Sex Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

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You never know what goes on behind closed doors, but you would be surprised how often these kinky fetishes are.

Sex Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

OK, OK. Maybe your friends aren't secretly dressing up like foxes and humping like bunnies, but most couples do have a few sexual likings that are considered fetishes. This is not something to frown upon or be shameful of. Hell, most people don't even realize what they lust for is indeed a fetish. When it comes to pleasure we like, what we like, and luckily thanks to a time where sexual exploration is accepted, people around the world should embrace their fantasies and hold no judgment on thy neighbors and if they like to suck each other toes or not. Ha!


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"Mirror mirror on the wall, watching my reflection have sex is my favorite of all." Now this may not be my fetish but it's also not a turn off per se. I mean we are all vain beings when it comes down to it. However, for the people who just LOVE and need to watch themselves do it in the mirror, this fetish diagnosis is just for you.


This lovely obsession is all about hair. The way hair looks, feels, and smells that is. When someone is a trichophilia the thought of hair (of their liking) is all it takes to get them in the mood. Perhaps they just want to run their fingers through it or wrap their hands around it and pull or maybe it's the fresh scent of shampoo and wetness from being washed. It can be as simple as a man only wanting to date women with flowing dark hair or a woman who can only climax if her partner has a buzzcut to touch. On the flip side, and most likely less common, this fetish can get weird fast. Like tying a woman to the bed with her locks or drenching it in lubricant and rubbing it all over their bodies. Yeah, that really is a thing. Whatever it is, hair fetishes are way more popular than you would imagine even if it is just the texture, color, and scent.


This is the correct name for people who love to look at porn and erotic art. We all know watching porn is common, but many prefer it in a specific way and for pictophilias that way is in the form of a picture. Of course, it can be as average as internet pics and/or adult magazines, but it can also be as distinct as black and whites, vintage, and/or painted erotica. Doesn't matter how it comes, for those pictophilias any still capture of sex is just what they need to rock their socks off.


Ahhhh, the foot fetish. Some people, A LOT of people, just love themselves some feet. Toes, heels, arches, and scent, nothing turns a podophilia on more than 10 little piggies. Some use feet as a sexual tool while others may just want to smell, lick, touch them. There are even those foot-fetishers that agree the stinkier the better! Ha! I was so curious about this specific fetish that I gave it its own article.


This is when a man ONLY finds older women attractive. They don't have to be grandmas just someone older than them. Who knows why this is, it could be their wisdom, their experiences, their graying hair, or major messed up mommy issues, but whatever the reason, this is one fetish that is surprisingly super common and in a lady's favor.


A stigmatophilia is the fetish of being aroused while looking at someone's tattoos and piercings. It doesn't have to be a specific piercing or tattooed area of the body, it could literally be anything, which has left me questioning if I may have a stigmatophilia fetish? I myself have many tattoos but when it comes to men, the more ink the better. Just the thought of a sleeve or chest piece has me all giddy inside! See, just another example of how popular sexual fantasies and fetishes can be.

Jus L'amore
Jus L'amore
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