Small Penises is Better

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Who said large penises was in? They had lied because they never actually experienced a small-average sized penis. They're actually so many things that make a small sized penis better than being crammed with a large eggplant.

Small Penises is Better
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Have you ever experienced a big penis? If so, then you should be able to understand that it's very painful for it to go into your vagina. It almost feels like your being stuffed with something and you feel like you're walls are actually being stretched out to no return. Sometimes it can be painful or it becomes pleasurable but how long would that take? I'm going to start off by giving you some reasons why you should consider small to average sized penises.

1. No Pain

When you're dealing with a smaller penis, you won't experience any pain or discomfort. I mean, who wants to have sex and be in pain? This just means better sex and you can be comfortable without worrying if it'll hurt. This also means if you're a virgin, your first time will be a breeze instead of piling pain on top of pain. It can create a great sex life for anyone whose currently looking for something easier to deal with. Instead of having to run because you're dealing with a huge sized penis that won't fit.

2. Creative In Bed

A man with a smaller penis has so much to prove to you, he'll instantly be better in bed. He'll want to please you in many different ways and do different positions that you never actually thought of trying. There'll be so many creative ways to please you, you'll be so surprised. Even if it's through foreplay, which I believe based off experience, he'll love to kiss on your neck and go the extra mile just to please you because he loves you. This is why you shouldn't just throw the man away because his size isn't your attraction. It means everything when a man does extra to make you feel good and that's all that matters, when it comes to having sex.

3. Easy Oral Sex

It will be so much easier to give your man oral sex. Your teeth won't bother him, it'll be more pleasurable for both of you. The size makes all the difference. Have you ever noticed that with a bigger size you're mouth get dry or it feels as though you may gag? Well that's only because the size is overpowering the joy that you want to have when you're giving head. So the next time you try and give head, try it on a smaller penis and you'll be able to feel the difference.

4. He'll Take Extra Steps To Please You First

This last one kind of goes with the second opinion. The fact that he already feels like his size will hinder a climax from you. He'll love to please you with oral sex before regular sex. He may feel at ease, if he knows that his head game can take you there, so once you do have sex his size won't feel like a burden to you. He'll want to take extra steps to make sure it's easier to please you. So you'll notice he may start off with oral sex and when he does, let him so that you can understand him and his reasons

Regardless of size all men can be different in bed. It's good to have experience with both sizes so you can understand the difference between both. But you should still give a man with a smaller size a chance even if it isn't your preference because you'll be surprised by his efforts of pleasing you. It won't just be sex for him it'll be about making you feel good as well as knowing how to. So the next time you look at his print and think about laughing, also think about how unique the sex can be, compared to a man with a bigger size.

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