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Sex with All Senses

Utilizing all of your senses during sex can make for a mind blowing, eye popping, skin tingling, toe curling orgasm.

By Lizzie BoudoirPublished 8 years ago 5 min read

When you’re orgasming, if you’re not also having eargasms, nose-offs, eyegasms, skin-comes, tongues climaxes, and toe-offs—all at once—you don’t really know what coming is all about!

When was the last time you kissed your partner's ass? If your answer is never, you don’t love them enough… or you’re a prude.

When was the last time you really fucked them good? Never? Selfish!

The difference between a good lay and a fantastic lay is the lovers’ willingness to involve all of the nerve endings, not just the nipples, clit, and cock. A finger up the ass, at least. It's a giant step in the right direction. Sex is a matter of all five senses.


Photo by Amanda Pratt

Let's consider the first of the senses... sight. For the human animal, at least, sight probably is the body's keynote speaker to the auditorium of the groin. It's the first pleasure, the initial shock to the emotions, the dais overseeing the main event. The other senses are the roasters and the toasters, the eulogists, the poets, or, when the vision is special and the night is long, the novelists with a choice between writing an epic or a novella. We'll forget the short story.

One of the reasons we close our eyes when we kiss is to feel the textures of the lover's lips, to better feel the rhythms of the tongue (and tonsils, if you can reach that far), to taste their saliva as if it were Chablis Blanc.

That's not to say it's wrong to peek. It's rather flattering, after all, to be a vision of someone's erotic pleasure, and sensuous as hell to see one.

This website would not exist if sight were not a pleasurable sense, and adult websites and magazines have proven men and women do indeed enjoy looking at the naked form. (Show me a well-made lover who doesn't occasionally puff up a bicep to his image in the nearest mirror and utter, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the studliest stud of all?" What she's done is take away the taint of narcissism and verified the essentials, right?).

So, do a strip tease for your lover... slowly... as sensuously as you'd like to see them undress. Let them enjoy the sight of your chest with its hardened nipples.

Perhaps they'll want to run her fingers over your irresistible chest. If you're bare, let your partner enjoy the texture of your pecs to prove Channing Tatum hasn't got a thing you haven't got... almost. Let them continue to caress the muscles down to your stomach where they can contemplate the hardness of a washboard or the soft cuddlesomeness of a Pillsbury Doughboy puff. It's a perfect time to describe a few of those athletics, like the touchdowns you scored for the ole alma mater. If you're a puff, you can compliment their cooking, tell them they simmer the sexiest spaghetti in town.

Now you're ready to display the goodies with a degree of savoir faire. Just before you drop your drawers, turn away and let them appreciate your buns before (pick one) the Vienna frank, wiener, or bologna makes its debut.

But, sight alone is not enough... except for inmates of a monastery where vows are taken seriously, albeit with a measure of pain. The natural mate to sight is touch.


For some, touching and being touched is the most important part of sex—long, passionate encounters, giving the feeling of being loved all over. And it's fun to be a snuggler (which beats the hell out of Teddy bears).

To make the touching more erotic and last longer, try taking turns with a massage. Add some hot wax, lotions, or oils to make it smooth and sensuous.

The most intimate way to know your lover is by slowly and delicately massaging them while observing closely the small reactions of their body as your fingers work it. Kiss them occasionally wherever your fingers are. Explore… and feel it to your perineal root. (The fundamentalists among you may even discover it's a far better biology lesson than dissecting baby sharks and frogs).

Touching is even more important after sex, unless you want your lover to feel like a discarded shoe—the one you forgot to drop. It's the most difficult time for you, I know. You're momentarily empty and flaccid; If it was a special romp with all the gymnastics (Have you tried a 69 while hanging by your toes from the shower curtain rod?) you're probably exhausted. You want to sleep, but don't—not right away.

Hug them some more, and kiss them. Caress them softly. Perhaps this will lead to a second round for you two. They have another orgasm screaming inside them for release. Free it, and you'll feel them writhing joyously in your arms.

Is it important? You bet your bippy it is.

When was the last time you thought you were going to score and your cock was hard as the wailing wall, only to be denied or interrupted? Your balls felt like the clapper on the Liberty Bell they were so frustrated and your ego was on the verge of cracking because your groin was pleading. Well, stud, that's exactly how your lover feels when you're too lazy or selfish to finish what you started.

Taste and Smell

Finally we get to taste and smell. I'm assuming that you're not afraid of or unfamiliar with the vernacular of fucking; It sometimes changes with frenzy.

I'd suggest going around the world with them. Around the world, for the uninitiated, is the oral covering of the entire body—including the licking of the asshole (rim job) and the sucking of cock (blow job) or the eating of pussy (eating out).

Public acceptance of oral sex has never been higher. The movie Shampoo, for instance, went a long way toward popularizing it. On the stage, one scene called "Fellatio 101" in Earl Wilson, Jr.'s Let My People Come showed a teacher "teaching" the basics of a blow job while the "students" used fresh bananas.

So, there you have it. Put them all together and you've graduated from missionary to macho. It's the ultimate power trip to till the furrows of your favorite; so, the next time you propose a toast... drink it from the slipper of your lover's bod. Drink deeply enough and they may just make you not a Prince but a King.

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Thrice married, in love once, overly romantic, and hypersexual.

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