Sex in the Shower Tips

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All the Sex Tips You Need Before Getting Wet

Sex in the Shower Tips
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Shower sex is something most people have thought about at one point or another, but in the real world, having an amazing time is sometimes easier said than done. From potentially dangerous slippery surfaces to maneuvering bodies in a small space, the inability to stay lubricated to accidentally getting soap in your partner's eyes, there are a lot of possibly frustrating things to contend with. Hopefully, by following the tips outlined below, the results can be pretty amazing.

Helpful Tips & Suggestions

  • If you find your natural lubrication doesn’t last very long in the shower, try adding silicone lubricant (it’s waterproof and won't break down), which will allow for a much less painful experience.
  • On that note, NEVER use soap, shampoo, lotion, shower gel, or any other product as a lubricant. These products are not meant for internal use; not only can they be harsh and drying, but they can also cause infections by throwing off the body's natural pH.
  • Using lubricant in the shower can often cause the floor to become slippery. As such, it's advisable that you use a bath mat or non-slip rubber mat to keep from sliding in the shower.
  • Get creative and use the water to stimulate your partner; you can even engage in temperature play by adjusting from cool to warm. Just be careful of water temperature by testing on your wrist first to avoid accidentally burning your partner.
  • If you have a shower head with variable settings, try some sensory play by rotating the settings as the water sprays on your partners body.
  • If clitoral stimulation is something you and/or your partner need, try introducing a waterproof external vibe like the We-Vibe Touch, We-Vibe Tango,Leaf Vibrator by Life, or the JimmyJane Coral Love Pod.

  • Finding the right position can be fairly awkward. Rather than struggling to make it work, go straight for doggy-style; simply place one foot up on the edge as you bend forward and support yourself on the wall. If you want a bit more support, have your partner hold your hips. This also allows them to pull you towards them for deeper penetration while also keeping you from slipping all over the place.
  • If you want to add a bit of ambiance, turn off the lights and use candles to offer a more romantic setting. Or if you feel really creative, try switching out your regular light bulb for a black light or light bulbs that change color. Just make sure to do this well before you get started so you don't risk getting shocked.
  • Unless you’re trying to conceive and/or know that your partner is STI free, always use protection. On that note, keep in mind that the lubricant on the condom will likely wash off, so you'll need to apply more lube, otherwise there's a risk the condom might tear.

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