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She Tricked Me

And I liked it!

By Kai StormPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Someone I know was recently hit with the double whammies: on one level, he discovered that he had a kink and on the other more important level, he discovered that it could be brought out by the right person! Get all the way into this conversation with me... you might discover a kink in you too!

ME: "Please explain yourself and tell me what happened slowly because I refuse to believe a grown ass man can be tricked in his own house! What the hell are you talking about?"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "I'm telling you, Kai, that's exactly what happened! I didn't ask her to come over, I didn't even know she was coming over, the whole thing was a big surprise!"

ME: "So, what happened exactly?"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "I was at home and working late as usual when I heard my doorbell. Since I wasn't expecting anyone, I didn't move right away to answer it but then the bell kept ringing so I decided to check it out. Turns out, it was my ex-girlfriend, and according to her, she had been arguing with her roommate and needed to spend the night at my house."

ME: "She needed to spend the night?! Really?!"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "That's what she said, that she needed a night to cool off in a neutral space, which I had no problem with. We didn't break up on such bad terms that I would put her out if she needed help so I gave her my bedroom, told her I would sleep on the couch once I was done working. Everything was cool; she stayed in the bedroom watching TV and I continued to work till I was done. I finished about an hour later and was about to lay out on the couch then I heard her calling me into the bedroom. I went to see what she needed and I found her wearing a leather bra & thongs, she tied black ropes to the bedposts and she had a camera in her hand. The whole scene took my breath and speech away. She says to me, 'I've got an idea for a picture and I'm hoping that you can be the main focus. Just lay down, let me tie you up for a couple of pictures, no big deal, right?'

ME: "Sounds like it could be a big deal to me, but excuse my interruption. Go on, tell it all!"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "I'm not going to lie to you, Kai, I hesitated for a second but at the same time, I knew that she was always trying to do different things with her photography so I just chalked it up as another one of her ideas to which I didn't mind being a part of. All I was wearing was some loose fitting shorts and I figured she would only take pictures of my top half so I laid down on my bed, allowed her to tie my hands and feet to the bedposts and let her take a couple of pictures from different angles. She then put the camera down, which made me think she was done with her photo session, therefore, release me from the ropes. Not so! She fucking pulled out a pair of large scissors!"

ME: "Hold on... scissors? What the fuck?!"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "Kai, I didn't want to say it or show it but I got real fucking scared right at that moment. Not one thought crossed my mind that she pulled out the scissors to cut the rope; something told me immediately that it was about to be all bad! She approached me with the scissors quickly and before I could ask she put a slit on the side of the shorts and cut them off me, pulled them from under me. She then pulled out a leather whip and smacked it on my dick and ordered me to make it hard immediately. Even though the pain from that one hit from the whip was excruciating... I was starting to get turned on by the whole thing!"

ME: "Really?! Do tell, this sounds good as a motherfucker!"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "I knew you would enjoy hearing about this, much less I had to tell SOMEBODY about this shit! So she keeps hitting my dick till it gets hard, which incredulously it does, then she started to ride me like I was a racehorse at the derby! It was a rough ride to the finish line, that's for sure and when I nutted, I definitely coated her insides, I felt the power in it deep in my balls as it was coming out!"

ME: "Well damn!"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "Wait till you hear the rest... after I nutted, she sat on my face! She damn near suffocated me with the creamy combination that was coming out of her. She rubbed it all over my face while telling me to 'swallow it all...' Kai... all of that shit turned me on! When she was done with me, she took pictures of the aftermath, got dressed, and left me tied up. By the time, I wiggled out of the ropes, I walked around my apartment to see if she was still there then I found a note in my office that said 'I'll be back in a couple of days, so be ready!' I literally sat there clutching the note while rubbing my dick and thinking to myself about what I had just become!"

ME: "Sounds to me like you became her submissive and... it also sounds like you want some more!"

TRICKED & TURNED OUT: "Not only do I want some more, Kai... I want to see what else she can do!"

I swear it feels almost as good as an orgasm knowing that people are so comfortable talking to me about these things! Don't forget to check out all of my blogs here and here, check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel, and absolutely hit that LEAVE A TIP button and show me some love!


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