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Sex Has 10 Health Benefits

by Sanket chute 3 days ago in sexual wellness

Sex Has 10 Health Benefits

Sex Has 10  Health Benefits
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1. Maintains the health of your immune system
"Sexually active adults take less sick days," says sexual health specialist Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD.

People who have sex have larger quantities of the substance that protects your body from bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. College students who had sex once or twice a week had greater levels of a specific antibody than those who had sex less frequently, according to Wilkes University researchers.

You should continue to do everything else that makes your immune system happy, including:,

*Eat healthily.
*Keep moving.
*Get plenty of rest.
*Maintain your vaccine schedule.
*If you don't know whether you have both STDs, wear a condom.

2. Increases Libido
Do you wish for a more active sex life? "Having sex will boost your libido and make sex better," says Lauren Streicher, MD. She works at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago as an assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynaecology.

According to her, having sex improves vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and suppleness, all of which make sex feel better and make you want more.

3. Improves bladder control in women
A healthy pelvic floor is essential for preventing incontinence, which affects around 30% of women at some time in their life.

Your pelvic floor muscles get a workout from good sex. When you have an orgasm, the muscles in your thighs flex, strengthening them.

4. Helps to Lower Blood Pressure
According to Joseph J. Pinzone, MD, research reveals a relationship between sex and decreased blood pressure. Amai Wellness is his company's CEO and medical director.

"Many studies have been done," he says. "Sexual intercourse, not masturbation, was found to reduce systolic blood pressure in a landmark research." The first figure on your blood pressure reading is this.

5. Counts as Physical activity
"Sex is a fantastic type of exercise," explains Pinzone. It won't take the place of the treadmill, but it's a start.

Sex burns roughly five calories every minute, which is four more than watching television. It delivers you a one-two punch by increasing your heart rate while also working different muscles.

So go to work! You could even want to clear your calendar to create regular time for it. "Consistency, like exercise, helps increase the advantages," Pinzone explains.

6. Reduces the risk of heart attack
A healthy sex life is beneficial to your heart. Sex helps keep your oestrogen and testosterone levels in check, in addition to raising your heart rate.

"When one of those is low, you start to have a lot of difficulties, such as osteoporosis and even heart disease," Pinzone explains.

Having sex more frequently might help. Men who had sex at least twice a week were half as likely to die of heart disease as men who had sex just once a week, according to one research.

7. Reduces Pain
Try an orgasm before reaching for the aspirin.

"Orgasm has the ability to mask pain," says Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD, a distinguished service professor at Rutgers University. It helps to enhance your pain threshold by releasing a hormone.

Stimulation without orgasm can be effective as well. "We've discovered that vaginal stimulation can help with chronic back and leg pain, and many women have informed us that genital self-stimulation can help with menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and even headaches," adds Komisaruk.

8. May Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Going for broke might help prevent prostate cancer.
One research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times per month) were less likely to develop prostate cancer.
This perk is available without a partner: The equation included sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission, and .
It's not apparent that in that research, sex was the sole factor that mattered. Many variables influence cancer risk. However, more sex isn't going to harm.

9. Improves Sleep
You may nod off more quickly after sex, and for good reason.

“After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness" after sex, says Sheenie Ambardar, MD. She is a psychiatrist in West Hollywood, Calif.

10. Stress Reduction
Stress and anxiety can be relieved by being close to your lover.

Touching and embracing, according to Ambardar, might release your body's natural "feel-good hormone." A chemical released by sexual excitement activates your brain's pleasure and reward system.

According to Ambardar, sex and closeness may increase your self-esteem and happiness. It's a prescription for not just a healthy but also a joyful existence.

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