Srebrenka's Confession: I Begged My Ex to Spank Me

A short story

Srebrenka's Confession: I Begged My Ex to Spank Me

I’m not proud of this, but maybe you’ll understand once you’ve heard my confession?

I was with Ben, my ex, for four years, but we broke up when I found out he was cheating on me. He’s a bastard, and I don’t love him anymore, but every now and then I call him up for sex. I can’t help it. You see, Ben introduced me to spanking. He has a real thing for it, and I found out that I do too.

You wouldn’t think it to look at me. I’m quiet and shy, and I look innocent, all my friends think I am, and no one knows how wild I can be, no one except for Ben. When we were together, he spanked me so much it got to the point where I couldn’t cum without it. I still can’t. That’s the problem.

I’ve slept with other men since Ben, but usually I’m too shy to ask for them to spank me. The few times I was comfortable enough to ask for it, they did it, but they didn’t do it right. Unfortunately, I’ve never met anyone who can spank me as well as Ben. It’s like he can see into my head and he knows exactly what I need, better than even I do. So when it all gets too much I have to call him.

I wish I didn’t have to rely on Ben like this. I don’t even like him, and it gives him so much power over me still, even though we’ve broken up. But I guess I’m weak. I can’t orgasm without him, and how long can anyone last without coming?

Ben came over last weekend, and I’m ashamed to say, it was the hottest ever. I’d managed to stay away from him for a couple of months, but I’d not been able to cum for all that time and I was getting desperate. I’d tried spanking myself with a hairbrush as I used my vibrator, and it had felt good, but it wasn’t enough. It’s not just the physical pleasure of the spanking I need, it’s what Ben does to my head too. It’s the humiliation I get off on, and the feeling of being dominated and losing control. So I got drunk and called him.

Ben sounded bored as I asked him over, and he said he was feeling a little tired, and that maybe he could fit me in tomorrow. I was desperate by that point though, so I begged him. I wasn’t proud. Eventually he agreed, but he still made me wait two fucking hours before he arrived at my place.

We sat on the sofa together, and I wasn’t interested in talking, so I kissed him right away. I let him grope me and play with my breasts and rub my pussy. When I got too hot to hold it back, I asked him to spank me, even though he knew exactly why I’d asked him over.

Ben laughed at me and he refused, the bastard. He said he didn’t do that sort of thing anymore, and that I was being a slut for asking for it, but that just made me want it even more. I kept begging, and I knew he was getting off on it, that he’d spank me eventually, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I got down on my knees and I pleaded with him.

Ben got up and pretended to leave. He said I was behaving like a total whore and that I should have more respect for myself and for him, and it got me so hot I felt like I was going to explode.

He put his jacket on, and he opened my front door, and I actually grabbed hold of him. I clung to him and tried to pull him back inside. I fell to my knees again and I wrapped my arms around his legs. He looked down at me with disgust and anger on his face, and he pushed me away, but he slammed the door closed and then he stooped down and grabbed me.

Ben picked me up and I knew then it was going to happen, and our roles switched instantly. I squirmed and kicked in his arms, and I told him to get off me, to fuck off and leave me alone, because that was all part of the game. He knew I had to be forced to really enjoy it. We had a safe word, and he’d stop if I said it, but he knew to keep going no matter what else I said and how much I fought him.

He carried me back over to the sofa, and I spat and clawed at him, but he’s much bigger than me and he held me easily. He sat down and he pulled me over his lap and rolled me onto my front. I tried to get up, but he pressed me down hard with a hand on my back. I kicked my legs, and I tried to roll off him, but he hooked one of his legs over the back of mine, and he squeezed his thighs together and I was trapped.

Being held like that with no chance of escape does something to me. It scares me, my heart races and my chest tightens in panic, but it gets me so wet too. I know that he can do whatever he wants to me, and that I’m absolved of all responsibility. Even if I secretly want it, I can pretend I don’t, and that he’s forcing me. It’s not me who’s the pervert, it’s him. It makes me hot and ready for the humiliation that comes next.

I was wearing yoga pants, but not tight ones, and Ben slid his free hand into the back of them easily. I begged him not to, to take his hand out, to spare me, but he laughed and he groped my bottom. He squeezed me hard and he slid his fingers between my cheeks and he touched me in my most intimate of places.

I tried to kick again as he worked my yoga pants down and off my arse, but my legs were still trapped, and he pulled them down to my knees without much effort.

