Shaven Havens Part 3

by ASHLEY SMITH 2 years ago in beauty

Shaving Each Other

Shaven Havens Part 3

This is part three of shaven havens as we have moved to a new level of trust, we have shaved each other. Previously my girlfriend did all her own shaving while I did most of mine and she tidied up. This time I was allowed to shave her totally, and if I say so myself perhaps better then she could do to herself. Obviously, I can approach from a better angle and can see all I am shaving. When she has to shave herself, there is a degree of hope and guesswork the further under her body she has to go. She asked me to bathe her and shave her legs and then I was allowed to go further.

She got in the bath while I got things ready, razors and shaving cream. I first creamed and shaved her legs, working from thigh to ankle as she lifted her legs in the air. The tempting view between her legs did distract me occasionally but I focused as she was worried I would cut her. I asked if I could shave her pussy, expecting her to say no but she would do it. As she didn’t reply either way I offered to start shaving at the top, away from sensitive areas. I then gradually worked my down to the more sensitive and tender areas. I shaved down and around her pussy to prove I could do it safely.

I then moved to the edges of her pussy and the hairs in and around her lips. I managed to shave everything totally smooth, checking my work as I went. I even managed a few hairs around her ass that she admitted she normally missed. This was the first time she had ever trusted me to do this but hopefully I will be allowed again. Sorry for the boast but shaving the pussy of a beautiful girl 27 years younger then me made my day, month even. This was a massive thing for us both as I knew how nervous she was. I had done this before to someone else but this was the first time ever she had had this done for her.

To finish I shaved under her arms and then it was my turn, she got out of the bath and I got in. Now after shaving a naked 21-year-old I had a naked 21-year-old shave me. She has shaved me before so I trusted her, also she was very nervous of hurting me so was very careful. She started beneath my waist and like me headed south. She shaved down and around my penis but wouldn’t shave it as well. It's very sensitive when shaved so I did that to finish. We both ended up smooth and clean, ready for more fun and games.

Doing this for each other demonstrates a lot of trust for the other. Its also a degree of pressure for the one with the razor. What would be the point of having a beautifully shaved pussy if I then cut it somewhere and was then banned from the area. The same applied to my girlfriend as she wielded the razor around my genitals.

There are other ways to show trust but this is a great one, and a very nice outcome after. Obviously for me as I get to see her spread her legs so I can shave her, a definite bonus. She does a good job when she does it herself but must get in to a tangle worthy of a gymnast. The drawback is itching when the hair regrows, though for some reason she suffers more then me. We do try standard after shave balms and creams for any itching or redness.

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