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Seven Deadly Sins Of A Stripper

Common Traits Every Stripper Must Not Possess

By Johnny VPublished 9 months ago 6 min read


Throughout the years, I have been going to strip clubs as a form of entertainment. I wrote several articles here on vocal - Strip Club Etiquette series about my enxperiences within the last few years or so. Over the years, I theorized that there was a commonality of traits among strippers that each one possessed by adapting the religious fundamentals of the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins, known as capital vices or cardinal sins are the grouping or classification of vices that are within early Christian theology and its teachings. These vices can be applied to the behavior of any entertainer/stripper working in the adult strip club industry. These type of behavior(s) can be based primarily on the seven deadly sins. These 7 behavioral attributes are traits in which a stripper must avoid having at all costs while working.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The 1st Deadly Sin

Envy : a feeling of _discontented_ or _resentful_ longing _aroused_ by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.

The envy trait occurs when a girl becomes envious of other girls. She may become envious to other girls by way of comparing her looks with other girls, comparing her lifestyle or she may be observing the amount of money her co-worker makes a particular night. When the girl starts to carry the envy trait, she becomes jealous and envious in some sort of way of the other girls. Her lack of success drives her to become envious and jealous. The envy trait may consume her and eventually she will begin possessing another behavioral trait.

The 2nd Deadly Sin

Pride : a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions_ that are widely _admired_.

The pride trait occurs when a girl thinks that she is too good, she believes she's special. She has this belief that she is untouchable when it comes to her looks or her act. She has the tendency to place herself on a pedestal above others believing that everything will ultimately go her way. Many girls who have been working in the industry for a long period of time usually develop this trait because of their longevity.

The 3rd Deadly Sin

Gluttony : habitual_ greed or excess in eating or drinking

The gluttony trait is on display when a girl drinks too much and or takes a lot of drugs. She is usually heavily intoxicated or drugged, she becomes sloppy in her stage performances, her speech is slurred and she becomes unattractive. She would define herself as a 'hot mess'. Her behavior is what defines her. She tends to be all over the place not knowing what is going on around her environment. She acts in her worst behavior and she does not realize what kind of perception she is putting on display as to what others see. There may be times where she can be be taken advantage of by customers without her knowledge or consent.

The 4th Deadly Sin

Lust : very strong sexual desire.

The trait of lust occurs when a girl usually has a reputation of being slutty and tends to do ‘extras’ with customers or she can be very attractive yet she has a wild side to her personality. She can have a lustful approach to how she interacts with customers, whether its an indecent proposal of a sexual nature or just by way she can flirt spontaneously with a customer. She can downgrade herself by accepting this kind of inappropriate sexual behavior just to make money as her reputation precedes herself. Her lack of morals define her for who she is.

The 5th Deadly Sin

Greed : intense and _selfish_ desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

The greed trait is a common trait. Girls with this trait usually ask for too much. An example would be when a customer requests a lap dance in the private room for a 1/2 hour. The 1/2 hour private lap dance ends up turning into an hour without his consent. She would also purposely shorten the time for a full dance. The girl may also pretend to lose track of time in order for her to get more money from the customer. Sometimes, there may be two strippers conspiring with one another just get more money from the customer. Both may steal money from his wallet and rob him inconspicuously without his knowledge. The customer is unaware of this activity as he may be too intoxicated to be fully aware of what is going on. She also tends to make false promises to customer just so she can obtain more money from the him. In the end, she becomes greedy and selfish.

The 6th Deadly Sin

Sloth : reluctance_ to work or make an effort; laziness.

The trait of sloth can be seen in girls who do absolute nothing throughout their time at work or they do not want to work even if they are scheduled to come into the club. These girls can be described as ‘lazy’ strippers. She is always on their phone constantly checking on her social profile or she taking selfies to post, she reluctant to dance on stage when she called, she doesn’t make any effort to try to talk to any customers yet she expects customers to sit down and come to her. She usually becomes bored and always complains on why she is not making any money that night or any other given night. She doesn't make any effort in her overall lap dance performance nor does she try to change her attitude.

The 7th Deadly Sin

Wrath : strong vengeful anger or indignation. : retributory punishment for an offense or a crime : divine chastisement.

The trait of wrath describes a girl who conveys wrath among her peers. She can be angry and can have a bad attitude. One wrong move and she use retribution against you. She is considered a 'bitch' among her peers. She always talks gossip behind the back of her peers and has a tendency to spread lies and rumors about them. Her overall goal is to be the 'queen bitch' which exemplifies power and influence among others. She can use her influence to attack the reputation of other girls.


The strip club can be a toxic, unregulated environment where rules may be broken and morals don't exist anymore. It's a fantasy world and within this world exists the vices of the seven deadly sins. At all costs, these seven deadly sins should be avoided by any stripper. Yet, the seven deadly sins not only applies to strippers, it can also apply to customers who frequent these places as well. But, that is another article to be discussed in the future.


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