He groped me some more, then he took hold of the back of my knickers, and it’s one of the moments I love the most. I wriggled and shouted at him to leave me alone, but he peeled my knickers down slowly and it made my cunt tighten and my head spin. It’s so shameful to be exposed like that, like I’m a worthless slut, and he can see everything, and I can’t do anything to stop him, and I adore it.

Ben understands this, he just gets me, and he spread and inspected me to make my humiliation even worse. He opened my cheeks and he told me he could see my pussy and my arsehole. He tickled my sphincter, just to show me he could, then he rubbed and spread my pussy. He tutted and chided me when he discovered how wet I was. He smeared my wetness onto his fingers and then he rubbed them on my face and made me suck them.

By that point I was so hot my thighs were trembling, and my emotions were starting to boil over. I felt degraded at being treated like this, scared that he could do whatever he wanted, and guilty that I wanted it too, and that I was desperate for more. I was aching for what I knew was coming next, but Ben stopped. He took his hands off me and he waited in silence until I was close to begging for it again. When he finally brought his hand down onto my bare bottom I screeched in surprise, but I moaned in relief and pleasure too.

He spanked me fast and hard right from the start. He struck me with enough force that it hurt, but not too much that I couldn’t take it. He slapped me in a different place each time to keep me guessing, and soon my buttocks and thighs were burning and throbbing wonderfully. Being spanked hurts like hell, but it does something to my head, and it wakes my nerves up and makes my body sing. It magnifies pleasure better than any drug.

I writhed and yelled in his lap. I swore at him, I called him everything I could think of, and he spanked me harder and faster. My bottom pulsed, my cunt ached, and I gasped and moaned between my screeches. I got so turned on I tried to rub myself against his leg. It was so shameful, to lose control like that, but I couldn’t stop myself. My emotions boiled over, and I burst into tears, but Ben kept on.

He’s so good at it, he knows just how to slap me, and at last, at long fucking last, after months of waiting, I climaxed. He didn’t even need to touch my pussy, the spanking was enough, and I came like I’d not cum for years. I screamed and shook and I totally lost control. It was so good I felt like I was on the verge of having a stroke.

When I’d finished cuming, Ben let go of me and told me to stand up in front of him. I did as he said, obviously, and I stood on trembling legs as he sat back and stared at me. My yoga pants and my knickers were around my knees, and I felt shameful all over again.

Ben told me to take off my clothes, and I obeyed. I stripped and then I turned around in front of him slowly so he could see all of my body. My face burned red, but it made me so hot my cunt felt like it was dripping.

He made me kneel in front of him, and he got up and pulled his hard cock out and he held it over me. He made me beg to suck it, and I wasn’t pretending when I pleaded for him to let me.

Ben finally relented and he lowered his dick to my face. I kissed and licked it eagerly, I squeezed it in my hand, then I got my mouth around it. I worked him as deep into my throat as I could manage, and he moaned for me. Pleasing Ben always got me horny, and as his noises came louder I rubbed my thighs together to try and satisfy the ache that was building there again already.

He got close, and I wanted Ben to cum in my mouth, but instead he grabbed hold of me and he lifted and tossed me onto the sofa, and suddenly I wanted him to fuck me more than anything. He roughly pushed and lifted me into the doggy position, then he slid his prick into me.

He used me hard. He fucked me deep and fast, but he reached around and he played with my nipples and my clit. He groped my arse with his other hand, and he shoved his thumb into my arsehole, and I came again for him.

I tried to stop myself at that point. I wanted to have some self-control, to show Ben I wasn’t so desperate for him, but who was I kidding? He kept pulling and pinching my nipples, stroking my clit, and wriggling his thumb in my arse as he pounded me, and I kept cuming for him. He started spanking me again and it drove me so crazy I pressed myself back against him frantically and I came harder than ever.

When he was done with me, he pulled his cock out of my cunt, and I rolled over and offered him my face. He came all over me, lines of hot jizz fell across my cheeks and nose and chin and into my mouth, and it was the final, delicious moment of degradation that I’ll be thinking about for months, until I invite him around again.

I wish it wasn’t like this. I wish I could meet someone else who does me like he does, and I hope I do. I don’t think it’s likely though. I’ve never met anyone who comes close to spanking and fucking me like he does.

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This story was taken from a collection of ten erotic confessions.

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