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Sex Tips for Men: How to Be More Sensual in the Bedroom

For men who like going fast, but fail to provide proper indulgence to their partners, here's some advice.

Sex Tips for Men: How to Be More Sensual in the Bedroom

I've been with the same man for six years. Let me make it clear I know what I am talking about here. In the six years I have known to be with this guy, prepping myself for sex or getting me in the mood is not his specialty. I am perfectly fine with it. At least I can give him a few points in the right direction for him to try again the next time. Once he knows what I like, believe me, it is a whole lot better the next time around.

If you want to be able to provide some more adequate and sensual experiences for your woman/girlfriend, here are some good advice and ideas for you to try the next time. Your girl/guy is going to love you for it.

Buying Shaving Gel or Body Gel Infused with Pheromones

Both I and my long-time boyfriend are not that far from a local sex store. For a sample, we got a nice gift of pheromone infused shaving gel for those special nether regions. Not only does it leave a smooth finish, but there are no razor burns or red marks of any kind down there. Of course, they have other options as well for those more actively inclined, such as shaving gel that warms your genitals while you make yourself nice and clean for the romantic night ahead of you.

Bath bombs are an entirely different story. Not only do some of the products used in the making of these said bath bombs contain irritants that can affect a woman's pH level, but it can cause some yeast to develop in the vagina. Ouch. Buying some bath bombs from sex stores might have products that reduce the risk of elevating your natural pH or causing yeast infections because they are specifically designed for the body to create more natural producing hormones to attract mates or signal desires for sexual intercourse (AKA pheromones).

This is one brand below I recommend for checking out anything you might want to get your girl/guy or consider looking into for more sensual and upping the romance level.

Use those fingers!

Girls need a little more playtime in order to get the party started. Fingers are a great way to get some of the more intimate sessions relaxed and in the mood. Touching her with just your fingers on the outside of her body is enough to get her to relax and feel calm before enjoying a romantic evening. If she prefers you finger her vaginally with some wonderful use of your magic fingers, then go ahead and do that, too.

However, for those squeamish about touching their woman or who have no understanding of what they want, using something as simple as a neck massage technique or rubbing her with a nice warm blanket on top is also a good way to start the night. Using silk or feathers (in a non-ticklish way), to trace the line of her body also works in some methods. Ice cubes, not so much (don't ask, don't tell).

Some couples often recreate scenes from favorite romance novels or popular books that have been adapted into movies. You don't have to go into the entire Fifty Shades trilogy to find something you might like, but maybe a technique or piece of sensual magic from your girl or guy's favorite author might do the trick on earning some brownie points in the bedroom.

Just cuddle and let it progress.

A lot of times, the guy is mostly initiating sex. But there are times when women want in on the action, too. If they don't feel like it now, then maybe in about a couple of hours or two, they may want something from you.

Not all men are great at reading their partner's wants or needs. You get points for attempting to do so if you actually succeed because that means you have a better bond than any couple. As far as I can tell, a little cuddling or spooning doesn't hurt to do before any sexual mishaps begin. Cuddling forms the bonding hormone oxytocin (it's also the hormone released during breastfeeding or for any female partners when they receive an orgasm). Sometimes all it takes is a little kiss on the shoulder to get a girl interested in the idea.

Not all couples are going to be the same, but when letting the romance or sexual urges naturally happen, it works out in the end to where both of you initiate sex when you feel like it instead of one person pursuing sex a lot more times over the other. All relationships have a homeostasis act in fulfilling their partner's needs. Sex and sensual moments are just a few of the things that come to mind.

If you feel like you are not getting a read on your partner's intimate interests, start with the basics. What kind of way does your person prefer to cuddle or bond with you? How do they take on enacting or reacting to sexual advances between the two of you? The more patterns and habits appear in the sexual developments of the relationship, the more the person is capable of better understanding or improving the sexual needs of both parties involved in the relationship.

Keep these three tips in mind and see where romance or sexual intrigue takes you on your journey in a relationship and as a person. You might find some secrets to make sure everyone is fully satisfied at the end of something all humans strive to achieve—intimacy.

Heather Wilkins
Heather Wilkins
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