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Selling Feet Pics on Onlyfans: Make $200 A Day Selling Feet Pics

by Aamir Kamal 12 months ago in fetishes

How to Make Money selling feet pics on Onlyfans?

Selling Feet Pics on Onlyfans: Make $200 A Day Selling Feet Pics
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Onlyfans is one of the best platforms for anyone who wants to make money selling his feet pictures. You don't need to show your face in order to sell your feet pics on Onlyfans. Onlyfans is a platform where you could share your explicit pictures with only fans who pay you to read your content. There are a lot of females who just share their pictures (em, nudes) and getting paid for it but if you are reluctant to share your face then you could just take your feet pics, and you are done.

Monica Huldt is a famous Onlyfan celebrity and she is making $100,000 per year just sharing her nude pictures. In an interview conducted by BusinessInsider, She reveals some of her secrets of how she is making so much money just sharing her feet pictures and selling it on Onlyfans. Remember that you don't sell your feet pictures on Onlyfans but instead you uploaded them for the people who are paying you money on monthly basis.

Just sharing your feet pictures on Onlyfans isn't enough:

Yes, you have to make sure people find your Onlyfans account. You need an audience and to gather an audience for selling your feet pictures on Onlyfans, you have to share it on different social media sites. Two of the best sites that most of the Onlyfan celebrities are using is; Reddit and Instagram and both these platforms allow explicit image.

Some fans might want more and need authenticity to verify that you are really "You"- a female before they pay you anything. Making $200/day selling feet pictures on Onlyfans is definitely possible and all you need to do is to use these two platforms, Reddit and Instagram, the right way.

It is difficult to sell feet pictures on Onlyfans:

Making money online is difficult. Being a celebrity on Onlyfans isn't a one night stand. You have to be continuous, be more open about the pictures you upload to Onlyfans, or share it with your fans on Onlyfans. Onlyfan doesn't have a built-in audience so you need to make sure that people find your feet pictures Onlyfan account through social media.

Onlyfans celebrities are quite active on Reddit sharing their explicit images and if people or their Onlyfans want to see more, they have to pay those celebrities and you will get whatever *type* of picture you need because you are the one who is paying for it.

Your Onlyfan social media strategy should be to publish 2 feet pictures on Instagram and a full-body with feet pictures (Nude) on Reddit. Add your Onlyfan account in the Bio of Reddit and Instagram and publish or upload two full-body nudes with showing your feet on Onlyfans. To make $100 or $200 a day from feet pictures on Onlyfans may take you some weeks but in the end, it is worth doing it as you will make more money as you grow your audience and use the strategy I have shared with you.

The right answer to make money selling feet pictures on Onlyfans?

I was searching for the same topic on Google when I landed on this Quora thread "How do I make $200 in a day selling feet pictures on OnlyFans?" and almost everyone in this thread is suggesting that Onlyfan isn't a site for selling your pictures. They don't recognize that actually, it is one of the sites to sell feet pictures.

There are some other sites where you could sell your feet pictures too like;

  1. Instagram: Interested people will contact you directly.
  2. Reddit: By finding clients.
  3. Facebook: Same as Instagram.
  4. Etsy
  5. Craiglist: One of the popular outlets for getting paid to share your feet pictures.
  6. And many more.

Onlyfan is a very different website and is very relevant for anyone who is interested in selling full-body or just showing a full-body with foot pictures. There are a lot of people who are making a good amount of money selling feet pictures on Onlyfans.

Is it legal to sell feet pictures?

Yes, it is completely legal to sell your feet pictures because "Your body, your rules" you are publishing your own pictures and there is nothing wrong with it.

Do people really buy feet pictures?

Yes, they do. Even if you are a man or women or any gender you want to recognize yourself, you could sell your feet pictures on Onlyfans. There is nothing wrong with selling your feet pictures but you need to be consistent and passionate about your feet and making it more attractive for your paid audience.

I hope this helps you selling feet pictures on Onlyfans.

Tips will be highly appreciated.


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