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Sexual well being

Fitting a basic need into our lives.

Sexual well being
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Sexual well being is hard to define in society today. With all the rules and responsibilities of our modern lives it is hard to full fill our basic needs. Even our basic needs have had rules and laws enacted on them, what we can and cannot do. Then you have on top of that society rules that can and can not happen.

If you look it up just about every teaching lists sex or relationships that fill that definition is required for a person to attain a great self. You have the usual needs of shelter and food. With today's needs you add to that a way to make money, transportation of some type, and usually a health plan for your self. All which takes money most of the time.

If you look back to the parents of generation X you will notice that the women from that time period were mostly homemakers and very seldom looked on sex as a need for themselves. It was all to please the man of the family, the husband or lover. They never sought out enjoyment for themselves. They simply thought it was their lot in life.

You move up to the kids of generation X and you see some of the women seeking out to fill their desires and to explore their sexual being, but some are still hampered by it being like another chore they do not enjoy.

Now with the modern age you have a ton of ways to satisfy your needs. You can have friends with benefits where you each agree to no strings attached to satisfy your needs. There are millions of applications and websites that offer matchmaking all over the world for this basic need. It has turned into some big money.

You have the flip side of the coin too, there are so many pay as you need services. In most countries this is illegal and usually you face jail, prison and fines from both sides of the transactions. Some law enforcement often set traps to catch people and earn a ton of money from doing this to a person just seeking to fill a basic need. I mean it is the oldest profession across all walks of life.

The kings of old even had mistresses to help fill their basic needs. It may not be accepted in today's society but even the average Joe or Jane may be tempted with someone else that catches his or her eye.

Governments need to realize that sex is a basic need of the people and need to quit hiding it in the shadows like it is taboo. It is a basic need and our society would not continue without this drive to further the line of our people.

Just think of how many frustrated men and women would feel if they had somewhere to meet the needs of one self without harming anyone, or feeling ashamed because they have no one to fill that need.

Recently the USA has looked into legalizing marijuana and has changed and even commuted prison sentences for related crimes. If we were a responsible society and seen to the needs of many it would be one step closer to a great society.

Instead of all the manpower used for policing such illegal acts, and the money housing said criminals we could be using it to strive for world peace or one world government and advance to the stars. We could put programs in place to see to the needs with all that money.

Anyway, just an everyman idea from an everyday Joe. If you enjoyed this article feel free to Donate on my page .

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