - you'd have thought I'd have had enough of Little Miss Heather this afternoon! Yet still, I made sure to get home in time for the feature and tuned in as soon as it started coming on.

Her pale pink knickers with "Wednesday" printed on the butt were the very first shot. I quivered with the memory of how close to those I'd been, and felt almost like I wouldn't have minded the teasing to be so near again. Only that wasn't quite true! Because the sight brought back to me how bad it had stung, for a girl to give me such a hard time and get the better of me so easily. I was blushing all over again, and not just because of the sight of Heather's panties. The TV announcer began:

"We all know Heather likes keeping her underwear under close wraps, so here's a sight that's sure to get every boy watching hot and bothered! And she's good at doing that, in more ways than one..."

There was feverish little me at the interview, straight after the game, and it sure showed because I was positively going out of my pants from being teased. I cringed at my part so far, and hoped it would be short...

Only the very next shot was a glimpse of underpants again, and these were white! Oh no, not my pants! You could so see them up my shorts-legs from that camera-angle, they were old ones but I hadn't realised they'd got so small on me. I was never going to live this down! Then it got even worse because the picture paused. I was squirming so bad!

"Well, those are cute ones but I don't think he's outshone Heather!" chuckled the commentator. "Not in any respect, in fact...!"

For then we saw Heather tantalizing me, easily, playing keep-away with the ball mid-game. Her gym skirt was all a pretty flick and a flutter while I was crimson about the cheeks and all but ready to cry, which happened to be how I looked watching too!

The onscreen me made a desperate futile jump and the footage held again. No doubt about it, under the harsh Sports Hall lighting you could so see through my thin shorts, all the way to my quivery bumcheeks wrapped up in dingy white which I'd just as soon have kept secret, and not just because they were slipping up slightly and in need of an unpick. I was so going to throw those shorts away, right after this!

"She doesn't have to tease like that...!" my infuriated fitful voice at the interview burst out again. That was the biggest cringe of all.

"So when to comes to showing boys how it's done on the basketball court, look no further than our very own Heather!" declared the commentator. "And to the unlucky boy who was on the receiving-end this afternoon - hey, ever consider taking up netball with the girls instead?"

I felt hollow inside. Was that really the last word on me? I sniffled at that thought, and then I really did cry, a hot tear or two trickling down hotter red cheeks.



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